A rich, earthy orange-yellow with a glowing gold effect that will fill your home with energy and color, including its warming comfort.

LRV 41

The new design season means green light to brighter color options. You are not urged to consider fully bold-colored palettes, yet giving a try to occasional pops of vivid color in your home is a must unless you want an all-minimalist interior design. If you’ve never decorated your home’s interior with vibrant tones, this may be your sign to leave your comfort zone. Behr puts a trendy yellow paint color at our disposal with a catchy name – Amber Brew. Some designers say it’s love at first sight. Let’s delve into the world of bright colors, exploring one of the most popular yellows of the season that haven’t yet reached many homes.

Amber Brew Paint Color Features

Gravitating between yellow and orange, Amber Brew is still yellow in Behr’s new selection of 2024 paint colors. Like its namesake, this golden yellow has a strong bond with nature. Some colorists claim it to be an earthy yellow or an autumn leaf shade. Experts recommend using Amber Brew for accents primarily to enliven the color palette and encourage a mood boost. However, don’t use it in large amounts. It may overwhelm the ambiance. Moderate quantities of golden yellow in your home will entertain the eye and make any moment count. Like a ray of sunlight, Amber Brew brings vitality and energy. Many designers associate this color’s boldness with confidence, while others claim it to be a source of warming comfort. 

Amber Brew: Is It Warm or Cold?

After such an inviting description of this paint color, it would be a shame to think of it as a cold yellow. The two words don’t even go hand in hand. Undoubtedly, Amber Brew is a warm paint color, bearing the warmth of the sun and earth. Let’s see what colorists say! They draw our attention to the RGB value, showing the amount of red, green, and blue in a paint color. Since red holds the lead, we know Amber Brew is a warm paint color.

How Does Lighting Affect Amber Brew?

When looking at such a vibrant shade, you may think that no light conditions can affect its bold personality. Still, you should know that lighting plays a big deal in how a color looks and feels. Take, for instance, a room with northern exposure constantly flooded with cool, bluish natural light. Don’t be surprised when Amber Brew feels considerably pale – we would say pastel yellow, under the effect of resurfacing gray undertones. What about a room with south-facing windows? Here, you’ll enjoy the full grandeur of this attention-stealer orange-yellow. When bathed in sun rays, it will literally glow. However, be aware that such a bold, earthy yellow instantly turns into a more profound and less saturated shade at night when artificial lighting cannot help but make Amber Brew seem dark and muted. 

Amber Brew LRV

Before committing to a particular paint color, you should know one more thing about it. Amber Brew has a Light Reflectance Value of 41, bouncing around 41% of the total 100% of light it receives. Therefore, Amber Brew is called a mid-tone yellow. This saturated yellow tone will reflect light as much as possible, yet not enough to make a space well-lit and airy. You’ll need plenty of natural light, primarily if you use Amber Brew on all the walls. Accent walls or statement furniture painted in this shade sounds more suitable. 

Amber Brew Undertones

The slightly muted effect of Amber Brew is all due to its subtle amount of earthy orange undertones. Additionally, you may notice a trace or two of neutral gray only in specific lighting conditions. Experts advise using a paint sample beforehand, even more – at different times of the day, and making sure you like the appearance of this yellow shade in your home before painting walls.

Similar Colors

At first sight, one may think Amber Brew is so unique that no other paint color can repeat its personality, which is true. Still, we managed to find a few close shades. Take a look!

  • Saffron Strands PPU6-02 by Behr – a richer, more saturated orange-yellow resembling the late-autumn carpet of weathered leaves;
  • Cake Spice M250-4 by Behr – a pastel yellow-orange played down by a drop of neutral gray, feeling much lighter and substantially less vibrant than Amber Brew;
  • Ceremonial Gold SW 6382 by Sherwin-Williams – with a few notes brighter than Amber Brew, this similarly catchy orange-yellow is a perfect accent color;
  • Anjou Pear SW 6381 by Sherwin-Williams – dilute Amber Brew with a considerable amount of water, and you’ll achieve this paler golden yellow;
  • Old Gold 167 by Benjamin Moore – with a bit more luminosity, this pretty similar golden yellow is a great bolder alternative.

