A ruby brown-red shade with rich burgundy undertones that successfully combines luxury with comfort, spreading love and gathering positive energy.

LRV 11

In the last few paint color review articles, we analyzed the beauty of neutral white, gray, and pink and natural green and blue, all part of the Balance color collection at Dulux, meant to connect with nature and rebalance your well-being. Just imagine our surprise when we found the ruby red Deep Garnet paint color in the same selection. How come? After a thorough survey, we discovered a hidden meaning behind this rich red shade that designers expect to be a real show-stealer in the new design season. Discover why the vibrant red tone goes hand in hand with the most calming paint colors.

Deep Garnet Paint Color Features

Let’s start with the name! Garnet is a gemstone associated with love, self-confidence, and vitality. The term comes from Latin, used in reference to pomegranate, which unsurprisingly has the same ruby color. Besides the already mentioned features, garnet is also known for its ability to dissolve depression and anxiety. It is clear now why the deep, vibrant red shade stands alongside soothing colors that bring harmony. Like its namesake, Deep Garnet balances your energy, keeps negative emotions at bay, and helps you see hope under the most blurred conditions. 

In terms of color composition, DG is a dark brownish-red with a slightly played-down veil, rendering a rather pastel burgundy tone. Equally successful as a primary and feature color, this red hue shows sophisticated and unique interior and exterior design features, underlining the effortless luxury of precious stones and the endless comfort associated with familiar emotions simultaneously.  

Deep Garnet: Is It Warm or Cold?

Whether under warm or cold natural light, DG will always stay true to its innate sense of warmth regardless of how dark Deep Garnet may seem. Besides, the concentration of red in this paint color won’t let you interpret this shade any other way but warm.

How Does Lighting Affect Deep Garnet?

Luckily, you can enjoy DG’s earthy, warm side in any room of the house, regardless of exposure. The only difference is that a room with south-facing windows will make this shade of red share a richer and more saturated brown-red, leaning ruby red, while northern exposure brings a more washed-out effect on color. Note that cold natural light emphasizes the gray notes of pigment responsible for the pastel veil. 

Either way, DG is a pretty dark paint color, and we would not recommend using it in poorly lit spaces, particularly at night. A small room with limited access to natural light, painted in this red shade, may feel too overwhelming.

Deep Garnet LRV

We didn’t overreact when stating that DG is a relatively dark paint color. It indeed is. Just take a look at its Light Reflectance Value: 11. Pretty close to 0, standing for true black shades, this red tone is thirsty for light, yet it doesn’t rush bouncing it back. Therefore, a room painted with Deep Garnet requires plenty of natural or artificial light. Otherwise, the space risks looking dull and too dark.

Deep Garnet Undertones

Dulux’s brilliant red paint color shows subtle brown undertones that borrow warmth from earthy tones. Sometimes, you can notice a shadowy gray note that makes sure the color doesn’t seem too vibrant. 

Similar Colors

Red tones, burgundy, in particular, have known unprecedented popularity over the past few years. We were not surprised by the endless list of available red shades that resemble Deep Garnet, and our new finds go beyond Dulux’s border.

  • Monarch by Dulux – a vivid red shade of the most exquisite royal beauty sparkling like rubies, as dark yet more vibrant than Deep Garnet;
  • Pomegranate AF-295 by Benjamin Moore – a juicy brown-red tone resonating with the natural color of ripe pomegranate; more reddish than DG;
  • Sundried Tomato CC-62 by Benjamin Moore – a true brown-red paint color with a warm earthy tinge, showing a more significant concentration of brown;
  • Apple Polish UL110-20 by Behr – a tiny bit softer burgundy hue, resulted from a greater amount of gray undertones;
  • Allure PPU2-03 by Behr – a genuinely alluring red shade, very close to DG yet slightly lighter; a perfect alternative if you want a slightly less vibrant brown-red;
  • Red Bay SW 6321 by Sherwin-Williams – a bright rose shade with natural brown-red undertones, a few notes lighter than DG;
  • Brick Dust PPG1056-7 by PPG Paints – a more muted dark red penetrated by more noticeable brown undertones; a rich terracotta alternati

Coordinating Colors

The Tuscan red shade from Dulux excellently combines with a bunch of colors of different personalities. Try burgundy and navy for a timeless and unforgettable effect, or burgundy and mint for an unmatched and surprising result. Pair it with black for a dynamic and intriguing message, taupe for a restrained and collected ambiance, teal for an eclectic and vivid ambiance, and chartreuse for an alluring and unusual palette, to say a few. 

