It is clear from the name itself that this is a shade of gray, but this color is not ready to reveal its real face this fast

LRV 50

You have probably noticed the increasing popularity of gray shades, and today we will impress you with another standout color of this kind. The last few months have made us strive for comfort more than ever. No other approach would reach such a result faster than applying an appropriate color. Serenity, relaxation, softness, safeness; this is what most of us want to feel while staying in a particular room. Luckily, the newly discovered-by-us shade of gray meets these standards. 

French Silver from Behr is a blue-based shade of gray. Fresh, airy, and impressively soft, it breathes new life in any interior. Nevertheless, the slightly saturated gray notes add intrigue and penetrate the space deeply so that this shade is ready to make an exclusive statement even when used as a background. So far, so good, but this is not all. Let’s discover what other secrets this invigorating shade of gray hides!

French Silver paint color features

It is clear from the name itself that this is a shade of gray, but this color is not ready to reveal its real face this fast. A particular angle and lighting can make you wonder whether it is really gray or rather blue. Undoubtedly, the blue undertone is surprisingly noticeable, and without suppressing the gray basis, it adds a note of mystery. 

If we talk about an environment devoid of excessive lighting and the influence of other shades, we can notice the essence of this color. A fresh shade of gray merged with a few drops of soothing blue that add freshness and a slightly visible soft cover responsible for the calm effect. As complex as French Silver seems, it is very versatile and friendly towards other shades. It is part of those neutral colors that not only serve as perfect companions for various shades but also bring in a sparkle of flair, a touch of drama, a splash of light; you can call it any way you want, preserving the main idea that this blue-gray is a real find for any style. 

French Silver: is it warm or cold?

This light gray with blue undertones is, without any doubt, an imposing representative of cool colors. We can simply not allow you to call it cold. Its blue notes offer an appealing airy effect that impresses with its ability to refresh the space rather than cooling it down entirely. Nevertheless, the situation changes slightly when the space lacks enough light, which will be discussed as follows.

How does lighting affect French Silver?

As mentioned earlier, French Silver reveals its entire collection of undertones within ideal conditions; the soft, cool, stimulating scents come to the surface led by the irreplaceable blue notes. The slightest touch of shadows will let the unnoticeable cold gray undertones spread all over the space. Nevertheless, the result will be a balanced shade of cold gray. In contrast with other colors of this kind, the bluish-gray will not bring any warm undertones to the surface once artificial light is considered. The blue notes will simply not allow such conditions to steal the astonishing notes of cool. 

French Silver LRV

The PPU18-5 French Silver has a perfect light reflectance value of 50. It is not that common to find a shade that is flawless from this perspective. It is all about balance. This shade of gray reflects the light at the necessary level, appropriately brightens up the space, and expands it; but this is not always the case. If a reduced amount of light is considered or other shades enter the game, French Silver plays by their rules, although staying true to its essential features. 

French Silver undertones

We do not find it necessary to state one more time that French Silver has blue undertones that add a unique feel of finesse. Although visible particularly during the day, they still play a great deal in the overall appearance of this shade. Therefore, this color always induces the feeling of airy softness, which is a combination of freshness and relaxation. 

Similar colors

It is no surprise that such a popular blue-gray shade has lots of variations. The same Behr surprises us with a wide range of similar colors. Nevertheless, other paint manufacturers have no less impressive color palettes. Let’s discover them little by little!

  • Icicles N490-2 – a shade slightly lighter than French Silver so that the difference is almost unnoticeable;
  • Flowing Breeze N480-2 – a light shade of gray with more pronounced blue notes;
  • English Hollyhock HDC-CT-16A – light blue balanced by subtle gray undertones;
  • Thundercloud Gray 2121-40 by Benjamin Moore – a shade with a slightly lighter gray basis than at French Silver;
  • Eternity AF-695 by Benjamin Moore – a light gray with soothing notes of blue;
  • Lazy Gray SW 6254 by Sherwin Williams – fresh shade of gray with a slightly visible beige scent on the horizon;
  • Monorail Silver SW 7663 by Sherwin Williams – a cooler version of the previous shade;
  • Whirlwind PPG 1013-3 by PPG Paints – light gray with cool blue undertones;
  • Quest PPG 10-15 by PPG Paints – a slightly lighter shade than the previous one so that you can barely notice any difference.

