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Toasty Gray N320-2

A charming light gray paint color from Behr diluted with a visible note of beige that stands behind the exquisite softness.

Silver Bullet Behr N520-2

A medium variation of gray with a rather cool base and soothing notes that strike with their finesse, softness, and calmness.

Repose Gray SW 7015

A really light gray color, but it also has a beige hint and a number of other, even more complex undertones. However, there is not much of beige to confidently state it as a gray-beige.

Benjamin Moore
Gray Owl OC-52

A delightful shade of gray with a neutral-to-cool base and exceptionally slight blue-green undertones.

Sea Salt SW 6204

A typical representative of the new gray-greens. Pastel and soft, sophisticated and airy, fresh almost to the point of crystal, it allows you to return to the era of serenity and carelessness.

Iron Ore SW 7069

The most important thing about Iron Ore is its deep and dark gray base. In some situations and under particular angles, it may appear black.

Peppercorn SW 7674

An almost true gray. Why almost? Well, regardless of its very dark base, it is a chameleon and can have many faces depending on particular factors.

Dolphin Fin 790C-3

A slightly warm shade of gray, not devoid of cool notes, and definitely calming. Its delightful softness is nothing else but a reason to fall in love with another shade of gray.

Agreeable Gray SW 7029

A warm shade of gray, and its pronounced beige undertones are quite a reliable explanation.

Silver Drop 790C-2

A very light shade of gray penetrated by beige scents. Actually, one of the most popular grays at Behr.

Unusual Gray SW 7059

A medium-light shade of gray. A neutral shade with pronounced gray notes covered by a surface resembling the scene you witness when the fog is ready to disappear.

Pebble Shore

A very complex shade. Some may say it is beige. Others will see in it nothing more than a shade of gray.

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