An impressive combination of blue that stands for the coolish notes and green responsible for the connection with nature, while its soft gray scents are a great source of calmness.

LRV 25

There is increasing popularity lately among nature-inspired hues. It is not a reason to question its relevance but rather keep pace with the flow since such colors are indeed a source of inspiration and reflection. Homeowners try to bring the outdoors indoors and fill their interior with natural beauty, which designers took as a source of inspiration for new design ideas. No wonder why paint manufacturers have come up lately with a wide range of shades of this kind, which indeed impress with their ease, freshness, calmness, and comfort. A color that stands out, in particular, is Aegean Teal from Benjamin Moore, a soothing shade of blue-green penetrated by a slight gray tint. 

This outstanding paint is more than a splash of color. It is a combination of feelings, a replication of natural sceneries, a source of harmony with oneself. Aegean Teal was part of the color trends in 2021 at Benjamin Moore together with other intriguing and balanced shades with a deeply soothing effect. Furthermore, it was named the color of the year 2021 at Benjamin Moore and regarded as a unique shade that encourages us to reset and reflect. Quite a deep meaning, but the shade itself is deep enough to induce such feelings. 

Let’s take a look at the name: Aegean Teal. If we were to describe it in one word, it would be “inspiring” as the color itself is inspired by the deep teal waters of the Aegean Sea. Although it was part of the 2021 color trends, this beautiful blue shade doesn’t cease to be a favorite. Let’s find out what hides behind such a reflective shade!

Aegean Teal paint color features

Aegean Teal is an impressive combination of blue that stands for the coolish notes and green responsible for the connection with nature, while its soft gray scents are a great source of calmness. If we were to describe this color in a few words, we would definitely not skip the following ones: calming, reflective, balanced, and restorative. It is all about well-being and a state of peace with oneself traced to the harmony with nature replicated by this color. It is amazing how a single splash of color can make one escape from the outside world and dive deep into one’s thoughts to find a sense of peace.

Aegean Teal: is it warm or cold?

At first glance, Aegean Teal may seem a rather coolish color, but a thorough analysis reveals its essence. It is a surprising balance between warm and cool notes. If you wonder what stands behind such a statement, there is nothing else but a perfect combination between the refreshing scents spread by the green-blue base and the creamy warmth ensured by gray. This fascinating mix results in a slightly soft shade of cool that feels exceptionally comfy due to its calm notes. 

How does lighting affect Aegean Teal?

As with any other color, lighting plays an essential role. Whether natural or artificial, Aegean Teal acquires a very light and pleasant-to-the-eye appearance, bringing its soft undertones to the surface, which even become slightly warm under artificial lighting with notes of the same kind. One should note that the result varies depending on the lighting undertones and neighboring colors. If you can play with various artificial lighting notes, the situation stays pretty the same with daylight. In north-facing rooms, this color appears slightly cooler in contrast with west or east-facing rooms. Nevertheless, Aegean Teal stays true to its core values, which makes it a good-to-go shade in any situation.

Aegean Teal LRV

Let’s start with the term itself! If it sounds unfamiliar to you, LRV is the light reflectance value which shows how dark or light a color is on a scale from 0 to 100, where 0 stands for a true black shade and the latter – for a true white shade. If we were to refer to Aegean Teal, we would find out that it has an LRV of 24. Therefore, this shade instantly enters the category of dark colors, which means that it doesn’t reflect much light, and such features as the brightening and expanding effect are not peculiar to it. If you wonder what happens with the light that penetrates the room, the scenario is the following: such a dark color simply absorbs the light without bouncing it back and spreading it all over the space. Undoubtedly, a room painted this way requires appropriate lighting to avoid any darkening effect. 

Aegean Teal undertones

As already stated, Aegean Teal is a blue shade penetrated by green and gray undertones. The interesting part is that they do not appear the same every time. Depending on the light, this color may seem a soothing yet saturated shade of blue or a bold green-blue accent. At the same time, a slight gray veil will spread all over its surface once dim lighting enters the play. Nevertheless, Aegean Teal always preserves its blue base. All in all, every note of this shade in part contributes to the calm and reflective feelings that it radiates. 

