The main character of this paint is a dark shade of blue with gray notes. It is purely saturated and light enough to be referred to as pastel, and not a usual one but with an airy effect.

LRV 33

Is it a coincidence or a repetitive phenomenon that we refer once again to nature-inspired paints? We tend to believe that the second option is more relevant. As a starting point, we cannot doubt the influence of natural elements on the creation of new inspiring, stimulating, calming, and refreshing hues. Of particular interest have been the gray-blue shades lately. Furthermore, their association with scenes witnessed in nature adds to their uniqueness. The same refers to the newly discovered-by-us color that cannot simply be regarded as a shade of blue. 

The impressive hue that experts from Benjamin Moore came up with is what we call a one-time find that doesn’t cease to surprise with its features. Let’s start with the name: “Cloudy Sky” – it instantly makes us think of a grayish shade of blue that is rather airy, soft like the clouds themselves rather than draining. One should note that this color was introduced within the Color Preview Collection. From bold shades to fresh pastels and saturated hues that are part of this collection, Cloudy Sky is undoubtedly a stately representative in this respect. What particular category is it part of? What makes it so special? How friendly is it with other shades and interior design styles? This and more you will find out in this article that will surely add a new shade to your favorite colors. 

Cloudy Sky paint color features

Nothing helps you add more individuality to a space than a perfectly chosen color. The last few years have shown us a considerable interest in calm and refreshing shades. No surprise why experts from Benjamin Moore came up with their own colors of this kind, which are more ambiguous than you might have thought, and Cloudy Sky is a perfect example. 

The main character of this article is a dark shade of blue with gray notes. It is purely saturated and light enough to be referred to as pastel, and not a usual one but with an airy effect. Does it bring something new? Definitely, due to the unique combination of blue and gray that influences its appearance and the way you feel about this color. It seems like a safe shade to underline your personal space that adapts to your level of comfort. We cannot skip the fact that it also integrates notes of freshness that make you feel free, even within such borders.

Cloudy Sky: is it warm or cold?

What do we associate a cloudy sky with? Definitely a sudden decrease in temperature and daylight. The same can be said about the color itself. The fact that it is a dark shade of blue and consists of gray undertones as well is more than enough to state that it is cold, but we cannot forget about its belonging to pastels, which makes it seem a little bit softer. Let’s put it this way: it is a cool shade of blue with noticeable scents of freshness that are both stimulating and relaxing.  

How does lighting affect Cloudy Sky?

The fact that this shade is dark, moreover, it has gray undertones, explains its relationship with light, which is not a simple one. The larger the amount of light, the brighter the color will appear and reveal its blue basis. Reduce this amount slightly, and notice how the gray notes are coming to the surface. One should note that such colors are not that simple to play with when light plays an essential role. What about artificial light? Well, it is quite the same if it has cold undertones, while a warmer light source will simply be a new reason for the gray scents to reveal themselves to the fullest. 

Cloudy Sky LRV

The light reflectance value for this blue shade is 32.34. It is not surprising at all, since the already tackled features are a clear explanation for such a result. Of course, it is not devoid of the ability to reflect light, although it doesn’t prevail in this respect. It almost touches the border of middle tones. Therefore, our grayish blue is quite capable of reflecting a particular amount of light. Nevertheless, we cannot speak about a subsequent expanding effect. 

Cloudy Sky undertones

As we have already mentioned, Cloudy Sky is full of gray undertones. Nobody doubts the role of the blue basis itself, although the gray notes are the ones that influence the way this color interacts with light and other colors. Furthermore, they are responsible for the foggy effect that makes this shade seem softer. 

Similar colors

You will probably not be surprised to find out that the popular combination of blue and gray finds itself in a lot of variations. Even when limited to shades similar to Cloudy Sky, the list is still long. Furthermore, the differences are so unnoticeable that you could probably get confused. Nevertheless, a thorough analysis will put everything in the right place. Let’s discover what the alternatives you could opt for are, considering both Benjamin Moore and other paint manufacturers!

  • Gibraltar Cliffs 1587 – a shade slightly darker than Cloudy Sky;
  • Brewster Gray HC-162 – the same scenario as with the previous shade, although a haze effect should also be considered;
  • Van Courtland Blue HC-145 – deep shade of a lighter blue with gray undertones;
  • After The Storm PPG 1036-4 by PPG Paints – a balanced combination of dark blue and gray with slightly noticeable sparkles of light;
  • Aqua Smoke PPG 1034-5 by PPG Paints – a similar mix of blue and gray as with the previous shade, although blue slightly prevails;
  • Delft SW 9134 by Sherwin Williams – soothing blue with light gray notes;
  • Debonair SW 9139 by Sherwin Williams – soft blue with gray undertones and a subtle lavender scent.

