A dark graphite gray, almost black, with a sutbtle blue undertone; one of the most popular accent paint colors, used mainly for its unique touch of intrigue.

LRV 11

The new paint color trends show that you can also find peace in colors that look other than neutral and feel different than soothing. The golden mean favors neither classic neutrals nor bright shades. Today’s stop is dark accent tones, and the star of this review is nobody else but the dark charcoal Domino from the trustworthy Dulux brand. How did it end up in the Balance color collection at this manufacturer? And most importantly, is it worth it?

Domino Paint Color Features

To answer the last question: yes, Domino is one of the most popular dark paint colors that has passed the test of time. Trying to find the connection between Domino and the Balance palette (a selection of mainly ocean-inspired shades meant to restore harmony in your home), we discovered that the blue trace in the dramatic gray shade echoes the untouched ocean depths. 

Mainly associated with power and authority, when used in corporate spaces, Domino also renders sophisticated drama and makes for a great accent in modern houses. It may be your new favorite if you are looking for a serious color for your new study, a reserved yet intriguing tone for your industrialized living room, a competent partner to pair with other neutrals in a minimalist design, or a new refined accent to make a statement in your contemporary home, and the list doesn’t end here. 

Domino: Is It Warm or Cold?

To tell the truth, Domino is a relatively well-balanced color, yet you may sense a slightly cool vibe, all due to the subtle blue undertone. Even the RGB value (Red, Green, Blue) shows a somewhat higher degree of Blue. 

How Does Lighting Affect Domino?

Lighting doesn’t affect dark shades of color as much as it influences bright colors. Still, you can notice particular variations in Domino under different exposures. Obviously, the blue undertone will get more visible in rooms with north-facing windows, and the opposite, it will decrease in spaces with southern exposure. The neutral dark base will stay more or less intact. 

Of course, we must mention the importance of ensuring appropriate natural or artificial lighting, particularly at night, or you may end up with a very dark and tiresome environment.

Domino LRV

What is LRV? Light Reflectance Value determines how light or dark colors are. The two extremities are 0 (black) and 100 (white). Domino has an LRV of 7. This is how dark this gray shade is, almost entering the black group. It doesn’t rush to reflect light at all. 

Domino Undertones

It would be hard to notice any other undertone but blue in this dark charcoal tone. The blue underlayer makes Domino stand out as charcoal and not pure gray. That is also where Domino gets its fresh cast from. 

Similar Colors

Be ready to find alternatives to every shade possible when it comes to gray. This color is one of the most popular and favorite neutrals, even such a dark gray as Domino. We prepared a list of the most prominent substitutes for Domino. If you need a good alternative, you know where to find one.

  • Colorbond Monument L17 by Dulux Australia – an almost unnoticeably lighter blue-gray, or we should say charcoal; the composition seems to be preserved;
  • Black Panther 2125-10 by Benjamin Moore – we dare say, the same dark blue-gray that shows a similarity of 99.7% to Domino;
  • Black Iron 2120-20 by Benjamin Moore – a few notes deeper than Domino, the difference is not so noticeable, and you can easily use it as an alternative;
  • Carbon N520-7 by Behr – a slightly less blue Anthracite color, very close to the ash gray from Dulux;
  • Totally Black HDC-MD-04 by Behr – despite the name, this shade seems slightly brighter than Domino;
  • Greenblack SW 6994 by Sherwin-Williams – the same bluish charcoal from Dulux yet injected with a few green drops of color;
  • Iron Ore SW 7069 by Sherwin-Williams – a trendy shade of dark gray, a softer graphite tone that stands out through its tranquil and unthreatening features.

Coordinating Colors

Choosing a perfect partner for Domino is easier than you might have thought. You either go with other cool shades, such as blue, white, green, and purple, or try and make the charcoal shade feel cozier through warm yellow, orange, or pink. While choosing a bright contrast to gray isn’t hard, we suggest you consider the color matching for cool whites and grays from Dulux.

  • Lexicon SW1E3 – a modern white shade with a subtle blue undertone ready to bring into play your favorite accessories;
  • Lexicon Half SW1G2 – a clean and bright white decorated with a crisp undertone that perfectly works with neutrals and accents colors;
  • Grey Pail SG6G1 – a cloudy gray shade with a soft blue undertone that looks great alongside charcoal tones;
  • Water Worn SG6G3 – a medium gray shade with a light blue undertone that lends this shade a subtle crisp effect.

Use of Domino in Interior Design

Domino is an excellent replacement for overused grays and an updated version for true black shades. It became a timeless option in interior design. Domino will meet the standards of those who like a moody ambiance and sophisticated accents. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the trendy charcoal paint. Here are some great design ideas that may inspire you!

Charcoal Industrial

We haven’t tackled this design style for a long time now, as if it had been patiently waiting for this paint color. The dark gray shade perfectly matches an Industrial Loft apartment or an improvised Loft in a vacation house. Domino pairs great with raw brick, metals, untreated wood, and the moody ambiance of Modern Industrial concepts.

All-Black Apartment

Domino is not a black shade, yet pretty close. That’s why it works great for an all-black palette. If you like the moody ambiance of an apartment entirely painted charcoal with a few splashes of brighter color, you should not skip this trend. Additionally, you can consider LED strips with changing light color and adapt the ambiance to your mood.

Black and White Bedroom

Or should we say charcoal and white? Either way, the combination is timeless. The only rule you must consider is avoiding cluttered surfaces and unnecessary accessories. Adding wood texture or a few bright-colored textiles is the furthest you can reach. Let the classic duo become the designer mark in your bedroom.

Classic Study

Give your traditional home office an exquisite delicacy with the trendy charcoal shade. Psychologists say that the bluish-gray tone bears such features as intelligence and professionalism. If you want your workspace flooded with such inspiring values, reconsider a makeover as soon as possible.

A Brand-New Kitchen

This season you should try something new. What about repainting your kitchen cabinets with dark charcoal, replacing the current hardware with gold or glass, and updating the countertop, say marble or wood? Domino works excellently with classic and modern designs and will adapt to your kitchen style either way. 


If you have a well-lit bathroom, don’t be afraid to experiment with the almost-black-gray paint in this space. The worst scenario would be to end up with an unmatchable trendy interior. Enhance the effect by choosing the right partners, such as white paint, gold hardware, wood texture, and natural light.

Use of Domino for House Exterior

Domino is a very dark charcoal shade; there is no chance this paint will fade out when interacting with direct natural light. However, it may render different appearances under particular weather. Sometimes, you may notice an explicit blue cast or a pure black color devoid of undertones. One thing is sure; Domino is a stately and no-fail color option for exterior house walls with white trim and the front door with white walls. 

Designers are very proud of this shade when used on brick walls. With black being always in trend, you won’t have to worry about repainting any time soon.

Dulux’s Domino charcoal variation embraces contemporary sophistication and the current trend of intriguing and “out-of-the-box” solutions. Choose this classic color and ensure a stylish result for your interior and exterior design for years to come.

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