A light shade of green with cool notes that serves both as a neutral and a source of subtle elegance.

LRV 54

The unprecedented desire to surround themselves with nature-inspired hues and calming undertones has led people to replace the commonly known neutrals with light shades of green. Here is when things get interesting. On the one hand, we have light green from a general perspective; on the other are the different shades it comes with. Let’s put it this way: there are light shades of green with yellow undertones and warm notes and the ones directed towards blue with cool notes. The color we are speaking about today is part of the latter. 

Antique Jade by Benjamin Moore, known also as “Maid of the Mist CC-728” is traced to the Classic Color Collection, which means that this color has won its popularity a long time ago and does not cease to impress with its ability of bringing in a timeless sense of beauty. The name itself refers to the irreplaceable elegance that only such an ornamental stone as “jade” can offer, while “antique” stands for its aged-like surface and its belonging to what is considered to be a classic. It seems like everything is clear: a light shade of green with cool notes that serves both as a neutral and a source of subtle elegance. We hasten to convince you that there is more to be discovered. It is usually the simplest colors that impress with an unexpected array of features that makes us appreciate them from another perspective. Let’s see what this shade has in store for us!

Antique Jade paint color features

The fact that the name itself points out the appearance of such a shade is a great advantage for those who would like to know what it really looks like. Furthermore, its softening and refreshing scents draw more attention to an apparently neutral color. There is indeed an elegant echo on the horizon, although a narrow analysis of this shade reveals its defining feature to be the surprising ability to surround with a relaxing cover, while the pronounced notes of freshness open a whole range of feelings associated with a cool morning stroll in the woods. 

As mentioned earlier, it tends to replicate the invigorating undertones of blue. This is why one may see this shade as minty, which is self-explanatory. Luckily, the light greens that reveal the depths of blue are the ones at the top of the leading trends. They are what we call perfect neutral backgrounds with a note of mystery. 

Antique Jade: is it warm or cold?

The light green shade from Benjamin Moore is undoubtedly cool, which is responsible for its refreshing features. Under the influence of particular lighting, it may seem even cold, and it is not surprising since Antique Jade is indeed directed towards cold shades. Nevertheless, if we were to be impartial and look at this color from a general perspective, we would not fail to notice that this unusual color is rather cool but in a pleasing and stimulating way. 

How does lighting affect Antique Jade?

This is when our neutral shade is playing the trick on us: an impartial shade with slight green notes under the influence of daylight or artificial lighting that is devoid of warm undertones and a mysterious color that reveals its rich green notes, penetrating the space with the roots of a deep and serene forest environment. Either way, it will keep its cool underlayers that feel the room with a breath of fresh air. 

Antique Jade LRV

The light green from Benjamin Moore promises to have a high light reflectance value. Let’s speak facts: the Antique Jade LRV reaches 54.29. One would say it is not that much for a seemingly very light shade. We would say this is a perfect figure. According to such a value, Antique Jade belongs to the middle tones group, reflecting a substantial amount of light and expanding the space within particular borders. It should be noted that these borders do not limit this shade but rather offer it the possibility to bring its undertones to the surface. 

Anique Jade undertones

Considering that this precious shade is neutral, one cannot fail but notice a small number of undertones, which is enough to keep it simple and, at the same time, throw new light on it. With a closer look, we can say without any doubt that Antique Jade has slightly grayish and bluish undertones. While the former stands for its neutrality, the latter is responsible for the cool feeling that this shade radiates.  

Similar colors

It is no surprise that the range of light green shades is wide, even if we limit it to the ones similar to Antique Shade. Although bearing similar notes, each of them has an individuality. Let’s see what the variations are and how they slightly differ from each other!

  • Prescott Green HC-140 – a light shade of green with subtle blue-gray undertones merged with a small drop of warm green;
  • Sagebrush CSP-770 – light green with a pronounced cover of cool gray;
  • Woodland Green 459 – a light shade of minty green penetrated by soothing blue notes;
  • Niagara Mist PPG10-30 by PPG Paints – light gray with slightly noticeable blue-green scents;
  • Coastal Crush PPG 1129-4 by PPG Paints – light green with a cool haze effect;
  • Rainwashed SW 6211 by Sherwin Williams – concrete-like shade of gray with light green notes;
  • Slow Green SW 6456 by Sherwin Williams – very light shade of mint balanced by a light gray underlayer.

Coordinating colors

Luckily, Antique Jade offers various possibilities when it comes to a matching partner due to the fact that it can be perceived from two perspectives. Looking at it as a neutral first of all, a combination that involves a bolder shade is most suitable. On the other hand, its rich green basis and bluish blue-grayish undertones can be revealed within a mixture with other neutrals. Experts suggest the following companions:

  • Grizzly Bear Brown 2111-20 – a dark shade of brown with cool undertones;
  • Baby Seal Black 2119-30 – dark blue with a haze effect;
  • Shaker Beige HC-45 – soft shade of beige with calming brown undertones;
  • Spring in Aspen 954 – crispy beige with subtle gray notes.

