A stylish gray-brown with a rich, earthy trace that will connect you to nature and deliver the comfiest feeling in your home.

LRV 33

Taupe is one of the rare colors that managed to switch from a dull and underrated hue to one of the trendiest colors due to its earthy, cozy personality treats that we need so much to feel safe and comfy at home. Today, the gray-brown tone is regarded as a sophisticated color that renders messages of calmness, relaxation, and contemporaneity. Some experts even say taupe is the new gray, perfectly replacing overused neutrals. That’s why Behr, one of the prominent paint brands, decided to include Chic Taupe in its brand-new paint color collection for the season. For a start, Chic Taupe is nothing like the gray-browns you’ve known so far, and interior designers have kept it for long to themselves. Today, we’ll spill the beans. Discover one of the best taupe shades and explore how to integrate it into your home!

Chic Taupe Paint Color Features

Unlike traditional taupe shades, Chic Taupe reads a thousand times more stylish and full of personality. Behr’s colorists describe it as “a fashionably balanced medium taupe.” The name itself sounds stylish. Chic Taupe is indeed a medium paint color, yet it reaches a perfect mix of brown and gray as if the resulting color has always been a separate hue on the color wheel. This taupe feels unconditionally cute and appealing with a moderate trace of cream. We cannot deny the connection to the outdoors due to its amazing, comforting properties derived from its earthy tinge. Therefore, it harmoniously blends with any color palette. Natural textures and colors hold the lead. The best feature is the timeless charm of Chic Taupe, which will always be in trend, aside from the fact that it is easy to use in design. Still, what homeowners love the most about this paint color is its ability to transform any abode into a secure place to escape and unwind. 

Chic Taupe: Is It Warm or Cold?

After so much fuss around the comfy features of this shade, you might have gotten the idea that Chic Taupe is warm. Let’s see! Colorists operate with the RGB value to determine a paint color’s temperature. Shortly, it’s the red, green, and blue concentrations in color. At Chic Taupe, the red value is a winner, which makes this taupe a warm paint color. You’ll enjoy its endless warmth in south-facing spaces, especially. However, Chic Taupe knows its way around any lighting conditions, preserving its original sense of comfort. 

How Does Lighting Affect Chic Taupe?

Remember – lighting is essential. The exposure and lighting conditions affect the way you see a paint color. Usually, the lighter the paint color, the more influenced it gets – those are chameleon shades. However, it is a different story for deeper shades. Chic Taupe is a mid-tone gray-brown, yet lighting has its say. 

If you use Chic Taupe in a north-facing room, the gray coloration will take the lead and offer this shade a paler effect, especially in the shadow. So, if you want to experience a full range of warm, earthy undertones, use Chic Taupe in a room with south-facing windows. This taupe will feel warmer here, even revealing a surprising violet trace, especially when bathed in direct natural light. The effect increases at sunrise in east-exposed rooms and at sunset in west-facing spaces. 

Be aware that at night, with artificial lighting, Chic Taupe will feel much deeper, closer to brown. On the one hand, it gets cozy and moody. On the other hand, it gets slightly darker since Chic Taupe is a medium tone that leans towards the dark side.

Chic Taupe LRV

It’s much easier to use a paint color when you know all the specifics, and the Light Reflectance Value will tell you many things about a paint color. Out of 100, Chic Taupe reflects 33% of the light it receives with an LRV of 33. This explains why Chic Taupe is a mid-tone shade leaning towards dark colors. It also means this taupe shade bounces around a particular amount of light, keeping the room more or less light. However, you should ensure your space receives an appropriate amount of natural or artificial light. Otherwise, Chic Taupe can install a dull effect, especially in small rooms without access to natural light.

Chic Taupe Undertones

An almost invisible tinge of violet resurfaces from under the earthy gray-brown color base. It’s a visual effect ensured by the blend of gray and brown under particular lighting conditions. Yet, don’t worry – Chic Taupe won’t fade into purple. It is a solid taupe shade.

Similar Colors

Since taupes have become so popular, you’ll surely find alternatives to Chic Taupe. Still, you should know that no other shade can totally copy the originality of this paint color. We’ve gathered the best.

  • Studio Taupe PPU5-07 by Behr – leaning more gray, this pretty neutral gray-brown will feel at home in rooms bathed in direct sun rays;
  • Shiitake N220-4 by Behr – although deeper than the previous shade, this is still a neutral alternative to Chic Taupe;
  • Creekbed 1006 by Benjamin Moore – the closest taupe so far, with a lighter and less warm gray-brown base;
  • Studio Clay CSp-380 by Benjamin Moore – a violet-pigmented clay taupe that brings more coloration than Chic Taupe;
  • Cocoa Whip SW 9048 by Sherwin-Williams – if you find Chic Taupe overly warm, you’ll like this slightly cooler and more neutral alternative;
  • Dry Dock SW 7502 by Sherwin-Williams – despite the difference between this taupe and Chic Taupe, they will look almost the same when put into practice.