Coordinating colors

The bluish shade of gray is quite versatile and works perfectly with various colors. Nevertheless, there are a few combinations that we cannot simply skip. There is more to come! You don’t have to go further. Take a look at the color palettes suggested by Behr, and you will find lots of inspiration.

  • Distant Shore S500-1 – a light shade of blue with a pleasant breezy effect;
  • Blue Square S460-5 – dark blue with hardly noticeable notes of cold green;
  • Fig Preserves N110-3 – faded shade of purple with visible gray undertones;
  • Sage Gray 710F-4 – cold gray with a foggy effect;
  • Lite Cocoa MQ1-55 – light brown with soft gray scents;
  • Masterpiece MQ5-08 – cold gray with airy purple notes;
  • Deep Merlot M100-7 – dark purple with a subtle grayish cover;
  • Frost 57 – crispy shade of white cooled down by slightly visible gray undertones;
  • Chocolate Swirl PPU5-18 – dark brown that radiates crispy notes.

The use of French Silver in interior

As with any other shade of gray, this one offers a wide range of possibilities for the interior. Would you like to keep it simple or add an accent? Do you want to stick to modern design ideas or embrace a style from the past? No, this color does not stop at one particular option. You can implement them all and still stay true to this shade. Let’s find out what are the best design solutions in this respect!

Neoclassical perfection

Grays have been integrated into this style for a long time and so have particular shades of blue. Embrace this style at its finest with a perfect combination of those two shades. The color is ready; you should definitely opt for Silver French for the walls or built-in bookcases if there are any. Regarding the other constituent elements, don’t forget about the defining features of this style – elegant wall and ceiling molding, flamboyant chandeliers, and luxurious decor units combined with functional pieces of furniture. 

Functional Scandi

The Scandinavian style is all about practicality, naturalness, and harmony. Luckily, French Silver is ready to manage such a task. Furthermore, the fresh neutral colors are considered in the first place when decorating a Scandi space. Blue-gray walls, light wood floor, functional furniture arrangement, and ensured cohesion among the constituent elements of the room; it sounds like the recipe for a perfect Scandi living or bedroom. And you know what makes it original? The outstanding background that suits such a style and adds a feeling of ease, calmness, reflection. 

A new look with Rustic style

The integration of raw materials in the interior, such as wood, glass, and various metals, has been gaining more and more fans lately. The natural textures are indeed impressive and ready to transform any space into a real piece of art inspired by nature itself. The gray shade from Behr fits such spaces due to its ability to refresh the raw surfaces. It is not that hard when combining blue-gray walls or even ceilings with metal or glass. When it comes to wood, you should make sure that the gray painted walls complement the wood undertones so that the space radiates harmony. 

Kitchen and dining room

Nobody can stop you from painting the walls in the kitchen in this refreshing shade. However, we suggest you use it for the cabinets on a light background. There is probably no need to mention the contemporary feel that gray can bring within a space. Furthermore, this one has irreplaceable blue notes that reveal this neutral in new ways depending on the light. 

Whether the dining area is a separate room or part of the kitchen, considering French Silver for the walls allows you to play with various textures and shades. It’s impressive how a simple color is responsible for the stately look of the room, and this is exactly what French Silver promises to be. 


If French Silver is so versatile, why not use it in the bathroom? Suitable both for the walls and cabinets, working with light and dark shades as well; you are free to play with this shade and integrate your wildest design ideas. However, one thing should be considered carefully: such small spaces as the bathroom that usually lack enough daylight require appropriate artificial lighting, particularly when a shade of gray is involved. 

The use of French Silver for house exterior

Whether it is brick or wood, the stimulating gray shade with its softening blue notes will complement such surfaces to the fullest. It will simply not let you doubt the stylish look of your house. Complete the puzzle with a darker or contrastive color for the door and window frames, and your house will definitely stand out.

This color looks no less impressive on the front door, although a light background should be considered. It is real proof that even the slightest touch of this shade can redefine the entire exterior design. 

Behr’s French Silver paint color is the definition of balance, refinement, reflection, and serenity. Make these features part of your interior and use this impressive color to the fullest by implementing your own design ideas.

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