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Benjamin Moore
Honeybee CSP-950

A sweet yellow with a delightful pastel character that will charm you at first sight with its positive and vibrant personality treats.

Beaten Track S15E3

An organic crop-yellowish tan paint color that softly connects to nature and makes a cozy and safe abode out of any house; a new-generation neutral and a great asset in contemporary design.

Golden Sand S13H6

A sparkling orange-yellow shade with a standout personality; one of the best bright paint colors with a Retro body and a Modern mind.

Research S15D8

A muted olive yellow-green symbolizing peace, earthy warmth, and harmony and bringing natural beauty, exploration, and hope to the table.

Wasabi S17E2

A summertime-kissed pale green with subtle yellow undertones resembling the seasoning wasabi plant color that will add scent to your design and help you rediscover peace at home.

Wild Wonder

A golden yellow-green resembling the summertime wheat field; the color of the year 2023 and one of the main colors to connect with nature and your inner self.

Spiced Mustard S300-5

A gold-leaf mustard yellow with warm brown undertones; the color of happiness and energy that comes to the rescue of those who seek colorful inspiration.

Hybrid S340-3

A golden green paint color with charming yellow undertones that will steal your interest with its fantastic harmony of notes, lemon-scented charm, and nurturing green base.

Chartreuse SW 0073

A cheerfully enthusiastic yellow-green, inspired by the lemon yellow French liqueur color; an unconventional paint color for energetic, vibrant, and unique designs.

Benjamin Moore
Savannah Green 2150-30

A wildly bright yellow-green polished with gold that can become your next favorite accent color for a trendy interior and exterior design reinvention this season.

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