The timeless warm white from Behr that prevails over paint color trends is the perfcect balance between a classic white base and warm notes for the softest effect.

LRV 85.05

If you are looking for a perfect shade of warm white, which does not feel too yellowish or reveal striking undertones, yet replicates a balanced mix of fresh and soft, you should definitely try Cloud White OC-130 paint color from Benjamin Moore.

One of the best-selling colors and a prominent representative of the creamy off-white category, Cloud White prevails in versatility due to its unobtrusive undertones and comfort due to its appealingly warm notes. Designers have been returning again and again to this timeless white variation since there has not been developed yet another shade of the kind to replace its softness, limitless sense of comfort, and impressive flexibility. Whether you want to learn more about it or get convinced that this paint color is a go-to option, keep reading!

Cloud White paint color features

Like the vapor clouds on a clear day, this paint color reveals a sophisticated shade of white with the softest notes. Unlike other shades of this kind that feel overly blue or too yellow, this one offers a balanced perspective on the off-white shades with a warm base that seems creamy. In an era when homeowners strive for comfort, Cloud White comes with the perfect amount of warmth that adds coziness yet keeps the environment balanced. By the way, one should not mistake Cloud White OC-130 with White Cloud 2159-70, which is another off-white variation from the same brand. 

Cloud White: is it warm or cold?

We don’t have to wonder much about which category this paint color belongs to. It is the definition of warm off-white itself. The slight yellow trace that flows through its veins diluted with a considerable amount of neutrality keeps the overly yellow effect at bay, offering this shade the most appealing creamy appearance, which cannot go any other way but feel exceptionally warm. 

How does lighting affect Cloud White?

Cloud White doesn’t cease to be warm and brings its defining creamy features to the surface regardless of the light exposure. Still, this shade feels particularly warm in south-facing spaces, revealing a slight yellowish hint, which doesn’t suppress the environment but rather brings more warmth to it. Under artificial lighting, this paint color feels slightly muted, yet the irreplaceable soft notes are still there since Cloud White is not ready to give up on them under any conditions.

Cloud White LRV

Pretty close to the pure white group of shades, Cloud White reaches a Light Reflectance Value of 85.05. Take for reference the fact that 100 stands for true shades of white. Slightly held back by the not too intense creamy scents, OC-130 shows an impressive ability to reflect the light, making the room feel more spacious. Shortly speaking, it goes beyond limits with its softness and airy effect.

Cloud White undertones

There are rumors that Cloud White may look yellow or even green. Where does it come from? Let’s clarify it! Yes, Cloud White can reveal yellow undertones, but very slight ones that rather enhance the creamy effect, although they can be quite intense under the direct influence of sun rays. What about the green scents? Considering that OC-130 is a light shade, it is no wonder that it reflects the neighboring colors, which, in most cases, are the outside greeneries. As for the undertones, Cloud White does not feature green notes in its complex composition. 

Similar colors

As with shades of gray, the white category has lots of variations so that you would simply get overwhelmed by their diversity. Still, their number is so high that each variation in part has many representatives, which is also the case with the warm white with creamy scents from BM. Let’s find out the alternatives!

  • White Smoke PPL-57 by Behr – close shade of off-white with a similar creamy base yet slightly cooler;
  • Clear Yellow PPG 1215-1 by PPG Pittsburgh Paints – a bit lighter variation of white with similarly creamy notes yet almost unnoticeably cooler;
  • 83YY by Dulux – an identical off-white shade that feels close to the essence of Cloud White in terms of neutrality and warmth;
  • Whitetail SW 7103 by Sherwin-Williams – not that far from OC-130 from BM yet noticeably warmer.

Coordinating colors

The impressive versatility of this paint color allows us to play with any shades and display them on this background. You can safely go with cooler colors to contrast the quite warmer white variation or enhance its softness with similarly warm shades. Even though you are free to choose the matching colors, experts from BM came with a list of paint colors that would surely lead to a successful result. Let’s discover their essence!

  • Pale Oak OC-26 – light gray, seemingly devoid of undertones, yet featuring a neutralized creamy appearance;
  • White Down OC-131 – creamy shade of white that looks like a more intense variation of Cloud White that would perfectly work for a monochromatic interior;
  • Champion Cobalt 2061-20 – navy blue with a bright blue base gravitating towards the dark side;
  • Yosemite Yellow 215 – medium shade of mustard slightly muted and played down by a subtle dusty effect.

Use of Cloud White in the interior

The popular shade of white that keeps pace with the trends and offers a warm alternative to the overly simplified neutrals goes for any style that requires a white background, where the warm scents add the appropriate amount of comfort to the contemporary interiors. Undoubtedly, a creamy shade like this that defines coziness itself should be considered, first of all, for Farmhouse interiors. Next comes any design solution close to your taste for any space of your house. Let’s see how this paint color works!

Traditional and Modern Farmhouse

When applied to a Traditional Farmhouse interior, Cloud White acquires the worn-by-time effect, embracing the traditional values and offering a familiar environment. Once Modern Farmhouse enters the game, OC-130 enriches the overly simplified approach to style with the right amount of warmth, so it doesn’t lose its defining feature – comfort. Both cases involve using wood, soft textiles, and decor units peculiar to this style to preserve the magic of a close-to-the-heart environment.

Living room

Any preference on the warm background; you can literally go with any solution, implying various colors and textures, on the neutral canvas offered by Cloud White. Stick to a limited color palette, simple layout, and sleek shapes for an ultra-modern approach that will not feel formal at all due to the creamy shade that will instantly radiate a balanced sense of comfort. At the same time, you can play with bright splashes of color and textured pieces for an eclectic interior where Cloud White will smooth any transition.


We know how much you want to integrate your wildest design ideas. We kindly ask you to leave as much space for this paint color as possible so that it can reveal its inner sense of softness and enrich your personal space with the desired feature – comfort. Keep the layout simple, opt for equally separated functional areas for both sides of the room, and consider pastel textiles, maybe a few black accents, and light wood to elevate a seemingly simple bedroom to the level of a stylishly arranged space. Still, the approach with bold colors works on such a background in a teen’s bedroom.

Kitchen and dining room

You can safely paint the walls or the cabinets in the most balanced soft white available at Behr and even go with both solutions at once. You can either keep it sleek and minimalist or go extra with lots of accents on the neutral background. Still, in the dining area, designers suggest making the most of the beautiful white shade and combining it with flamboyant pieces of furniture and decor for a refined interior or a rather natural approach with untreated wood surfaces for a timeless effect.


Designers put the accent on the combination between Cloud White and various textures and metals that bring different results. Opt for an all-white interior with OC-130 for the walls and silver hardware to balance the warm notes for a sleek modern bathroom. On the other side of the coin, we have gold hardware, off-white walls, and pastel cabinets that you will simply fall in love with due to the sparkle of softness floating in the air. As an alternative, you can also opt for an interior that implies a few wood elements to increase comfort.

Use of Cloud White for the house exterior

Even the direct natural light cannot change the warm appearance of this paint color. The creamy notes can still be perceived and even at their finest. Both traditional and modern exteriors work for this shade with slightly contrasting or close-by-beauty color variations for the trim and front door. We would like to emphasize the astonishing combination between Cloud White and brick surfaces, which can surely elevate your exterior.

The Cloud White OC-130 paint color from Benjamin Moore is a real find in the world of white shades that designers cannot give up on. Why would they when the timeless off-white variation offers such a balanced pairing between soft and fresh, new and old, sleek and familiar?

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