Coordinating Colors

First, pick a color for the trim to pair with amber-painted walls. Colorists suggest using a crisp white traditionally or a deep gray-brown for a more unusual choice. Light yellows and tans work for a monochromatic palette with Amber Brew, while richer greens, blues, and violets will seamlessly contrast the bold orange-yellow shade. Here are some precise color matches:

  • Polar Bear 75 by Behr – an otherwise coolish white if it were not for its subtle pink undertones;
  • Ashen Tan N220-2 by Behr – a creamy, light brown washed out by strongly visible gray;
  • Linen White 70 by Behr – a yellowish white resonating with the organic linen texture;
  • Real Cork S280-4 by Behr – a mid-tone mix of orange and brown resembling natural cork;
  • Ottertail N220-5 by Behr – a medium gray-brown with an earthy note of natural color;
  • Landmark Brown N220-6 by Behr – a dark, muted brown with a green trace;
  • Gothic Purple N110-4 by Behr – a deep gray-violet with a solid, intriguing effect;
  • Dew Pointe M450-1 by Behr – a bright aqua blue as fresh as the spring water;
  • Perfect Landing S520-3 by Behr – a soft storm-gray blue with an appealing and refreshing character;
  • Fine Wine S120-7 by Behr – a deeply saturated grape violet, as rich as the fresh wine color;
  • Garden Vista N430-3 by Behr – a cool, saturated blue-green with a mint taste that seems calm.

Use of Amber Brew in Interior Design

Bright yellow in interior design may seem overly stimulating. Luckily, Amber Brew is a slightly muted orange-yellow that nods to tradition as much as it does to modernism. Start with statement walls or furniture. Then, you may use more of this gorgeous golden shade in your home. To be on the safe side, take a look at these designer-suggested ideas with Amber Brew.

Golden Yellow Accent

Take it step by step. Don’t rush to paint a room entirely yellow. Even if you love this impressive golden shade, start with statement walls or furniture. For the latter, opt for painted bookcases, kitchen cabinets, dressers, nightstands, or vanities. The tiniest drop of amber will enliven the color palette and boost your mood all year round. Bold colors are not a design choice only; they are a lifestyle. 

Rustic Style with an Amber Twist

Due to its worn-out golden effect deeply rooted in history, Amber Brew is a top color choice for rustic interiors – farmhouse, traditional, Mediterranean, or cottage. Use the earthy yellow tone on walls, especially if it is paneling, or combine yellow-colored furniture with organic wood texture, distressed surfaces, and aged materials, focusing on a calm countryside palette. 

Lively Living Room

If you often gather with your family or friends in the lounge zone, you should definitely surround this space with a vibrant color that will breathe energy into your company. Besides, no one canceled Amber Brew’s conversation-starting feature. If you don’t mind using too bright colors, you can use this shade of yellow on all walls. Painting a room in a bright color has never been more relevant. Despite its seemingly complex character, you’ll easily make Amber Brew part of any design style – modern, traditional, classic, rustic, industrial, and so on.

Personalized Bedroom Design

Customize your personal space with an original color scheme. If you’ve always wanted to decorate your bedroom most uniquely, start with color. You can go with an all-gold yellow makeover or add accents in the same orange-yellow. This can be a traditional bedroom with wooden furniture or a modern one with an eclectic combination of standout shades.

Kids’ Room

There is no other room where Amber Brew would look as perfect as it does in the kids’ room. Moderately saturated and generously muted, this inspiring paint color will awaken your child’s interest in discovering the world. At the same time, this balanced orange-yellow knows how to preserve a calm environment. Designers recommend using Amber Brew in tiny doses, such as creative wall accents or a bold-painted dresser. 

Colorful Kitchen

If bright-painted kitchen cabinets were a strong “no” from designers a few years ago – today, they are mainstream. We expect this trend to last more than one season. At the end of the day, it’s a matter of taste. Amber Brew may be bright and catchy, yet it knows its limits. It’s time to replace overused neutrals with colors that speak character. Ensure sunlight is a constant guest in your cooking space by painting the cabinets amber. Although Amber Brew looks great on modern cabinets with sleek shapes and no handles, we cannot help but admire the 100% suitability of a golden shade in a traditional kitchen with beautifully carved cabinets, catchy hardware, and lots of wooden surfaces. 


Despite its boldness, Amber Brew behaves itself in the bathroom. You can use it on walls or vanity cabinets, with any color palette, and as part of any design style. It will simply follow suit. We love an orange-yellow pop of color in a retro bathroom as much as we like the appearance of this weathered golden tone in a rustic interior. Even a modern bathroom with an all-neutral combination of colors will welcome such a unique color statement. In all these cases, choose silver hardware to balance the Amber Brew’s vibrancy.

Use of Amber Brew in Exterior Design

On Behr’s website, Amber Brew is revealed as an interior paint color only. Usually, such considerably bold colors are not used for the exterior design. However, you can opt for orange-yellow exterior walls or a front door if you like this shade. Such bright-painted exteriors are peculiar to southern locations due to their entertaining and sunny effect. You’d rather see them in Mediterranean resorts. 

Behr’s Amber Brew is one of the most vivid paint colors in the latest color forecast. It teaches us to live in the moment. Revealing this beautiful shade, we think it’s time you switched from dull neutrals to brighter options that will uplift your home’s decor and fill your days with energy.

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