A favorite greige shade among designers with a medium-to-light gray base and slight beige notes, which may appear taupe and even purple under particular conditions.

LRV 57

You have probably heard about Alpaca – one of the most popular paints at Sherwin-Williams. It would be a shame to have such a large range of greige color reviews like ours and not write about this one. That’s right! Today, we deal with another mix of gray and beige. Still, there are lots of questions to be answered. For a start: is it greige or gray? Here is what we can tell this far – Alpaca SW 7022 is a chameleon color and takes on various appearances under different conditions. Read on to find out more!

Alpaca paint color features

Alpaca is warmer than a true gray shade, which makes it a true greige variation. Still, some may see it leaning rather taupe, which replaces the beige notes with brown scents. Either way, gray prevails and reveals the softest touch of comfort, as the name implies. All in all, Alpaca is a rather greige variation. When colorists were asked what makes this gray and beige combination stand out, they stated that it all has to do with undertones. It seems the almost true gray with warm particles has more to reveal.

Alpaca: is it warm or cold?

There is nothing else we could add to the fact that this new shade of greige is warm. Otherwise, one would not call it greige. The amazing part is that even the coolest natural light would not make this paint color feel cold. It manages to reveal even the slightest scent of softness in north-facing spaces. Now, imagine the effect of sun rays on a surface painted this way. 

How does lighting affect Alpaca?

We cannot judge a paint by its appearance on the sample only. Lighting is a major factor to consider, and it is exceptionally important to analyze each side in part. Therefore, in interiors with northern lighting, SW 7022 reads rather gray. Still, as already stated, it does not lose its warmth, even if showcased in a slight way. 

Although true to its gray base, Alpaca reveals the beige, or brown, particles of color in rooms with southern exposure. The warmest and most appealing scents penetrate the surface. Under particular angles, the greige paint can even seem slightly purple.

Alpaca LRV

In plain words, Light Reflectance Value shows how light or dark a color is. If we take 100 for a true white shade and consider the LRV of Alpaca, which is 57, we come to the conclusion that this greige variation gravitates between the medium and light sides. Still, the way this shade looks on a surface under appropriate lighting conditions is much lighter than on the sample, and we haven’t told you yet about its light reflectance skills, which are as impressive.

Alpaca undertones

This section summarizes the mentioned information. Under particular conditions, Alpaca can show beige, taupe, or purple undertones. To be precise, this is exactly why SW 7022 is referred to as a chameleon paint color. Hard to predict yet easy to use if you experiment with a sample before putting it into practice.

Similar colors

When it comes to greige paint colors, we don’t have any doubt there are lots of variations that seem close to each other. The list of variations doesn’t get any shorter, even for such a unique shade like Alpaca. Scrolling through the color palette of Serwin-Williams and switching to other brands as well, we came up with the following array of alternatives:

  • Worldly Gray SW 7043 – another popular greige, which impressively preserves the LRV, although it seems slightly warmer;
  • Pediment SW 7634 – a canvas white with a light and warm greige base penetrated by blue-violet undertones, slightly lighter than Alpaca;
  • Skyline Steel SW 1015 – a delightfully warm earthy gray suggested as a slightly darker alternative to Alpaca;
  • Vessel SW 9547 – unlike the previous shade, this one is identical to SW 7022, although the LRV is slightly higher;
  • Doeskin Gray N200-2 by Behr – unnoticeably more intense shade of greige, and the lower LRV says the same;
  • Desert Light 1004 by Benjamin Moore – slightly visibly lighter and warmer greige that leans more beige than Alpaca does;
  • Warm Gray 2 C by Pantone – an identical mix of gray and beige, even the slightly lower LRV is not enough to spot the difference.

Coordinating colors

Alpaca has intense undertones, and it is a no-fail option in both monochromatic and contrasting palettes. Slightly grayish whites go for the trim and deeper ones for other elements on the background painted with SW 7022. Still, any splash of color is welcome on the neutral greige variation as long as they don’t suppress the latter with their boldness.

