The so-called truest white from SW is a bright shade that shows no undertones, staying true to its nature and replicating a surprisingly refreshing surface.

LRV 86

While the range of white shades with various undertones is so vast, only a few variations of the kind can be called true whites, and one of them is Extra White SW 7006 from Sherwin Williams. Colorists who work under the name of this color brand claim that SW 7006 is the truest white at this manufacturer. Still, they have a whiter shade, which is High Reflective White. Nevertheless, there is something special about Extra White that makes it stand out as the truest shade of its nature. 

What makes it a pure shade? Is it the high LRV, the lack of undertones, or exceptional brightness? These and other questions will be answered as follows, helping us find the answer. It is clear this far that Extra White is not a simple shade, and lots of secrets are waiting to be revealed.

Extra White paint color features

The so-called truest white from SW is a bright shade that shows no undertones, staying true to its nature and replicating a surprisingly refreshing surface. If you think that a true white is nothing but a splash of white devoid of additional notes, we hasten to disappoint you (in a positive way). Extra White is more than what it seems. There is a whole process involving the work with various notes to achieve a pure shade like this. The interesting part is that none of these scents reveal themselves when the color is ready (more on this later). This paint color is not the classic white we are familiar with. It goes beyond limits and offers an updated sense of cleanliness and crispiness. 

Extra White: is it warm or cold?

Extra White is penetrated by a neutral undertone that feels cool, although balanced, and offers this shade an unprecedented sense of freshness. It all can be explained by the presence of a slight blue hint, almost unnoticed when integrated into the interior or exterior, making this hue seem rather cool, by no means cold, and not warm at all. Still, there is something pleasing about this touch of crispiness. It does not seem to cool down the environment but refresh it in a stimulating way.

How does lighting affect Extra White?

The unbeatable light affects any color, even true variations. What effect would it have on such a sophisticated paint color like SW 7006? In north-facing spaces, Extra White reveals its coolest appearance. It feels like showing off its hidden blue notes, spectacularly refreshing the place. The rules of the play change entirely in rooms with south-facing windows, where this color brings a warm hint to the surface. Where does it come from? Well, the southern exposure would surely lead to such a result, particularly for such a light paint color. What about the east and west-facing spaces? It is a balance between the two extremities, depending on how the sunlight penetrates the room. When it comes to artificial lighting, one should note that cool lighting preserves this paint color’s exceptional sense of freshness. You risk the entire result with a slight note of warmth, which is not bad if a bit softer variation feels close to you.

Extra White LRV

This is when everything gets clear. Extra White has an LRV of 86, close to 100 (standing for true white shades). You may probably wonder how it is a true white with an LRV under 90. The answer is simple: the deep blue hint that rarely reveals itself is still there and reduces from this color brightness. Still, despite the LRV, Extra White looks like a true shade of the kind, while the hidden undertone makes it special. One cannot doubt the ability of this color to brighten the room and make it look spacious at an impressive level.

Extra White undertones

As already stated, SW 7006 is diluted with a tiny particle of blue that prevents this paint color from feeling too warm, while its almost unnoticeable feature makes sure that Extra White does not seem cold. A soft scent of freshness flows through its inner sense of beauty and offers it the unprecedented beauty of a crispy white you have never seen before.

Similar colors

We believe that Extra White is unique. We would not believe that there are no shades that resonate with the inner beauty of this pure white. Experts from various manufacturers have tried to develop true variations of the kind, managing it perfectly, with some being extremely similar to the bluish replication of freshness that SW 7006 reveals. Let’s see what the alternatives are!

  • Pure White SW 7005 – a bit warmer white diluted with a slightly perceived note of beige, yet not that far from Extra White;
  • Snowberry SW 7140 – very similar to SW 7006 with a somewhat softer and more intense base alongside the unnoticeably lower LRV;
  • 11 GY 85 by Dulux – slightly more intense shade, which the unnoticeable lower LRV can explain;
  • Casper White Quarter SW1H4 by Dulux Australia – a similarly true shade of white showing a subtle yellow-gray undertone;
  • Lexicon Quarter SW1E1 by Dulux Australia – a very close true white shade with an additional subtle blue tinge;
  • Cloud Dancer 11-4201 by Pantone – a bit lighter variation diluted with a tiny particle of beige; still, very similar to SW 7006;
  • Star White 11-4202 by Pantone – almost identical shade of white, the difference being noticed when comparing the LRVs, which slightly differ;
  • White Violet 1408 by Benjamin Moore – slightly more intense alternative with more perceived blue undertones.

Coordinating colors

Extra White works as a standout background color for accents. At the same time, a monochromatic interior would imply a different approach, considering other white shades. Experts suggest combining this paint color with soothing blue and gray since its cool surface requires such companions. Let’s go through a few coordinating colors that will work perfectly with Extra White!

