A celestial violet-blue, known as the color of the year 2024 and the freshest navy blue that reads confident and intriguing.

LRV 16.98

Blue Nova by Benjamin Moore, Color of the Year 2024, is the most beautiful and intriguing violet-blue. The story behind this new-age color is inspiring. The giant paint manufacturer revealed its key color from the orbital launch site of the aerospace company Blue Origin. Still, why Blue Nova in particular? Benjamin Moore’s marketing team stated that it is all about the balanced nature and undercurrent of reassurance that hides behind the galaxy-inspired blue shade. 

Blue Nova shows blue from a brand-new perspective by provoking new endeavors and reassuring us of our personal tastes. Widen your horizons and embrace the new paint color trend that encourages you to try something new while respecting your boundaries.

Blue Nova Paint Color Features

 “Inspired by the brilliance of a new star formed in space”, this gorgeous violet-blue takes you to outer space and inspires you to explore and discover. The brand also stated that Blue Nova is a fresh navy blue alternative. It is a mid-tone blue, making it a great, not too dark nor too light color for interior and exterior design. Simultaneously, one cannot deny the depth and intrigue that comes with this brilliant blue. Experts firmly state that Blue Nova will be the “it” color of the season.

Blue Nova: Is It Warm or Cold?

Generally, this new-generation blue feels cool. Still, some colorists affirm that the subtle warm notes in the violet undertone make it seem cozier. Either way, Blue Nova is not a cold and unwelcoming shade. On the contrary, it is an appealing and inviting cool blue that will not make you feel uncomfortable at all. 

How Does Lighting Affect Blue Nova?

Blue Nova by Benjamin Moore is a pretty confident dark color. Unlike lighter shades, lighting doesn’t influence this one as much. Still, you can notice the difference between a north-facing room painted with Blue Nova and a south-facing space decorated with the same blue shade. Bathed in the warm sun rays, Blue Nova reveals its charming violet undertones, making it feel substantially cozier. On the other side, the cool northern light brings it closer to a classic navy blue – deep and unconditional. 

Still, experts recommend using this trendy color in south or east-facing rooms to benefit from Blue Nova’s personality to the fullest if you want to avoid an overly cold effect. Lighting is essential.

Blue Nova LRV

The Light Reflectance Value shows how much light a particular shade reflects, depending on how close it is to true black, with a value of 0, or true white, with a value of 100. Blue Nova by Benjamin Moore has an LRV of 16,98. Thus, we can firmly say that BN is a mid-tone dark paint color, not too dark nor too light. 

By the way, the darker the color is, the less light it reflects, making a space feel more enclosed and intimate. Yet, using natural or artificial lighting appropriately can help you adapt a paint color with a low LRV as the primary color in a room. 

Blue Nova Undertones

We’ve stated it a few times so far, and it is probably more than clear that Blue Nova is a blue paint color with violet undertones. The purple notes almost equal the amount of blue under particular lighting conditions. Overall, they hide pretty well under blue, making it the brilliant color it is.

Similar Colors

Blue is undoubtedly one of the most popular colors at renowned paint brands. If, for one reason or another, you are looking for Benjamin Moore’s Blue Nova similar colors, you’ll surely find a few close alternatives both at the same manufacturer and at other no less popular brands. Explore the following options:

  • Blue Heron 832 by Benjamin Moore – a more neutral dark blue devoid of the violet undertones yet considerably warmer;
  • Fancy Pants CSP-525 by Benjamin Moore – a substantially brighter violet-blue that you can safely use in a room with northern exposure, and it won’t lose its warm appeal;
  • Charter Blue M530-6 By Behr – an impressively close shade of violet-blue, yet this one shows prevalent green undertones;
  • Dangerously Elegant S540-6 by Behr – a genuinely luxurious shade of dark blue, slightly less bold than Nova Blue due to a subtle sepia effect;
  • Blueberry Patch PPG1167-6 by PPG Paints – a 98% similarity with Nova Blue makes this blue shade a perfect alternative;
  • Ocean Night DE 5901 by Dunn-Edwards – literally, the same night sky violet-blue, with a 2% difference from Nova Blue.

Coordinating Colors

According to the brand’s experts, you better pair Benjamin Moore’s Blue Nova with contrastive orange tones – terracotta shades work the best. At the same time, whites are recommended for a relaxed effect when paired with this violet-blue. Consider blue-whites for a crisp color palette. Charcoal gray, black, fresh green, and earthy tones also perfectly match Blue Nova. 

