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Aubergine N100-7

An earthy eggplant purple with a cozy and luxurious cast that mirrors the royal love for the fine things in life and organic beauty traced to the outdoor world.

Indigo SW 6531

A historic purple-blue color with a naturally bold and tradition-filled personality that holds the memories of the past and gives hope for a brighter future.

Studio Mauve SW 0062

A reviving grayish purple with a rich history enetering the new-era color trends with more creativity, stimulation, and hope for contemporary design.

Carnelian SW 7580

A dark brownish-purple with red undertones resembling royal burgundy; a heritage paint color that changed the world of design through its legacy.

Benjamin Moore
New Age 1444

A fresh purple with a tricky gray cast; one of the best shades of the color of year 2023 - lavender, highly appreciated by designers and homeowners.

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