  • Pure White SW 7005 – a perfect balance of a slight gray hint and subtle yellow note that keeps this white shade an impressive bright paint color with both soft and crispy notes;
  • Alabaster SW 7008 – a fantastic shade of white with a slight hint of beige that feels neither too warm nor too cool;
  • Egret White SW 7570 – regardless of its name, a light taupe variation with a neutral base and a slight pink undertone;
  • Smoky Azure SW 9148 – medium-to-dark blue shade cooled down by a slight gray note responsible for the foggy effect;
  • Charcoal Blue SW 2739 – very dark blue, resembling a slightly lighter variation of black;
  • Poolhouse SW 7603 – medium blue with a noticeable gray undertone that keeps it neutral yet not devoid of a bit of vibrancy;
  • Cascades SW 7623 – dark green with a neutral base that replicates a soothing sense of cool vibrancy, slightly muted by a nearly perceived haze surface;
  • Caviar SW 6990 – dark variation of black with inky notes that acquires a matte appearance once put into practice.

Use of Extra White in interior

Extra White is the first color experts think about when looking for a ceiling or trim paint color. SW 7006 works no less impressive for the walls, accompanied by appropriate shades. As regards the rest, you can use it within any room and style, although a few solutions work exceptionally well. Let’s see why Extra White, the truest white at SW, is a real find in contemporary interiors!

A real find for Scandi

Extra White perfectly replicates what we mean when referring to a go-to paint color for the walls within a Scandi interior. It astonishingly reflects the cool Nordic weather, keeping it played down for a comfy feel. The wood flooring, textured textiles, the same wood for furniture, and a functional layout will simply sparkle in a redefined way on such a background. Add a few greeneries, and your Scandi statement is ready to impress both you and your guests.

A new perspective on Neoclassical

Neoclassical interiors love neutrals applied to their beautifully decorated walls. With its slight blue hint, Extra White seems like a perfect option to redefine this style. Accompany this paint color with the defining neoclassical elements that combine classical features with modern approaches. Consider flamboyant upholstered pieces of furniture, a functional arrangement, and not least, a striking chandelier to remind you of the unprecedented elegance of the classical interiors.

Living room

SW 7006 is perfect for those looking for a crispy white background that feels fresh yet not too cold and goes with any accent. Whether it is a leather or blue upholstered sofa, the white walls will take any direction and adapt to your view on style. Try to keep it as free and light as possible by skipping the window treatment part and opting for a functional layout. A few bold splashes here, a few pots with greenery there, and your interior will acquire a new look, which undoubtedly results from an appropriate color approach to the background.


We cannot skip the all-white approach with Extra White as a paint color for the walls. The different variations of white will keep it sleek and contemporary. Still, a bit of contrast would not look any worse, probably even better for connoisseurs of classic combinations, such as black and white, with black for the headboard, window frames, and curtain rod on a crispy white backdrop. Still not impressed? Consider the fabulous pairing between SW 7006 and a light beige shade for textiles to reach a result that will simply not let you fall asleep (in a positive way). 


This redefined source of freshness is a no-fail option for spaces that require a serene environment. Go without hesitation for crispy white walls in the nursery and stick to a monochromatic palette to preserve the effect. Add a bit of texture if you feel the place lacks warmth. As the child grows, you can safely use the white canvas as a background for bold accents that will stand out in the best way to draw your children’s attention and develop their imagination. 

Kitchen and dining room

An all-white kitchen would benefit from a crispy white background as Extra White paired with classic white cabinets. The furthest change you could reach is opting for an accent island. Do not overdo the decor, and stick to a functional solution. Simple, discrete, and stylish will be the defining features of your future kitchen. As for the dining area, consider SW 7006 for the walls and combine them with a light wood table surrounded by chairs alike for a balance of soft and crisp notes. Nevertheless, a splash of vibrancy is much welcome. Consider blue, for instance, since it perfectly resonates with the inner beauty of Extra White.


A contemporary bathroom looks as follows: Extra White for the walls, a softer white for the cabinets, and a few accents. Be it copper for a mix of the old with the new, steel to preserve the cool notes spread by SW 7006, or black for the classic combo. Additionally, don’t forget to add a plant for a splash of green that will slightly dilute the palette. 

Use of Extra White for house exterior

Extra White preserves its fantastic blue hint even under direct natural light. Don’t hesitate to use it as a paint color for the exterior walls paired with its favorite companions – dark blue or black for the front door. Since SW 7006 is regarded as perfect for the trim within the interior, why not give it a try for the exterior? Consider this refreshing white to underline the borders of the house painted in soothing blue or gray so that the hidden notes of both paint colors go hand in hand.

The Extra White SW 7006 paint color from Sherwin-Williams is not that popular yet, but it is very promising. It is one of the most successful results for a true white and one of the best options to consider for a slightly crispy effect that does not feel too cold yet definitely takes your interior and exterior to the next level.

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