  • Alabaster SW 7008 – classic shade of white with the slightest touch of gray that works perfectly for the trim;
  • Simple White SW 7021 – in contrast with the previous color, this almost white variation reveals more intense gray notes, neither warm nor cool;
  • Moonlit Orchid SW 9153 – deep gray with the slightest blue note that offers it a standout yet neutralized feature;
  • Requisite Gray SW 7023 – warm shade of gray, although it does not have the right amount of notes to enter the taupe group;
  • Functional Gray SW 7024 – neutral gray that still feels warmer than the previous shade and offers an updated perspective on traditional gray variations;
  • Elephant Ear SW 9168 – medium gray that leans towards the dark side that perfectly resembles the beautiful gray that elephants can show off;
  • Mink SW 6004 – a relatively dark gray, particularly in poor lighting conditions, that reveals powdery brown notes;
  • Ivory Lace SW 7013 – a creamy white with a balanced warm effect due to slight yellow notes.

Use of Alpaca in the interior

Alpaca is not popular due to its belonging to the renowned greige category only, but also due to the fact that it is versatile and easy to integrate. It has everything a neutral can dream about – of course, neutralness; then comes a slight trace of comfort, flexibility, and adaptability to almost any style. Let’s scroll through the following inspirational design solutions and make the most of this impressive greige!

Sophisticated color for simple palettes

Lovers of minimalist layouts and neutral color palettes, are you here? Well, we have fabulous news! If you want to keep it simple yet add this up-to-date sense of comfort every designer is talking about, go safely with Alpaca for the background. It will easily integrate into your interior and add the appropriate amount of sophistication due to its neutral base yet intricate undertones. Maybe, it will encourage you to add a few more accents.

Say “yes” to any style in the living room

We were not kidding when we told you that Alpaca works with almost any style and color. Don’t hesitate to use it as a base color in your living room and go from the most modern interior to the most traditional. On the one hand, the gray pillars in this shade easily adapt to contemporary approaches, while the slight brown notes are the connection lines to the old-time values. 

Coziness to the fullest in the bedroom

If your bedroom is a south-facing space, this greige variation that tends to reveal an exceptional feeling of comfort when exposed to southern light is your no-fail option. The bedroom is the space where we crave comfort, and luckily, so does Alpaca. Why not combine those two? Experts state that an all-white approach to other room elements is much welcome in a greige interior, but we know very well that SW 7022 is collaborative and will work with any design solution.

Traditional kitchen with accents

Looking for a new paint color to spread your love for the Traditional style in your kitchen? Look no more and consider Alpaca for cabinets. Let’s see what we have! A timeless kitchen interior that embraces tradition with marble or white backsplash and countertop, and the cherry on the cake – gold replication with brass hardware that once again refers to the old values. Your kitchen will not look vintage by no means but will radiate this exquisite mix of new and old, simple and elegant, formal and familiar.

Kids room

Neutral, comfy, soft, unobtrusive, flexible for feature makeovers – this is all about Alpaca, and it all can become part of your kids’ room as well. SW 7022 will serve as the softest base color for safe and sound sleep in the nursery and the best background for the boldest accent when your child grows up. Either, if you decide to keep the palette simple, add a few splashes of white paint color to greige, and you will surely stay stylish and unique. 

Stylish and work-inspiring home office

Among the impressive features that belong to the beautiful combination of gray and beige is the slightly calming effect that sets the appropriate environment for work, devoid of disturbing elements. At some point, this paint color can even feel encouraging, particularly in spaces with north-facing windows, where SW 7022 acquires a slightly fresh effect.

Use of Alpaca for the house exterior

Versatility in its full bloom with Alpaca for the house exterior – any style and color combination you want. Alpaca works equally well with wood, stone, or brick. The latter adds a specific sense of texture to the exterior, particularly when such a popular shade as SW 7022 enters the play. We wouldn’t say this shade doesn’t work well on the front door; still, it looks better on the exterior walls. 

The gorgeous greige Alpaca from Sherwin-Williams is a renowned paint color, and the exciting part is that you can stay both trendy and unique when using it since it appears differently under particular conditions, although preserving the inner sense of comfort on a neutral base.  

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