Similar colors

Of course, no other color would be able to reflect the entire beauty of Aegean Teal. Nevertheless, the combination of blue with green, penetrated by a few notes of gray, is exceptionally popular and there are many variations that consist of such scents, although with different contrastive bonds. Benjamin Moore is not the only lucky owner of such shades since other paint manufacturers can also show off a wide range of alternatives. Let’s scroll through some shades and dive into their essence!

  • Blue Echo AF-505 – almost identical to Aegean Teal, although unnoticeably darker, which can be proved only by referring to its slightly lower LRV;
  • Fort Pierce Green 712 – a slightly lighter variation with more pronounced green undertones;
  • Templeton Gray HC-161 – a slightly darker variation with more perceived gray undertones;
  • Blue Dusk 1644 – almost identical to Aegean Teal, although slightly darker without any changes in the combination of blue, green, and gray;
  • Moody Blue SW 6221 by Sherwin-Williams – a noticeably lighter version penetrated by a subtle foggy effect;
  • Blue Tundra C70-18 by Behr – a slightly lighter variation with a more noticeable blue base.

Coordinating colors

As stated earlier, Aegean Teal can easily transition from a soothing shade to an actual bold accent, which means that it is open for cooperation with a wide range of shades. Do you fancy a serene yet reflective environment? Soothing matching partners are at your disposal, while bold contrastive shades are the true companions of the Aegean Teal paint color for an eclectic interior. Experts state that this color works perfectly with cool whites, creams, earthy shades, pastels, dark colors, warm wood notes, and even gold accents. What a versatile color it is! Let’s get more specific as regards its companions!

  • Atrium White OC-145 – an impressive off-white shade with subtle creamy undertones, surprisingly versatile and sophisticated;
  • Simply White OC-117 – slightly coolish white that radiates a sense of snowy crispness and a strong feel of cleanliness;
  • Pale Oak OC-20 – elegant shade of white with pronounced cool notes of gray, reminiscent of the fabulous white oak color;
  • White Dove OC-17 – classic white with subtle creamy notes that adds a splash of softness even with the slightest touch;
  • Foggy Morning 2106-70 – cool shade of white that resembles an early morning stroll through the woods covered by a foggy veil;
  • Salisbury Green HC-139 – natural shade of light green with a soothing effect that hypnotizes with its calmness;
  • Winterwood 1486 – very light shade of pastel green with a crispy effect which serves as a perfect source of natural freshness;
  • Stormcloud Gray 2140-40 – medium green with a soothing base and coolish notes that brings any space to life due to its bold yet saturated scents;
  • Palladian Blue HC-144 – airy shade of a very light blue that combines perfectly the freshness of an early morning sky and the pearl softness;
  • Sweet Spring 1500 – a very appealing shade of light gray with a few sparkles of soft beige and exceptionally warm notes;
  • Gray Cashmere 2138-60 – light gray merged with a few particles of blue that refreshes the space in a soft and natural way;
  • Tulsa Twilight 2070-10 – a classic black shade that seems to be diluted with a few particles of earthy brown;
  • Potters Clay 1221 – appealing shade of medium brown with a saturated base and a fabulous creamy undertone that radiates a soft feel of comfort;
  • Burnt Russet 042 – bold shade of brown enriched with tinges of red that impresses with its sophisticated feel of depth;
  • Chestertown Buff HC-9 – pastel shade of yellow with hidden rich undertones and gentle earthy notes, perfect for contemporary and traditional settings;
  • Desert Tan 2153-50 – pastel yellow resembling a soft beige shade reminiscent of the still desert landscape;
  • Rosy Peach 2089-20 – muted red with a warm earthy undertone that serves as a perfect accent, which is bold enough yet not devoid of a few comfy scents;
  • Muslin OC-12 – coolish shade of beige with a slight base diluted with a few particles of gray that induces an impressive sense of serenity;
  • Snowbound SW 7004 by Sherwin Williams – a fascinating combination of crispy white and slightly creamy notes for an exquisite sense of calmness;
  • Natural Choice SW 7011 – off-white shade with a pastel base and extremely warm gray notes that sets harmony within the environment;
  • Mineral Deposit SW 7652 – medium gray with pleasant silverish notes, which is rather cool but not devoid of a particular sense of soft flair.

