A fascinating off-white with soft gray notes and slightly warm beige undertones that make it a standout alternative for stark shades of white in the interior and exterior.

LRV 77.52

The unusual off-white shade from Benjamin Moore, a representative of the intense variations of this kind that fills the space with comfort and the heart with peace, is known for the lovely name Dove Wing OC-18.

With such a wide range of off-white shades at various color brands, we wondered if there is anything that a new paint color like this can impress us with. This shade proved to be as fascinating as others, not to our surprise. Furthermore, it has its own sense of beauty that we would like to reveal.

Dove Wing paint color features

Frankly, Dove Wing gravitates between the off-white and light greige categories. Still, its strikingly bright appearance makes it a prominent representative of the former. On the sample, OC-18 replicates a warm shade of white featuring a mix of gray and beige so soft that you cannot help but fall in love with it. At some level, this shade may be perceived as slightly creamy, all due to the appropriate combination between the soothing gray notes and warm beige scents.

Dove Wing: is it warm or cold?

Many designers refer to it as a warm shade of white. What do you think: is it warm or cold? Actually, even a single glance at this paint color would make you instantly think of the word “warm”. For reference, you can take a sample of a true white shade and put it near Dove Wing. You will see how much warmth Dove Wing radiates.

How does lighting affect Dove Wing?

The silverish scents that hide behind the relatively neutral base reveal a muted effect and can even take a bit from the warm feature when the paint color is part of a north-facing space. On the other hand, Dove Wing brings the entire range of beige notes, which seem rather yellow, to the surface in south-facing spaces. The effect intensifies once the sun rays directly interact with this shade, bringing a slightly pinkish illusion at particular times during the day. Under artificial lighting, the off-white tone seems slightly muted yet not devoid of any of its components.

Dove Wing LRV

From the Light Reflectance Value point of view, Dove Wing is a light-to-medium paint color. This is how we determined it: on a scale from 0 to 100, where 0 stands for true shades of black and 100 stands for pure whites, OC-18 has an LRV of 77.52. In plain words, when ensured with an appropriate amount of light, Dove Wing shows impressive skills at reflecting the light throughout the room and even adding a few inches to the space as a whole. 

Dove Wing undertones

You probably know this far that the new alternative to off-white shades has gray and beige undertones, with the former prevailing. It is a silver trace that keeps this paint color quite bright, yet one cannot overlook the warm notes that make this shade one of the most pleasant variations of white.

Similar colors

If you are looking for an alternative to Dove Wing, as with any other shade, it can get quite overwhelming. This is why we came up with a list of paint colors you can safely use instead of OC-18 for an identical or slightly darker or lighter effect. Take a look!

  • Dune White 968 – very close off-white shade; only an eagle eye would notice any difference when the color is put into practice, and the slightly higher LRV would distinguish between them on the sample;
  • China White PM-20 – identical shade of white that replicates an unnoticeably lighter variation that only the LRV would spot;
  • White Heron SW 7627 by Sherwin-Williams – impressively close shade of white with almost unnoticeable, more intense notes that only the slightly lower LRV would spot.

Coordinating colors

Follow a simple rule when searching for the best colors to complement this shade, and you will succeed: opt for light shades that share the same inner beauty for monochromatic interiors and consider bolder paint colors with a cool base for an authentic contrasting palette.

  • Collingwood OC-28 – a popular combination of prevailing gray notes and beige scents underlined by slight purple undertones that don’t spoil the neutral base;
  • Wish AF-680 – light-to-medium shade of gray, maybe a bit softer than a neutral variation, yet confidently balanced;
  • Spa AF-435 – light green-gray with a rather vaporous base that replicates the definition of calmness in terms of color;
  • Mosaic Tile 1517 – delicate green mixed with gray yet featuring a rather earthy shade that seems neutral simultaneously;
  • Baby Turtle 515 – medium olive variation with warm scents and a few particles of gold penetrating its surface;
  • Revere Pewter HC-172 – versatile mix of light beige and gray that perfectly replicates the balance between warm and cool;
  • Cinder AF-705 – medium-to-dark gray devoid of undertones, not too warm nor too cold for a perfect neutral;
  • Tarrytown Green HC-134 – accent shade of green slightly played down by a subtle gray trace yet full of intensity and naturalness;
  • Caramel Apple 1042 – deep brown shade with traces of wood diluted with a few lush drops of olive green;
  • Antique Pewter 1560 – bold shade of green intensely played down by gray for an individual touch of neutrality.

Use of Dove Wing in the interior

Dove Wing is a perfect alternative to stark shades of white, working perfectly for the trim, cabinetry, and walls. Considering its intense off-white notes, it is one of the best options for a monochromatic palette, keeping the picture together. Still, its sophisticated composition is more than welcome in contrasting interiors if opting for companions that resonate with the beauty of its undertones. Let’s scroll through the best design solutions!

A perfect alternative for white cabinets

The stark white cabinets in the kitchen are slightly becoming a thing of the past. Now, designers try to bring as much comfort as possible. With Dove Wing, you can preserve the white base yet enrich the space with a stylish hint of coziness that comes from the greige particles. With cooler or warmer light and silver, black, or gold hardware, you can play with the color temperature and make it look more neutral or warmer. Do you remember the pinkish notes? In spaces with southern exposure fully penetrated by the warm sun rays, your kitchen cabinets will acquire a slightly pink appearance for a few hours. 

Living room

The lovely shade of off-white goes undoubtedly for the walls. What comes next is a monochromatic palette or, at least, neutral companions so that the main character can fully reveal its unique features. Keep it simple even with styles that are far from minimalist approaches. If you simply cannot stand it without an accent, go as bold as contrasting the white background with a black statement piece of furniture. It will feel both classic and modern. 


For amateurs of white bedrooms that want to stay trendy for years to come – consider the soft, warm shade that brings the slightest warm effect for a sense of comfort that doesn’t risk the bright white effect if used with appropriate lighting. Keep it all white or add a few splashes of new color and texture, such as wood furniture, pots with greenery, bold-colored bedding, or accent decor on walls.

Dining room

Again, keep it simple, and try to make the most of the warm white background and such accents as wood, black paint, and greenery. With an appropriate combination, you can adapt these elements to a classic or modern style, while the slight appetizing notes that OC-18 reveals in this space will feel just as welcome. 


Such a neutral color works best for the walls in this space. You are free to choose the style direction and matching colors. We suggest going either with an all-white interior and brass hardware to distinguish the borders or a contrasting combination between off-white and wood, navy blue, or gray. Such spaces usually lack enough daylight, which means that the choice of artificial lighting will slightly change the appearance of Dove Wing for each case separately.


Connoisseurs of sleek white interiors, are you still here? Next time you decide to repaint your all-white hallway, replace the stark variations of white with this slightly warm one. Not too striking yet appropriately soft, OC-18 will make this space feel welcoming yet in a balanced way. Don’t hesitate to combine the off-white walls with natural wood flooring if you fancy a change.

Use of Dove Wing for the exterior

Dove Wing is the new favorite for house exteriors. It looks amazing on brick walls but no less stylish on wood and stone exteriors. This paint color is happy to collaborate within monochromatic and contrasting approaches from intense greige to black trim. With a slightly soft appearance in the morning, a more balanced look during the day, and a warm pinkish one in the afternoon, your house exterior will showcase different faces. Neither of them is less impressive than the others.

The Dove Wing OC-18 paint color from Benjamin Moore is a similarly neutral and versatile and slightly warmer and softer alternative to the stark shades of white. In a few words, the perfect off-white that has a bit from everything yet stays true to its white nature.

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