A true white shade with played-down yellow-gray undertones; one of the most versatile paint colors used to pair with any design style and color palette.

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Dulux is known for its prestigious collection of white paint colors that go with everything. These are primarily neutral whites that pair well with cool and warm colors. One of the best white shades you can find here is the slightly warm Casper White Quarter, which is currently one of the top designers’ choices. How come? Let’s find out!

Casper White Quarter Paint Color Features

The famous white paint color with a long name differs from other available shades through a played-down yellow tint that ensures this tone doesn’t seem too yellowish, particularly when bathed in sunlight. Some say this is all due to a subtle gray cast. Others notice a tricky green-blue undertone. 

Luckily, CWQ is also part of the 2023 Color Forecast, the Balance collection. Generally, this paint color selection reveals a palette of soothing and accent greens and blues that help us stay calm in this uncertain time. Colorists recommend CWQ as a great neutral to pair with the contrastive shades of this collection. 

If you are looking for a perfect white paint that doesn’t seem too yellow-tinted, CWQ is your no-fail option. Its pure and clean white tone refreshes the interior, makes it feel considerably spacious, and patiently collaborates with your favorite design style.

Casper White Quarter: Is It Warm or Cold?

Experts from Dulux who worked on CWQ claim that this trend-leading color is slightly warm. How did they determine it? We will reveal a secret. On any color brand’s website, you can find the RGB value, the concentration of Red, Green, and Blue for any color. CWQ shows 237 for Red, 236 for Green, and 230 for Blue. The red amount slightly prevails over blue and green. Therefore, we can safely say that Casper White Quarter has a subtle trace of warmth.

How Does Lighting Affect Casper White Quarter?

It is no surprise that the trendy white shade from Dulux gets strongly influenced by lighting since it is very bright. CWQ feels relatively warm, and even though the yellow hint stands out more in rooms flooded with sun rays, it doesn’t feel intimidating. If you like a crisper white, paint the walls in a north-facing room with CWQ, where this tone seems slightly bluish-white. Professionals also emphasize the ability of the bright white shade from Dulux to absorb the surrounding colors, such as the outdoor greenery. 

Casper White Quarter LRV

Experts state that colors with a Light Reflectance Value higher than 82 are undoubtedly whites. CWQ reflects 86% of light out of 100. It is a true white shade. Be sure that a bedroom, living room, or any other room painted with this hue is impressively light and spacious, allowing you to use it in small and poorly lit spaces as well. 

Casper White Quarter Undertones

Frankly, CWQ is a neutral white. Looking at this paint color long enough, you may notice a muted yellow-gray or green-blue undertone. Its variation entirely depends on the lighting conditions.

Similar Colors

We don’t know of any other color with more shades than white. What about you? Moreover, we found a bunch of neutral whites that you can safely use as alternatives to Casper White Quarter.

  • Natural White SW1F4 by Dulux Australia – another popular white shade, very close to CWQ, just a bit warmer;
  • White Mist by Dulux – a refreshing shade of hazy white that is slightly darker than CWQ and feels warmer;
  • Nano White HDC-MD06 by Behr – a virtual white with a canvas-clean base, much brighter and softer;
  • Cameo White MQ3-32 by Behr – when compared to CWQ, this shade feels slightly violet-biased, making it warmer;
  • White Violet 1408 by Benjamin Moore – a cooler white tone with a perceivable violet undertone;
  • Alabaster 876 by Benjamin Moore – a more neutral and softer white with a more noticeable yellow tint;
  • Snowbound SW 7004 by Sherwin-Williams – almost the same crisp white, neither cold nor warm, resembling the upper snow layer in the morning; 
  • Pure White SW 7005 by Sherwin-Williams – the same white shade without disturbing undertones, another designer’s choice;
  • Extra White SW 7006 by Sherwin-Williams – the truest white at this brand; a cleaner white tone that doesn’t show the slightest hint of undertone;
  • Star White by Pantone – almost the same pure white; you can safely use it as a substitute, yet it may seem slightly less bright.