The use of Antique Jade in interior

The belonging of this color to middle tones offers a large variety of possibilities to play with this shade in the interior. Its neutral underlayer serves as an outstanding background for bolder accents, while the rich green notes bring in the irreplaceable touch of freshness. It seems that Antique Jade is extremely versatile and can adapt to various styles. Let’s discover the design solutions that experts suggest when it comes to the integration of this astonishing shade in the interior!

A new look at Vintage style

Antique Jade is a classic, and it goes perfectly with almost any style, but it complements no other style better than the Vintage one. We suggest you look at it from a new perspective: an apparently modern setting with a standout light green backdrop and exquisite vintage units. The walls painted in Antique Jade will perfectly emphasize the extravagant pieces of furniture, a flamboyant chandelier, or other antique decor elements. We like to play with contrasts, and this one is amazing: the aged-like vintage units are accompanied by a refreshing background. Balance is always welcome in interiors, and this case is a pure reflection of this concept.


Can we speak about such a refreshing and calming shade of green and skip the bedroom? The years of looking for a perfect shade of green that bears both invigorating and relaxing notes will simply not let us put Antique Jade aside. A contemporary bedroom enriched with light shades will bloom in a new way on a background painted in this beautiful color from Benjamin Moore. For a guaranteed cohesion among the constituent elements of the room, consider textiles in the same color, such as for the bedding. The most surprising part is to be discovered in the dance between Antique Jade and a royal-like arrangement. A large bed with an astonishing headboard, an elegant chandelier, a few seats decorated with stately fabrics, and decorative elements that look like brought from the past centuries; all this with a splash of light green on the walls, and your bedroom will feel like out of a palace. 


The latest trends tend to integrate light shade into the kitchen, and there is no wonder why since such features as freshness and cleanliness will become this way the constant guests of this space. Our beloved shade of green meets these standards and even comes with something more: an additional touch of elegance. Nobody can stop you from painting the walls in Antique Jade, particularly if accompanied by white cabinets and a few splashes of wooden texture for an invigorating yet soft environment. Nevertheless, such an option does not feel as natural as kitchen cabinets painted in light green do. Here is a piece of advice we hope you follow if you decide to opt for this color: consider open shelves and a white backsplash to balance the green notes that want to penetrate the surface. Such an approach promises an airy effect that will make every stay in the kitchen a real escape.

Kids’ room

Such spaces should be decorated with claiming colors, particularly inspired by nature for a better connection with the outside world. Luckily, Antique Jade comprises these features. Another pro for this color is its ability to serve as a perfect background for all the colorful units found in the kids’ room. Furthermore, this is when the versatility of this shade comes in handy at the highest level. Once the child grows up, you will not have to change the color of the walls but rather adapt it to the new arrangement. 


Light shades of green and blue are known to be perfect for such spaces as the bathroom. What a coincidence that our shade of green is both light and is directed towards blue. You have nothing else to do than integrate it into the bathroom. How do you do that? For a full connection with nature, consider painting the walls in Antique Jade, combining them with wooden flooring to enhance the natural effect. For a slightly neutral result, opt for this color for cabinets: white background, a few wall lamps, and hardware involving the use of particular metals to replicate the old-time values, and your bathroom will be instantly filled with what is known to be a balanced touch of elegance. 

The use of Antique Jade for house exterior

This standout shade by Benjamin Moore is unstoppable, reaching the house exterior and proving that it can shape the appearance of a house at its finest. Let’s see how it works in practice! Experts suggest painting the walls of a wooden house in Antique Jade and accompanying it with contrasting door and window frames. It is indeed a light color, but the blue-grey undertones will play their role and keep the house boundaries in their place, avoiding the fading effect. 

Although neutral enough, it may seem unsuitable to paint the entire house in this shade of green for some of you. We are not here to judge you but rather help adapt your preferences to what is considered to be appropriate. Benefit from a little splash of light green by painting the front door in this shade, which is more than enough to make a stately impression. The irreplaceable companion in this respect is, of course, white. Consider it for the house walls. Elegant, inspiring, and without any doubt inviting, Antique Jade is a perfect shade for the exterior.

Antique Jade 465 by Benjamin Moore is a classic color with a scent of mystery. Although we revealed its main peculiarities, it still has secrets. Refreshing, on the one hand, relaxing, on the other, and even serving as a connection with nature. It is intriguing, but this is what makes this color special, and such a feature will be defining for your interior and exterior if you decide to go for it.

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