Comprises a wide range of shades that replicate tradition, refinement, and elegance, impressing with their timeless appearance that works for traditional and modern interiors and exteriors.

LRV 16

Designers suggest paying attention to nature-inspired hues, and we stick to such recommendations. Today, we tackle a fabulous shade inspired by natural calmness, harmony, and authenticity. To your disposal: Caldwell Green HC-124 from Benjamin Moore. It is more than a grass green variation. This fantastic paint color is a deep green that cannot simply get out of date once it enters the trends, which it surely did. 

Caldwell Green is part of the Historic Collection, which comprises a wide range of shades that replicate tradition, refinement, and elegance, impressing with their timeless appearance that works for traditional and modern interiors and exteriors. We can safely state that HC-124 is a go-to option for both dynamic and elegant spaces. There is nothing else but a thorough scientific process behind such a precious paint color. Let’s dive into the essence of Caldwell Green!

Caldwell Green paint color features

The unique green variation from BM is a dark shade with a blue-green or gray-green surface. According to the official site of the color brand, it is penetrated by rather blue notes. Still, particular lighting conditions bring in the gray scents to the fullest. It has a relatively intense base, reflecting a balance between an accent and a neutral color. We would like to draw your attention to its impressive depth, serenity, and sense of exquisite individuality. 

Caldwell Green: is it warm or cold?

Particular conditions make this paint color look either warm or cold. Still, Caldwell Green feels rather cool. A great way to check it is by comparing this paint color with another shade of green, which is clearly warm. You will instantly notice how little warmth HC-124 contains. Not least, lighting plays a great deal in what a color looks like, and particular undertones can entirely change this paint color’s appearance.

How does lighting affect Caldwell Green?

Let’s see how natural light affects this paint color! When the sun rays fully penetrate the space, Caldwell Green feels a bit warmer, with a greenish appearance in the morning and a grayish one in the afternoon. If the sky is cloudy, the blue notes come to the surface. Undoubtedly, HC-124 is penetrated by cool blue scents in north-facing rooms and slightly softer gray notes in south-facing spaces. Caldwell Green looks like a gray shade with green undertones when bathed in artificial lighting.

Caldwell Green LRV

If you wonder what the LRV is, it stands for Light Reflectance Value, determining how light or dark a color is. Caldwell Green has an LRV of almost 16, which places it in the dark category. Such features as reflecting the light and making the room feel more spacious are not about this paint color. Nevertheless, this is the price this shade has to pay for its outstanding depth.

Caldwell Green undertones

It is clear this far that this gorgeous green is diluted with a few particles of blue and gray that reveal themselves under different conditions, with the former prevailing. It should be noted that the blue notes stand behind a rather coolish appearance of this shade, while the gray scents are responsible for the slightly muted surface. It is impressive how a single color can feel soothing and vibrant simultaneously, all due to the play of undertones.

Similar colors

The combination of green and blue/gray is very popular. No less trendy is the mix of all these colors. Therefore, the range of variations is wide, and a considerable amount of shades resonate with the nature of Caldwell Green. The most exciting part is that we can go in this sense beyond the Benjamin Moore borders. Let’s go through some of the most prominent alternatives!

  • Rainy Afternoon 1575 – gray-blue with a subtle green hint, slightly darker yet similar to Caldwell Green;
  • Quarry Rock 1568 – more intense alternative with a slightly lower LRV, preserving the same balance of notes;
  • Moss Blue DP-384 by Behr – unnoticeably darker shade of blue-green with gray notes, looking impressively identical to HC-124;
  • Green Smoke 47 by Farrow & Ball – slightly darker than the previous shade, which makes it surprisingly similar to Caldwell Green;
  • Rocky River SW 6215 by Sherwin-Williams – a bit darker variation with more intense blue and green notes devoid of gray scents.