Coordinating Colors

You’ll have plenty to choose from since Behr offers a wide list of available paint colors to pair with this taupe. According to experts, tans are great for monochromatic palettes. For contrast – colorists suggest light grays and dark browns. Or, go further with eye-catching shades of mid-tone violet, green, and blue.

  • Timid White PR-W12 by Behr – the softest white flattered by feathery peach notes;
  • Nugget Gold S260-7 by Behr – a rich, time-tested gold tone resembling weathered copper;
  • Deep Merlot M100-7 by Behr – an intense shade of violet, neither warm nor cool, perfect for statement pieces;
  • Meteorological N430-6 by Behr – a deep blue-green with cool tropical vibes;
  • Adirondack Blue N480-5 by Behr – a rather dark, cool blue with a soft, pastel effect despite its storm-gray trace;
  • Fennel Seed S330-4 by Behr – a mid-tone seed yellow-green that looks so organic and well-balanced;
  • Standing Ovation N570-2 by Behr – a light, pale lavender gray that inspires grandeur;
  • Espresso Beans PPU5-01 by Behr – a dark coffee brown almost fading into black;
  • Watery HDC-CT-26 by Behr – an aqua green with breezy blue undertones;
  • Light Drizzle N480-1 by Behr – a bright, calm shade of baby blue washed out by gray.

Use of Chic Taupe in Interior Design

As mentioned – taupes are easy to use in interior design. Feel free to apply this mainstream neutral to walls or furniture to bring coziness and authenticity to your living spaces. Mainly, Chic Taupe focuses on comfort, yet the right use of this color will reveal its tasteful side. Explore the designer-recommended options to style Chic Taupe in your home.

Taupe in Rustic

You’ve probably heard of the trending Rustic style. It reached unprecedented popularity last season and stays the same for at least a few more years. You don’t necessarily have to live in a forest cabin or traditional farmhouse to recreate this style. Now, you can enjoy the cottagecore aesthetics right in your downtown apartment. 

Chic Taupe is a real find for this design idea. Consider it on plain walls, wood paneling, or cabinets. Preserve the raw, rustic style through exposed natural textures and a restrained, earthy color palette. The resulting organic, slightly aged, and occasionally distressed design concept will install a natural mood and underline the character of your home. The closer you are to nature, the more at home you’ll feel.    

Taupe in Modern

The absolute opposite of the previous design option, the Modern style thrives in sleek lines, subtle shapes, and precise contrast. This shows how versatile taupe is. In such interiors, it turns into the most contemporary neutral. However, unlike traditional whites and grays that have lost relevance in modern interiors, taupe reveals neutrality from a new perspective – calm, inviting, cozy, and relaxing. Chic Taupe goes for walls. Everything that comes next – other neutrals, naturally textured furniture, and well-balanced decor is a compliment for Chic Taupe. 


If there is one room where taupe feels like home, it is undoubtedly the bedroom. While staying neutral, Chic Taupe brings pigment to the color palette and adds comfort in the most seamless way possible. Of course, this trendy mushroom shade works for walls. Even though we said Chic Taupe needs plenty of natural light, the bedroom can be an exception. Feel free to enjoy a moody color code in the sleeping space unless you are not an amateur. At the end of the day, it is a space for relaxation. 

Home Office

Enjoy the quiet ambiance of the earthy taupe from Behr in your workspace. This well-balanced color will help you concentrate on your tasks while delivering a comfy feeling. Luckily, Chic Taupe perfectly pairs with wooden furniture, which is a great asset for your home office design. Keep it simple, and let the primary color, taupe, entertain you. 

Kitchen and Dining Room

Chic Taupe in the cooking space is a separate story. We cannot help but fall in love with this color again when we see it on kitchen cabinets. No doubt, a modern kitchen in taupe is a trendy option. Still, nothing compares to a rustic or traditional cooking space with a vintage twist painted in the same color. Of course, weathered hardware harmoniously blends with this timeless color.

In the dining room, designers find Chic Taupe an exceptionally welcoming paint color. Your guests will feel comfortable, while your late-night gatherings will transform into the most pleasant moments. Chic Taupe will make every detail count.


In the bathroom, Chic Taupe shows its true colors – endless flexibility. You can literally try any design style with this paint color, and it will work. Of course, we favor the trendy rustic or cottage-style bathroom with wooden wall paneling painted taupe or beautifully carved wood vanities in gray-brown with copper hardware. The only limit is your imagination.

Use of Chic Taupe for the House Exterior

In contrast with traditional taupes, which are much lighter, Chic Taupe has more color, and it will confidently stand out, even when bathed in direct sunlight. Therefore, it is one of the best neutral paint colors for the exterior. Use it on walls or the front door. This inviting, earthy tone is love at first sight.

Behr’s top earthy paint color, Chic Taupe N230-4, is a mix of modernism and conservative features – all under the same gray-brown base. It brings comfort to all design styles regardless of colors, textures, and decor. It’s time to make your home feel more secure and comfortable with a nature-infused color like this mushroom gray-brown.

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