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Lunar Surface N460-3

The blue-gray paint color from Behr, inspired by the moon's surface, is the new favorite neutral that comes with a more intense and updated approach to softness and freshness.

Benjamin Moore
Quiet Moments 1563

This soothing mix of blue and gray slightly touched by green repliactes serenity to the fullest. Its relatively deep notes induce tranquility and add an exceptional sense of originality.

Brook Green N410-2

This fabulous shade from Behr has a minty green base diluted with a subtle blue hint and covered with a smoky surface that offers a soft effect.

Mountain Air SW 6224

A white shade with clear gray-blue notes that feels like the fresh mountain air - crispy, bold, and inspiring.

Smoky Blue SW 7604

Almost entering the category of dark colors, yet held back by the slight smoky effect, SW 7604 is unique of its kind, implying soothing and vibrating notes at the same time.

Naval SW 6244

Naval from SW is a dark blue color with rich notes that hypnotize and inspire. A replication of the night sky and the sea, a source of confidence and rejuvenation, a symbol of change.

Benjamin Moore
Hale Navy HC-154

The HC-154 paint color from BM is a dark shade of blue and an accurate replication of what a perfect naval blue looks like.

English Channel PPU14-19

A dark shade of blue diluted with a few particles of deep plum notes that add even more sophistication to an already hypnotizing color.

Benjamin Moore
November Skies 2128-50

A neutral blue shade with light gray undertones got its name for a reason. This is what the sky looks like in November on a sunny day.

Denim Drift

A pleasant, soft, moderately dark and muted blue, which captivates with its naturalness. Why "drift"? Due to the presence of gray undertones.

Benjamin Moore
Aegean Teal 2136-40

An impressive combination of blue that stands for the coolish notes and green responsible for the connection with nature, while its soft gray scents are a great source of calmness.

Adirondack Blue N480-5

A rather dark shade of blue dominated by cool notes, which the presence of gray is responsible for, and radiating an appealing softness due to its rather pastel appearance.

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