As for Dulux’s experts, they suggest two go-to pairings. A timeless white shade that has passed the test of time and a black accent shade that will balance the vibrancy of this red tone.

  • Natural White SW1F4 – a beloved white shade for its slightly warm yet very bright base that doesn’t stop impressing;
  • Black Caviar SN4H9 – a charcoal gray shade with an almost unnoticeable red undertone, perfect for pairing with contrastive shades.

Use of Deep Garnet in Interior Design

Deep Garnet is often used in interior design to render power and wealth, being part of the most luxurious design concepts. At the same time, many designers associate this rich rose red with earthy undertones with comfort and love. Resonating with conservative royal allure and keeping pace with modern bursts of vibrant colors, DG is applied to many design ideas. We will reveal the most prominent mood boards.

Refined Red Accessories

A rich red paint color like DG in interior design is an authentic accent that compliments any design style. Be it a feature wall, trim, bookcase, all walls, or interior door. Associated with fine things in life, DG brings luxury and refinement to color palettes. The slightest touch of this burgundy shade in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or bathroom will add a well-defined sense of originality.

Modern Cherry Color

The recent modern design trends show an appreciation for bold colors. The juicy cherry red paint sounds great for vibrant compositions. Primarily used in the company of other bright shades as accents on white walls, DG will boost your mood with its appearance every time you visit the living room or kitchen, or literally any space. 

Bedroom with a Ruby Twist

Red shades are highly associated with bedrooms. Besides making the sleeping space feel more comfortable, DG makes your worries stay outside the bedroom’s borders. The pomegranate paint is used in Industrial, Classical, Neoclassical, and Modern bedrooms, pairing mainly with white, gray, and black. Appearing primarily as a paint color for feature walls or accents, this brownish-red can also be used to paint all walls in the company of bright greens, yellow, and purples for textiles. 

Kitchen and Dining Room: Pomegranate Taste

Psychologists claim that Deep Garnet, a red shade similar to burgundy, has appetite-awakening properties. Unlike the bright red shades popular ten years ago in kitchens, this one is reserved and collected, ensuring a calm and entertaining ambiance.

You can opt for matte or gloss upper layers on pomegranate kitchen cabinets. Designers have already worked with DG in Modern Rustic cooking spaces and Transitional kitchens, pairing the brownish-red paint with gold hardware and wood. The result is fabulously inspiring. You can successfully uplift the mood in the dining area by adding burgundy accents, such as painting the dining table or chairs. 


Since DG reads slightly muted, you would most likely fall in love with this color at first sight. Ensure a similar effect for your guests, and decorate your interior with this vivid paint right at the entrance. There is no need to opt for a full-red concept. Consider instead accent walls or paint the furniture.


There are two types of people when it comes to bathroom design: those who favor entirely neutral bathrooms and those who want to stand out with a customized design. If you lean towards the second side, you’ll undoubtedly like a bathroom design polished with brilliant red as much as we do. This color looks exceptionally luxurious on wall molding. Ensure enough light fixtures or pair this red with white to balance the palette.

Use of Deep Garnet for House Exterior

Dulux’s naturally pigmented red paint is a popular shade for exterior house walls. Experts recommend it primarily for cottage-style exteriors since red blends ideally into the green surroundings during summer and snowy white background in winter. 

State-of-the-art exteriors and traditional houses look equally beautiful when painted brownish-red with white trim. Experts from Dulux also suggest favoring this cherry red shade when choosing the front door color if you have light-colored walls. In all these cases, DG shows good taste and style.

The Deep Garnet paint color by the well-trusted brand Dulux pairs ruby sophistication with earthy warmth. It puts a vivid burgundy shade at your disposal that speaks the language of luxury and nurtures the need for the comfort of those who see the familiar in vibrant colors.

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