Coordinating colors

As a matter of fact, soothing shades, such as blue and gray, are perfect companions for various shades. Nevertheless, the complex combination at Cloudy Sky requires a particular approach. Experts from Benjamin Moore suggest pairing it with other pastels or cool and even dark colors. Let’s see what they have in store for us!

  • Spring Meadow 486 – soothing shade of cool green with a haze cover;
  • Cotton Tail 2155-70 – a very light shade of beige with slightly noticeable soft pinkish notes;
  • Meadow Mist 936 – crispy white with noticeable gray undertones;
  • Mink 2112-10 – a dark shade of brown with a subtle scent of gray.

Use of Cloudy Sky in interior

In contrast with other shades that involve blue and gray, this one is not that easy to use. Nevertheless, an appropriate approach is always the solution. Perfect for particular styles and less friendly to others, Cloudy Sky is still an impressive choice, and if you play with it the right way, you will not regret the result. What do you say if we take a closer look at it by considering its use in the interior?

Living room

If you want quite a neutral background with a sparkle of uniqueness to add individuality to your living room, Cloudy Sky is a real find. Consider painting the walls in this shade and combining them with pastels for a soft environment or darker colors for a formal setting. From functional Scandinavian to exquisite antique effect of Vintage, the seemingly complex pairing of blue and gray is ready to adapt to any style if the color combination is appropriately chosen. 


Such personal spaces require a feeling of safeness, escape, freedom to reveal your own personality. Luckily, Cloudy Sky can make such features defining within your bedroom. It is enough to consider an accent wall in this color, particularly wood paneling. Nevertheless, the effect will be enhanced by painting all walls in this shade of blue. A few sparkles of soft colors and light wood or dark wood, based on the style, will be perfect complements. One should note the surprisingly standout pairing between the gray-blue shade and white. Cleanliness, calmness, relaxation; this is what we associate with such a combination. 

Kitchen and dining room

Gray-blue kitchens won our love a long time ago, and their standout appearance doesn’t stop impressing us. This particular shade of blue is undoubtedly suitable for the kitchen: not too bold nor too neutral. Perfectly underlining the kitchen borders, offering it a relaxing environment, Cloudy Sky will make a place of relaxation, inspiration, and stimulation out of this space. It should be noted that kitchen cabinets painted this way work perfectly with white countertops and backsplashes. Leave it like that for an ultra-modern kitchen, or opt for a few sparkles of brass to embrace tradition. 

Once we reach the dining room, there is no better way of integrating this color than painting the walls. The effect promises to be the same as within the kitchen. Of course, there is a bit of formality in this shade. Nevertheless, its relaxing and refreshing features are irreplaceable. 


We cannot simply go further without mentioning how appropriate the use of this shade of blue is for the bathroom, whether you paint the walls or the cabinets. Consider a contrastive color for combination, white in particular. Go traditional with a few elements of wood or keep it contemporary with marble. This deep color will enrich the space with individuality while its soothing surface will make sure that this place will not lack such features as invigoration and calmness, which are peculiar to Cloudy Sky, even if they are slightly contradicting each other. 

Home office

Cloudy Sky is a stimulating color. Its deep appearance leads to a pleasant environment for reflection. On the one hand, it sets particular borders within which you can explore your own ideas without being disturbed. On the other hand, its soothing effect will fill the space with calmness and freshness, which are essential during work. From painting the walls to considering this color for a built-in bookcase, this shade should serve, first of all, as a background. A few decor elements in contrastive colors and wooden furniture are the last pieces of the puzzle. 


Besides its fascinating range of features, Cloudy Sky is also inviting. It may seem strange to call such a cool shade welcoming, but its soothing surface leads to an appealing environment. Paint the walls entirely or consider wood paneling in this shade, even in combination with white, and the entrance part of your house will make a stylish first impression. A few vintage elements of dark wood and a flamboyant chandelier are among the best companions for this shade.

Use of Cloudy Sky for house exterior

As you have probably noticed, Cloudy Sky works perfectly with white and wood, particularly dark wood. Luckily, it is appropriate to be used for house exterior, and you can make the most of these combinations. Paint the walls in this standout shade while choosing white or dark wood for the door and window frames. 

The gray-blue shade looks no less impressive when used to paint the door, particularly on a light background. Do you remember the inviting feature of this color? Just imagine its effect if used right at the entrance. Furthermore, this color is so deep that it will always preserve its exquisite look regardless of the weather. 

The Cloudy Sky paint color from Benjamin Moore is this one shade that seems to match a wide range of colors and styles, although interpreting whole new values with every pairing in part. Particularly when used as a background, this gray-blue doesn’t require additional decor since it is rich enough to complete the picture. Consider it for the interior, and freshness, serenity, and calmness will become constant guests of your house.

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