A stunning light gray that fits just about anywhere. When looking at Chic Gray, there is an amazing feeling of effortless lightness and airiness.

LRV 60

What epithets can you use to describe gray? Chill? Yes, absolutely. Strict? Perhaps. Neutral? Right to the point. Calming? More than true. However, renowned paint manufacturer Behr offers another word to describe this color, and the word is “Chic.” Of course, it does not apply to all gradations of this insanely popular color, but only to the shade PPU26-10, which received this very name – Chic Gray.

Of course, today, it should be noted that designers pay a lot of attention to the use of gray both in the interior and exterior of the house. The search for the perfect shades of gray that can bring your interior closer to perfection continues all the time. It is practically impossible to say how many shades of a given color exist in principle. Still, one cannot fail to notice that today rather complex grays have come to the fore – bright and light, warm and at the same time cool, straightforward and at the same time with a considerable number of undertones.

Chic Gray PPU26-10 by Behr is one of the representatives of the family of those very trendy grays. It, therefore, is increasingly becoming the favorite of interior designers and the center of attention when drawing up current palettes. That is why we are sure that it is worth talking about this paint color in more detail, and we dare to hope that you will be interested in this conversation.

Chic Gray paint color features

When looking at Chic Gray, there is an amazing feeling of effortless lightness and airiness. In some cases, it may seem like you are looking at a sunlit crystal vase through a thin gray veil. This effect is achieved due to the noticeable influence of the beige undertone.

Let’s make a reservation right away: Chic Gray from Behr should not be classified as a gray-beige shade since gray certainly dominates in this color. Beige notes are presented in it as unobtrusively as possible – just enough to soften it and make it cozier, but not so much as to deprive it of its pleasant coolness. This fantastic balance, combined with its high lightness (79%), makes this stunning light gray a versatile solution that fits just about anywhere. However, more on that later.

Chic Gray: is it warm or cold?

Like any other shades of gray, Chic Gray just can’t help but be cool. However, when looking at it, there is by no means a feeling of something austere and cold, and it is not only a matter of high lightness but also of warm beige undertones. The hue value for PPU26-10 is 33 degrees, and in the RGB model, the predominance of red tones is determined, which once again confirms that this color still belongs to the group of warm grays.

How does lighting affect Chic Gray?

The undoubted advantage of using this light gray shade from Behr in the interior is that it behaves very, very predictably under the influence of lighting of different nature and intensity. If you have already dealt with light gray paint, you can certainly predict how it will look on a particular surface.

So, for example, in bright sunlight, Chic Gray can almost wholly disappear into white with a coldish ash undertone. However, if the natural light is not as intense, you may notice the charming beige notes that make it warm. However, at dusk, it will fully show its gray side and will look dark and at the same time very soft and comfortable to the eyes.

Artificial lighting can have exactly the same effect on the perception of Chic Gray. However, by skillfully using its temperature, you can achieve the desired result. So, the cold white color of the lamps can make it a little cooler and more stylish, the warm yellowish glow of the floor lamps – a little more beige, cozy and welcoming.

Chic Gray LRV

Even looking at the Chic Gray sample, you can guess that the LRV will be high for it. And you are not mistaken if you thought so: this indicator for the PPU26-10 color is 60, which corresponds to the values for the group of light and very light tones. That is why this excellent light gray from Behr is perfect as a backdrop for various interiors, as it not only creates a neutral base but also helps to fill the room with light and a sense of lightness.

In addition, we would like to draw your attention to the behavior of Chic Gray in the neighborhood with bright colors. So, for example, if you use them for an accent wall or contrasting textiles next to surfaces painted in a light gray tone, they will reflect some of this rich contrasting shade, which can create a whole and extraordinary atmosphere in the room.

Chic Gray undertones

We’ve previously discussed what exactly makes Chic Gray so warm and inviting. Yes, the secret lies in those very beige undertones that we have already mentioned more than once. Some designers claim that you can even see a slight pinkish-peach undertone from a certain angle and with the influence of specific lighting, making this shade truly chic.

Similar colors

There are really a lot of light gray shades, and each paint manufacturer proposes its own variations. However, Behr also has them, which does not prevent the Chic Gray color from remaining unique. You can generally look for similar tones if you need something close but still different, or try to combine this excellent shade with related tones for an airy and unusual atmosphere. So, let’s still find out what these colors are:

  • Cotton Gray HDC-NT-20 – a very airy shade of gray, slightly lighter and cooler than Chic Gray, yet just as soft and cuddly;
  • Burnished Clay PPU18-09 – the same light, but more calm and earthy gray;
  • Rice Crackers S240-2 – a light gray with more pronounced warm beige undertones;
  • Granite Dust MQ3-06 – almost identical to Chic Gray, but much lighter and even lighter;
  • Sandstone Cliff 750C-3 – a very natural and laid-back gray with bold beige notes;
  • Sandstorm N310-3 – darker gray with subtle beige accents;
  • Unfussy Beige SW 6043 by Sherwin-Williams – a color that, despite its name, is still more gray than beige;
  • Pale Taupe by Dulux – a discreet and balanced light gray with subtle brown notes;
  • Desert Light 1004 by Benjamin Moore – a light gray with sandy beige undertones.

