As the name implies, Chantilly Lace is a delicate replication of the lace refinement; a crispy and clean shade of white that perfectly resonates with the delightful silk, soft linen, and everything pure and simple.

LRV 90

The perfect shade of white Chantilly Lace OC-65 from Benjamin Moore is a favorite among designers and homeowners. Almost reaching the pure white group of colors, this crisp and standout variation cannot go unnoticed. Also known under 2121-70, Chantilly Lace offers a new perspective on light shades. Regardless of its clean surface, it is part of the Off White Collection, and this article will reveal to you why. 

In the list of trendy white paint colors, where the slight warm shades prevail, OC-65 is a prominent representative of its kind, bringing a bit of freshness, ease, and exquisite simplicity. We wondered what makes this white so fascinating and what stands behind its uniqueness. After a thorough analysis, we are ready to share the results with you.

Chantilly Lace paint color features

As the name implies, Chantilly Lace is a delicate replication of the lace refinement; a crispy and clean shade of white that perfectly resonates with the delightful silk, soft linen, and everything pure and simple. It feels new and familiar, stimulating and calming, low-key and sophisticated simultaneously. Designers are still confused about this unpredictable, at the same time, balanced paint color, which is not a drawback but a reason to dive deeper into the essence of this color.

Chantilly Lace: is it warm or cold?

Chantilly Lace does not fall into any of these categories. It is simply a clean shade that seems neither cool nor warm. Still, it may feel slightly grayish or even bluish in north-facing spaces. On the other hand, OC-65 may take on a soft appearance with southern exposure, although not creamy.

How does lighting affect Chantilly Lace?

Lighting is the factor that can really influence the way this almost pure white appears. As already stated, it seems rather cool in rooms with north-facing windows, and subtle blue-gray notes penetrate the surface. The scenario changes in the east, west, and south-facing spaces; this paint color feels warmer and softer without any hint of yellow or beige. At the same time, artificial lighting offers it a slightly muted effect, less cool yet neutral.

Chantilly Lace LRV

When illuminated by a light source, colors reflect a particular amount of light, depending on how light or dark they are, defined by Light Reflectance Value. The LRV of Chantilly Lace is about 90, which is exceptionally close to the true whites with a value of 100. No wonder this paint color reflects impressive amounts of light and makes the room feel extremely spacious. 

Chantilly Lace undertones

It is time to reveal the inner beauty of this paint color. If you wonder what makes it part of the off-white category when it is clearly a clean shade of white, it is all due to the slight gray/blue notes visible when the paint color is put into practice. Still, they prevail when cool light touches the surface of this color. These subtle undertones are very tricky and reveal themselves under particular conditions, opening even more design solutions for this paint color.

Similar colors

Chantilly Lace is a unique shade that stands on the verge of entering the pure white category yet staying true to its inner beauty. Considering that it stands out even among paint colors that more or less resonate with its essence, there is not a single shade to replicate the complexity of OC-65. Still, slightly warmer and cooler variations can be considered as alternatives for particular crispier or softer effects. Let’s discover them!

  • Ice Mist 2123-70 – pretty similar to OC-65, although slightly more intense and cooler due to a lower LRV;
  • Snow Scene by Dulux – slightly warmer variation with visible beige notes, although the LRV is almost the same;
  • Delicate White PPG 1001-1 by PPG Pittsburgh Paints – a bit darker shade with soft gray scents that feel more intense;
  • Cabbage White 269 by Farrow & Ball – cooler white with a slightly lower LRV and perceived gray undertones, which may seem blue-green.

Coordinating colors

You probably think that everything goes with white. You are right! But not with Chantilly Lace! What a picky paint color! It wants to play only with neutrals, soothing shades with cooler or warmer undertones, and pastels with slightly more vibrant bases, considering light and dark colors. This is the price the shade has to pay for an indeed outstanding color combination. Luckily, they all can be found at Benjamin Moore. Let’s go through some examples!