Coordinating colors

A dark and deep color requires a lighter splash to balance the environment. The first thing that comes to mind is the trim, and we strongly recommend opting for a white shade, which can either be crisp to keep it cool or softer to add a bit of warmth. Next come light gray variations that would resonate with the inner beauty of Caldwell Green. One should note that this paint color contrasts impressively with wood, which makes brown a perfect companion. Let’s get specific!

  • Chantilly Lace OC-65 – delicate white with a crisp surface that evokes cleanliness yet is not devoid of softness;
  • White Dove OC-17 – classic white with slight warm notes that replicate a refined sense of softness;
  • Silver Satin OC-26 – exceptionally light gray with subtle grayish undertones as a perfect alternative to white to resonate with the hidden notes of Caldwell Green;
  • Stonington Gray HC-170 – light gray without any eye-catching undertones for a timeless companion to any accent;
  • Coastal Fog 976 – light gray with brown scents that replicate a warm earthy color for an exquisite sense of comfort;
  • Barley Harvest 1070 – medium brown with a warm surface, slightly played down by a subtle foggy effect.

Use of Caldwell Green in interior

Caldwell Green is one of those dark paint colors that work both for a full and accent approach, going perfectly on the walls and furniture. It suits any room, bringing a sense of sleek contemporaneity and adapting the styles to modern design. Furthermore, you can opt for this color within a minimalist interior, and this space will acquire a soothing yet unique accent. Let’s see how it really works when put into practice!

Living room

The beautiful green with blue-gray notes is perfect for modern living rooms, meaning modern approaches to different styles. Go contemporary with an all-green space, combined with a white ceiling and dark wood floor. It is worth mentioning that walls painted this way work perfectly with black window frames. Designers suggest paying attention to the integration of Caldwell Green into Vintage interiors, where the deep green shade adds depth to the exquisite pieces of furniture. No less stylish look this green paired with wood within Rustic interiors. 


Experts recommend considering this paint color within a monochromatic interior. Opt for walls painted entirely in this shade, combining them with darker green curtains, gray furniture, and white bedding so that the colors harmonize by referring to the undertones of Caldwell Green. On the other hand, you can use white as a background and opt for a wardrobe or chest of drawers painted in green. Add a few brass accents for a splash of individuality, or leave it as it is since HC-124 is enough to personalize the space by suiting your sense of beauty. 

Kitchen and dining room

You cannot imagine what a modern look the kitchen acquires when a splash of this green paint touches its cabinets. Go big by painting the cabinets entirely in Caldwell Green on a white background, or opt for a combination of this green with blue-gray undertones, light wood, and marble. Such an approach goes perfectly for Farmhouse, Traditional, Transitional, or Modern. Do you fancy a simpler solution? Go with an all-white kitchen and paint the island or the interior door with HC-124. As regards the dining area, you can safely go with an accent wall painted this way, although an all-green dining area would look no less impressive.

Home office

Another great feature of this paint color: it is a perfect source of inspiration and concentration. You can safely apply it within your home office. If you are not afraid of intense shades, go with a full makeover with Caldwell Green as the main character, or opt for a green accent on a white background. Go on with light wood or white furniture for a modern look. At the same time, a pairing with dark wood will ensure a classic effect.


This natural shade works no less fabulously in the bathroom. Paint the walls entirely, opt for an accent wall, consider this shade for the cabinets. Any solution is appropriate. Combine this hue with white variations for a functional approach, or add a few splashes of wood for a traditional interior filled with comfort.

Use of Caldwell Green for house exterior

Even the daylight does not make this paint color feel less of an accent, although a soothing one. Besides resonating with the outdoor natural beauty, such an approach to the house exterior will ensure a stately introduction to the interior. Consider Caldwell Green for the walls in combination with white trim for a balanced look. Don’t hesitate to use this paint color for the garage door or front door on a light background, although wood is an equally perfect companion.

The Caldwell Green HC-124 paint color from Benjamin Moore is one of the new neutrals with a more intense base and depth for a sophisticated look that sticks to functionality while keeping it unique. It is impressive how a single color can radiate so many features, which makes it a go-to shade for original interiors and exteriors.

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