Coordinating Colors

Colorists agree that CWQ is an exclusively flexible paint color. You can safely combine it with any light or dark paint color. Interestingly, Dulux experts offer two precise color matchings, and both are more or less brown.

  • Buff It Half S11B1H – a light and soft shade of beige; some may see it as a soothing earthy color that would help CWQ stand out as a white paint color;
  • Brown Land S11C8 – a very dark earthy brown that instantly adds safety and comfort to space; a perfect contrast for the clean white from Dulux.

Use of Casper White Quarter in Interior Design

Usually, we underline the designers’ favorite concepts, including particular paint colors. It is not the case with this neutral white shade. Choose any design style, color palette, pattern, and texture. Everything looks great on a white canvas. As seen in ready-made design projects, CWQ is often used in modernist interiors to help emphasize architectural features. Get inspired for a makeover in your house with one of the following design ideas!

Coastal Vibe All Year Long

Even if you don’t live on a coast, you can enjoy the breezy ambiance and beachy vibe with the correct decor. CWQ is one of the best base paint colors for a Coastal-style interior. Expose rich-textured furniture and textiles on the clean white canvas, including rattan, sisal, wicker, wood, and linen. Add a few soothing blue or gray-blue accents, and mandatorily, pots with indoor plants. The resulting contrast will delight your eyes and nurture your taste in design if you are a beach lover.

Top Design Style: Mid-Century Modern in White

The Mid-Century Modern fixation on clean lines and organic shapes is impressively popular nowadays. Introducing a few more bright colors and wood mandatorily, designers display those accents on walls painted in the neutral white from Dulux. Modern art pieces look astonishingly perfect on the white-washed walls and become a true identification mark for your customized design concept. 

Aesthetical White Bedroom

Get the personalized mood board: an all-white bedroom with walls painted in timeless white from our beloved brand. Opt for everything white, up to the last details, such as the table lamps. Enjoy the aesthetically pleasing palette, or add a few textured or colorful accents to share your style view. This design idea will undoubtedly meet the expectations of the true connoisseurs of white, clean, and decluttered. 

Modern White Lounge Area

The concept of modern design has changed over the years. We can safely call modern an open-space living room with a bright white base color, lots of free space, well-defined shapes, and the new absolute must – bright-colored accents, preferably velvet accent chairs or sofas. 

Kitchen and Dining Room

As mentioned, you can apply CWQ to any design style. Paint the kitchen walls or cabinets. Designers’ favorite is a Modern Classic kitchen with decorated facades and expensive-looking materials, such as stone, marble, or wood. 

In the dining room, you can switch from Mid-Century Modern with lots of wood texture to industrialized ultra-modern concepts with raw materials, shortly speaking. The idea is that you are free to play with patterns, textures, and colors as long as the neutral shade from Dulux covers the walls. 

Mediterranean Bathroom

The hidden yellow trace in CWQ gives off a year-round summertime vibe. Consequently, the connection between this white shade and the emerging Mediterranean style is undeniable. Arches, uneven surfaces, floating fixtures, and terracotta tiles are preferred in combination with white walls. 

Use of Casper White Quarter for House Exterior

This immaculate white shade is one of the most beloved white paint colors for exterior design. We don’t know when this happened, but some designer or inspired homeowner tried once the look with exterior house walls painted in this shade paired with exotic greeneries on the white background, and the design concept simply spread all over online inspiration boards.

Indeed, the subtle yellow hint in CWQ fades out when interacting with direct natural light and leaves a pure, undisturbed white shade that doesn’t risk reading too cold or warm – the perfect exterior paint color for an ideal house exterior. 

The Casper White Quarter paint color by Dulux is the designers’ secret tool, and luckily it entered the 2023 trends. Be among the first to benefit from the versatility and neutrality of this splash of freshness that will leave no design project untouched by exclusive taste.

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