  • White OC-151 – classic white devoid of striking undertones that goes for any style and space;
  • Decorator’s White CC-20 –  sleek shade of white with a subtle touch of gray that offers it a stylish appeal;
  • Horizon OC-53 – very light gray devoid of undertones with a balanced neutral base that impresses with simplicity and versatility;
  • Seapearl OC-19 – very light and soft shade of beige with slightly warm grayish notes and an appealing creamy base;
  • Edgecomb Gray HC-173 – a more intense variation of the previous shade where the gray notes prevail;
  • Gray Owl 2137-60 – cool gray with almost invisible blue/green notes that keep it crispy and fresh;
  • Stonington Gray HC-170 – medium-to-light gray with a hypnotizing blue hint that seems cool and soft simultaneously;
  • Grant Beige HC-83 – neutral shade of beige with slightly intense gray undertones and an almost invisible hint of green;
  • Romantic Pink 2004-70 – pastel pink with a light base devoid of undertones and a hidden range of vibrant pinkish scents;
  • Lake Placid 827 – very soft and calming shade of light blue devoid of undertones with a slight creamy base;
  • Providence Blue 1636 – medium-to-dark blue with a soothing base and neutral gray undertones;
  • Chelsea Gray HC-168 – intense shade of gray gravitating between the dark and medium extremities with a slight hint of beige;
  • Hale Navy HC-157 – stately navy shade with a dark blue base penetrated by visible gray notes and covered by a slight foggy effect.

Use of Chantilly Lace in interior

When it comes to interior integration, Chantilly Lace is not picky at all. The impressive shade of white goes for any style and space, suiting the walls, trim, and even pieces of furniture. If you are looking for the perfect white that does not seem cold nor warm with a timeless effect, this option from Benjamin Moore is your true companion. Don’t hesitate to apply it to any room of your house for a sleek contemporary approach, even to traditional solutions. Let’s see how it works within the interior!

Living room

We cannot help but mention the suitability of Chantilly Lace for the walls in an all-white living room. Go as far as opting for white pieces of furniture to keep it sleek and clean. Of course, it requires constant cleaning and does not suit everybody. Still, the result is simply astonishing. Next comes the exquisite combination between the almost pure white and soothing blue, where the latter goes for textiles, which fits Coastal interiors and any other styles. Don’t hesitate to use this paint color within spaces decorated with natural wood for an indeed modern approach to Farmhouse, considering a limited number of decor units peculiar to this style.


We would like to start again with an all-white bedroom. Of course, Chantilly Lace goes for the walls. Not to our surprise, the integration of soothing blue shades for textiles within such an interior looks no less amazing than in the living room. On the other hand, you could go with black window frames and soft pastel elements on a similarly crispy white bedding. Designers suggest combining white walls with natural dark wood for a balanced environment that makes you feel at peace with yourself.

Kitchen and dining room

We are simply impressed with how many possibilities this paint color offers. The irreplaceable all-white kitchen comes first with sparkling metallic hardware for a clean and refined interior. Designers suggest considering a bold-colored rug on the floor to dilute the palette unobtrusively yet stylishly. We cannot help but mention the mesmerizing contrast between Chantilly Lace upper cabinets and navy blue lower ones to fully embrace the maritime traditions and modern values.

The same all-white approach goes in the dining, complemented with naturally-looking rattan for chairs and the table. You can as well go with wood. The main rule is to keep it as natural as possible and let the texture reveal its beauty on this neutral background.


That’s right! Go with an all-white bathroom, and add a bit of navy blue for the floor tiles and steel hardware to keep it sleek, interesting, and contemporary. For lovers of something elegant, consider Chantilly Lace to paint the walls and pair it with light wood, be it for the cabinets or floating shelves, and marble, be it for the countertop or wall tiles. Complete the picture with brass hardware, and your bathroom will reach a whole new level, where OC-65 plays an essential role by serving as a perfect background for such beauty. 

Use of Chantilly Lace for house exterior

White usually behaves in unpredictable ways when applied to the house exterior, but this one simply stays true to its nature, keeping its classic clean white look. You can safely paint your house walls in this paint color and be sure that the result will reach a timeless exterior with sleek lines and a stately appearance. Probably, this is why OC-65 goes on as a favorite and does not plan to change this status. As for the front door, a contrastive house exterior would surely benefit from a splash of crispy and confident white.

The Chantilly Lace OC-65 paint color from Benjamin Moore is an irreplaceable go-to shade that brings together style, functionality, contemporary flair, and traditional comfort. Regarded as a definition of simplicity, this fascinating white impresses with this particular feature. There is something special about this simplicity, and you cannot feel it until you give it a try.

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