Let’s explore Benjamin Moore’s Blue Nova coordinating colors suggested by this and other trustworthy paint brands!

  • Chantilly Lace OC-65 by Benjamin Moore – a clean shade of white that resembles the delicate silk finish;
  • Paper White 1590 by Benjamin Moore – similar to a new sheet of paper, this soft white with a fresh blue-gray note reads comfy and inviting;
  • Monterey White HC-27 by Benjamin Moore – a welcoming neutral shade pigmented with creamy yellow notes of color;
  • Gray Owl OC-52 by Benjamin Moore – subtle blue-green undertones emphasize the unique features of this underrated gray;
  • Mount Saint Anne 1565 by Benjamin Moore – a mid-tone gray-green delighted by the refined blue undertones that perfectly pairs with Blue Nova;
  • Quincy Tan HC-25 by Benjamin Moore – flatter the violet-blue color of the year with this sandy neutral that reads warm and cozy;
  • Cracked Pepper PPU18-1 by Behr – a luxurious gray, almost seeming black, which will add even more statement to Blue Nova;
  • Tricorn Black SW 6258 by Sherwin-Williams – contrast the beloved blue with violet undertones with this truest black and one of the most favored dark shades.

Use of Blue Nova in Interiors

For a start, decorators say we can safely use Blue Nova on all walls. Even if the room appears more enclosed, it is undeniably more comfortable. Undoubtedly, using this galaxy blue as an accent color is a win-win solution – it can be a piece of furniture, an accent wall, and even the ceiling in the bedroom. 

While Blue Nova encourages you to try new color combinations, especially pairing it with vivid oranges and earthy tones, it still feels timeless and classic. It’s easy to work with a paint color that looks both modern and traditional, depending on how you use it in a space. Let’s delve into the wide range of design ideas experts suggest for this fresh navy blue!

Blue Nova and Orange

As mentioned, the pairing between blue and orange will be all the rage this and the following seasons. Use Blue Nova as a primary paint color on walls and terracotta, earthy tones, or vivid oranges on furniture or accent items. Enjoy the visual appeal and feel the energy that radiates from this lively color combination.

When Blue Meets Traditional

Don’t hesitate to benefit from the classic side of Blue Nova by Benjamin Moore. Use it with wood, traditional furniture, and beautiful wall or ceiling molding. Like a breath of fresh air, your traditional-style interior will gain more confidence with this timeless violet-blue that roars timeless statement. You can go farther than the living room; try the bedroom, kitchen, and even hallway. We are especially in love with blue trim on crisp white walls.


Nothing feels as relaxing in the bedroom as a perfect blue paint color. Experts confidently recommend using Blue Nova on the ceiling for an increased intimate effect or on walls to make privacy reach unprecedented levels. Again, the night-sky blue color perfectly pairs with ochre or terracotta furniture, even better if rich-textured.

Living Room

Try Blue Nova and white, cool or soft, for the ultimate feel of contemporaneity in your modern living room. Undoubtedly, this celestial blue paint color will become a conversation starter, making any stay in the lounge zone a true pleasure.


We’ve said it already, and we will repeat it – Blue Nova is one of the best dark paint colors for kitchen cabinets. If you love navy blue as much as we do, yet you don’t want any naval shade you’ve seen in hundreds of kitchens already, opt for a new one. The well-balanced blue from Benjamin Moore won’t disappoint, whether it is a traditional or modern kitchen.


How often have you heard that blue is the “it” color in the bathroom? You may think that there is no way a new shade of blue can interest you. Yet, Blue Nova reveals one of the freshest navy variations that will completely transform your bathroom. Try pairing it with white to avoid making a small bathroom look even more enclosed. 

Use of Blue Nova for the Exterior

This statement violet-blue is a real find for those who love deep and catchy blues. Refresh your house’s exterior with a brand-new color variation. Besides, Blue Nova knows its way around exterior house elements. You’ll be proud of the resulting color palette, whether using this interstellar blue on walls or the front door. Either way, pair it with white, and you’ll be on the safe side. 

Benjamin Moore’s Blue Nova 825 paint color feels like a breath of fresh air in the world of blue shades. If you’ve been long looking for the perfect deep blue to show off your stately taste, Nova Blue is your go-to interior and exterior design paint color. Leave your comfort zone and explore new and unusual color options!

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