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Cotton Grey HDC-NT-20

A light and soft gray color that, depending on the lighting, can appear both neutral and relatively warm.

Graphic Charcoal N500-6

A very dark and eye-catching gray, although in a soothing way that makes you enjoy the environment to the fullest.

Modern Gray SW 7632

A calm and neutral and, at the same time, surprisingly friendly, clearly light gray, but with some subtle undertones.

French Silver PPU18-5

It is clear from the name itself that this is a shade of gray, but this color is not ready to reveal its real face this fast

City Loft SW 7631

A surprisingly balanced, fairly neutral, and at the same time fashionable gray-beige shade.

Uncertain Gray SW 6234

A blue-gray paint color with a foggy cover that blooms at its finest under a large amount of light and changes your perception at different levels when playing with lighting sources.

Proper Gray SW 6003

This neutral shade of gray reflects balance, bringing any contrasts to harmony, which appears to be an essential element for contemporary design ideas.

Graceful Green

To some, it may seem like mint, to someone close to sage, someone sees it rather silvery-gray, and to someone, it even reminds of dew drops on green leaves.

Goose Down

Bright, light, cool, and at the same time discreet, Goose Down from Dulux fits perfectly into the concept of a home as a refuge

Chic Shadow

The brand's representatives refer it to the group of so-called true grays. This means that this shade of gray is nothing more than a fusion of black and white. It has no undertones.

Egyptian Cotton

This amazingly soft beige shade with subtle gray undertones owes its name to Egyptian cotton, an elite variety of natural fabric that has become a real attraction in Egypt.

Benjamin Moore
Charcoal Slate HC-178

This deep, dark gray tone is somewhat reminiscent of a rock or mineral, and glossy bluish-gray tones enhance this feeling.

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