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Denim Drift

A pleasant, soft, moderately dark and muted blue, which captivates with its naturalness. Why "drift"? Due to the presence of gray undertones.

Benjamin Moore
Aegean Teal 2136-40

An impressive combination of blue that stands for the coolish notes and green responsible for the connection with nature, while its soft gray scents are a great source of calmness.

Adirondack Blue N480-5

A rather dark shade of blue dominated by cool notes, which the presence of gray is responsible for, and radiating an appealing softness due to its rather pastel appearance.

Peaceful Blue S470-3

A pale variation of blue with soothing notes. It is neither too bright nor neutral but rather a cool shade with a clear touch of softness.

Sapphire Salute

A dark shade of blue with sleek splashes of light spread all over its surface and bright undertones slightly muted by a matte effect.

Benjamin Moore
Harbor Haze 2136-60

A light shade of blue, but the narrower we look, the more secrets we discover.

Benjamin Moore
Cloudy Sky 2122-30

The main character of this paint is a dark shade of blue with gray notes. It is purely saturated and light enough to be referred to as pastel, and not a usual one but with an airy effect.

Uncertain Gray SW 6234

A blue-gray paint color with a foggy cover that blooms at its finest under a large amount of light and changes your perception at different levels when playing with lighting sources.

Blustery Sky SW 9140

A shade of blue that has a rich and diverse composition, playing with our imagination based on particular lighting

Benjamin Moore
Yarmouth Blue HC-150

Undoubtedly bright, impressively full of depth, and relaxing; it sounds like the recipe for a perfect pastel color.

Light French Gray 720E-2

A blue-gray shade that appears slightly dusty or washed out, watercolor-like, and slightly cool.

Favorite Jeans SW 9147

By the name Favorite Jeans, one can assume that it refers to shades of blue - perhaps blue, perhaps even a little grayish. In fact, however, SW 9147 is full of surprises.

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