Coordinating colors

The light gray shade Chic Gray by Behr belongs to the category of neutral, and therefore is compatible with most of the current colors today, from light warm and cool to dark, as well as brighter and more saturated. If you want to achieve the desired harmony, look at the coordinating colors from the ready-made palettes that have been developed by the Behr designers:

  • Polar Bear 75 – a pure and at the same time comfortable for the eyes white color;
  • Mauve It N120-3 – a pleasant pastel lilac with a dusty effect;
  • Light Truffle PPU5-06A – a quite dark and natural brown with a gray undertone;
  • Watery HDC-CT-26 – a cool and deep greenish-blue;
  • Chivalrous S550-3 – a spectacular dark blue with a steel undertone;
  • Jojoba N390-3 – a luxurious and natural green with grayish-silver undertones;
  • Yellow Flash 370B-7 – a rich and sunny yellow hue.

The use of Chic Gray paint color in interior and exterior

If you have been looking for a suitable light gray for your home interior or exterior, then Chic Gray will no doubt be in the center of your attention. While this delightful shade is more often used for backgrounds than for accents, it can still form the basis for many exciting designs. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Shabby chic

If you are crazy about the charm of antiques and textures offered by the newly popular shabby, then Chic Gray is a great way to bring a certain freshness to it. Painted in this light gray shade, the walls create a charmingly relaxed and slightly dreamy mood and become an incredibly harmonious backdrop for shabby antique furniture made from natural wood and knick-knacks that give the interior an unconditional charm.

In the spirit of Hollywood glamor

Minimalism holds its leading position in interior trends so firmly that many people want to see their home more sophisticated, at least due to the desire for variety. It would be strange to use Chic Gray just for a laconic design without trying it in something more sophisticated, and the theme of Hollywood salon chic would be the perfect environment for it. Pair the walls painted in this gorgeous color with boiserie panels in beige tones. Do not forget about the graceful console tables in wood and gold-tone metal and a plush sofa, and complement the picture with candles and wall watercolors. Who said that gray is very simple and not at all luxurious?

Kitchen and dining room

Chic Gray will honor any modern dining room, but if you want to add elegance, try it in a traditional setting. A perfect solution would be to paint the kitchen cabinets in a light gray shade on a white or beige background. At the same time, you do not need to choose a matching flooring: wooden floors in a natural honey shade will create a harmonious and utterly fatigue-free composition. For accents, try upholstered or wicker chairs, brass hardware, and wrought-iron fixtures that cast a pleasant warm glow on the Chic Gray kitchen cabinets.

Home Office

If you think that it will be too boring for you to work surrounded by gray walls, we hasten to assure you that this is absolutely not the case. In fact, Chic Gray creates a rather peaceful and welcoming yet stylish and motivating atmosphere simultaneously. In addition, against such a background, you can safely equip a workplace in any style that you like. Austere dark wood furniture, white bookshelves, a luxurious leather or trendy bright armchair, metal decor, and trendy posters – any of these solutions will come in handy.


The basic finish in Chic Gray is a great solution for an industrial bedroom. This shade of gray is quite comfortable and friendly. At the same time, it perfectly sets off deliberately rough wooden furniture, natural textiles, lamps made of dark painted metal, and leather accents.

Kids room

Chic Gray color paint can be considered one of the most suitable options for decorating a toddler baby room. Moderately cool and at the same time warm, light, and cozy, it is as comfortable as possible for the eyes of a child and serves as an excellent background for soft furniture and pastel accents. However, as your children grow up, you can adapt this shade for a different setting – unless, of course, you want to part with it.

House exterior

Designers recommend using Chic Gray for traditional timber houses for serenity. However, you can opt for Chic Gray for elegant brick buildings as well. In doing so, consider that architectural elements, including platbands, window frames, porch, columns, and doors, should be contrasting – white, black or dark brown. It is simply necessary for your home to look fresh and harmonious.

Chic Gray PPU26-10 by Behr is a trendy and attractive shade of light gray that can be successfully used in both modern and classic interiors. Its versatility attracts both lovers of laconicism and aesthetes who gravitate towards sophistication.

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