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Sea Kelp S34A8

A nocturnal gray-blue with a magical green trace; this popular navy blue substitute reflects calmness and harmony through oceanic depth lenses, perfect for inside and outside.

Pharaoh's Gem S28H9

A bright emerald green with blue undertones that reads luxurious and tropical; one of the most vivid paint colors this season, rendering growth, patience, harmony, and energy.

Breezy Half S40H1H

A breezy shade of soft blue full of life; a perfect trendy paint color to use in small and poorly lit spaces, with a bonus - it enlivens the room with its vibrant and uplifting properties.

Starfish S39C6

A charismatic grayed blue with an ocean-deep feature that inspires calmness and serenity. Underline your favorite design style with a confident navy blue.

Half Sea Fog N470-3

A relaxing blue-gray shade with a standout blue pigment used to update existing designs and inspire new ones through its alluring and calming appearance.

Kale Green SW 6460

A veggie blue-green paint color with a cool and deep color base, the green shade you see on the summertime forest greenery in the cool rain - fresh and restorative.

Indigo SW 6531

A historic purple-blue color with a naturally bold and tradition-filled personality that holds the memories of the past and gives hope for a brighter future.

Mineral Gray SW 2740

A dark and cool royal blue-gray; one of the trendiest shades of navy blue in contemporary design instantly embraced by homeowners and designers.

Silvermist SW 7621

A morning-fresh green-blue with foggy gray undertones that replaces the light neutrals with a deeper color meant to balance, calm, and connect.

Mount Etna SW 7625

An imposing dark shade from the blue family with playful gray and green undertones that meets the aesthetical standards of the design styles that thrive when deep-colored.

Benjamin Moore
Starry Night Blue 2067-20

A new navy blue version adapted to the 2023 trends - a magical dark yet bright blue with a romantic name inspired by van Gogh's art.

Bracing Blue SW 6242

A standout neutral with a bright blue base slightly played down by gray notes for an unforgettable accent you could only dream about.

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