Use of Aegean Teal in interior

Designers have been looking lately for ways to bring the outdoors indoors in the softest and natural way, and it seems that Aegean Teal was developed particularly for this purpose. Besides its nature-inspired features, it also brings in a feeling of connection with nature and harmony with oneself. This is why it is regarded as impressively reflective. Set peace and harmony as the defining principles of your interior with the following design solutions.

Perfect for an accent

Aegean Teal is quite a bold shade and perfect to add a deep accent to a space. It looks particularly impressive in combination with white when it has the possibility to reveal its entire beauty. Whether it is the ceiling, an accent wall, or even the trim, this mesmerizing blue with delicate green notes and a balanced gray undertone will add individuality to your interior in an exquisite way. Besides visual interest, your interior will acquire an elegant look that embraces contemporary concepts while preserving the deepest values of the past. 

Breathe new life into the furniture

Aegean Teal looks no less impressive when used to paint pieces of furniture that will serve as an accent. From the kitchen cabinets, built-in bookcases, bedroom dressers to bathroom cabinetry, the range of possibilities is wide and ready to suit any preferences. One should note that this color looks fascinating when applied to vintage units decorated with a few elements of gold. Such an approach will make your interior sparkle in a new way with a delicate sense of exquisite grandeur. 

Living room

As we have already established, Aegean Teal works both with traditional and contemporary styles. Therefore, you can safely integrate it into your interior, regardless of the style, being sure that it will adapt to the setting. Consider this paint to cover the walls entirely. If you decide to go with a neutral palette, this fabulous shade of blue will keep pace with the low-key arrangement, while a few accent elements in bolder colors will not look at all faded on such a background. As already stated, Aegean Teal is a perfect companion for Vintage, which means that a few units of the kind will simply redefine the entire style of your interior.


No other room would benefit that much from such a serene color as a bedroom does. Whether you fully embrace this shade and paint the walls entirely or opt for an accent wall, a stately feel of confidence will instantly fill the space, offering you a breath of fresh air and a taste of natural beauty without leaving the house. It is a pleasure to fall asleep in such a peaceful environment and wake up in a setting that radiates harmony with nature and with oneself. As an already established pattern, Aegean Teal works perfectly with white or natural wood, and the bedroom is the best space to integrate such pairings. 

Kitchen and dining room

Considering that Aegean Teal works well both for the walls and cabinetry, you are free to go with any of these options. However, don’t forget about a splash of white or a few wood elements to complete the puzzle. There is no need to opt for additional decor units such as copper or steel hardware since the applied paint from Benjamin Moore is quite an accent, even when used as a background. The same feel of flair can be added to the dining area with an accent wall or by painting the walls entirely in this shade. Nobody said that elegance cannot be part of the dining space, and Aegean Teal is a good reason to stick to such an approach.


This standout shade does not cease to impress us. The further we go, the more we discover its astonishing effect on the interior. The same combination of Aegean Teal and white hits differently when applied to the bathroom. Refreshing, invigorating, stimulating, no less calming, reflective, restorative, and surely stylish. All these features can be constant guests of your bathroom with a simple touch of this green-blue paint within this space. Here is an interesting approach to design: consider this color for the bathtub itself, then your bathroom will surely achieve a unique point of interest.


We cannot simply give up on this color yet, and so do the designers who suggest integrating this color even into the hallway. The result will be either a sleek contemporary setting or a classic stately environment. Paint the walls entirely in this shade or consider it for the front door on a slightly lighter background. It is surely an exquisite introduction to your interior.

Use of Aegean Teal for house exterior

Aegean Teal, a replication of harmony with nature, will simply look outstanding on a natural background. Its bold undertones will keep the house’s appearance balanced in any weather. Add a splash of white for trim, and you will notice how your house puts on a stately look. The same result can be achieved with a smaller sparkle of Aegean Teal, by which we mean applying it to the front door. It is a perfect way to show off your exquisite taste and enrich your exterior with a bold yet balanced accent.

The Aegean Teal 2136-40 paint color from Benjamin Moore is a call to renewal, reflection, and harmony. If such features feel close to you, you should definitely opt for this shade both for your interior and exterior and set a strong connection with nature, which is halfway to harmony with yourself.

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