One of the most outstanding representatives of the white color category. Although it is not a true white, it confidently radiates the whole beauty of an off-white shade.

LRV 84

There are probably no other colors more popular within interior and exterior design than neutrals, and white shades hold a leading role. What can be so difficult about choosing a perfect shade of white? Actually, it is not as easy as you might have thought. The various undertones this color can contain are surely playing the trick on us, and only a thorough analysis can lead to a successful option. Luckily, there are a few shades of the kind that are simply perfect from all points of view and have been developed especially for white lovers. We would like to draw your attention to the timeless off-white Greek Villa SW 7551 from Sherwin-Williams. 

The newly discovered shade of white is part of the top 50 paint colors by Sherwin-Williams, enriching with its beauty such paint color collections as Living Well, Free Spirit, Timeless White, Rejuvenation – Spring/Summer 2021, and 2021 Tapestry. It seems that SW 7551 has dominated the color trends in 2021, although its popularity promises a similar course of events this year and surely for the years to come. What makes it so special? Everything! Even the name itself refers to the outstanding magnificence reflected by the summer villas that bloom at their finest on the sunny Greek coast where it seems that time stops, impressed by the harmony between the sea, the coast itself, and the sky. The color is no less inspiring. Let’s find out the defining features of such a mesmerizing paint color!

Greek Villa paint color features

Greek Villa is one of the most outstanding representatives of the white color category. Although it is not a true white, it confidently radiates the whole beauty of an off-white shade. It is a warm white with impressively soft undertones that are the result of a subtle beige hint. In this context, we would like to refer to another shade of this kind, one of the most popular at Sherwin-Williams, Alabaster SW 7008, also described as a perfect color since it has a bit of everything, although not too much of anything. One should note that Alabaster and Greek Villa are very similar, both being penetrated by a few particles of yellow, although the former is also diluted with a few drops of gray. If we were to look at them from a narrower perspective, we would notice that Greek Villa is more of a pure white, which makes it a brighter alternative to the well-known Alabaster.

Well, let’s get back to the main character! Greek Villa is no less soft than neutral, whose perfection consists of a balance between those two directions. Nevertheless, we have to admit that this softness cannot help but offer this shade a delightful and most lovely appearance. That’s right! This is another color you will probably fall in love with. Wait till you find out what this color feels like. Despite its subtle notes of neutrality, this shade is a pure replication of warmth, peace, and harmony. A single touch of this white will play its magic on the space and offer it a warm, comfy, and welcoming feel. The other side of the coin is its no less impressive ability to make the room feel spacious, airy, and bright. In one word – perfection, isn’t it?

Greek Villa: is it warm or cold?

This soft shade of white is surely warm, and the appealing beige base is there to prove it. How can such a pleasant-to-the-eye color seem any other way? Of course, the airy notes are in place to keep it balanced, but its limitless softness cannot simply allow us to call it at least a cool shade. It is undoubtedly a favorite for those looking for a seemingly neutral shade that feels the space with coziness far beyond one’s expectations. 

How does lighting affect Greek Villa?

If we speak about a north-facing room, Greek Villa reveals a greater amount of cool yellow undertones that are airy and comfy at the same time. On the other hand, this shade blooms at its finest in south, east, and west-facing rooms, appearing to be at its lightest stage. Well, the same goes with artificial lighting. The cool undertones bring the freshest notes to the surface, while the warm ones cannot help but reveal the warmest side of this color. Nevertheless, experts suggest you not consider warm artificial lighting in south-facing rooms since it will make this shade seem too yellow. 

Greek Villa LRV

We back our statements with facts, and this one will surely convince you that Greek Villa is a true light shade. First things first! On a scale from 0 to 100, the latter stands for an indeed true white, and guess what! Greek Villa is not that far, reaching a value of 84. Regardless of its noticeable scents of warmth, this shade is a very proficient competitor when it comes to light reflectance. No wonder why a space painted in this color seems so light and spacious!

Greek Villa undertones

We have already revealed to you the notes responsible for what this color is. In any case, let’s put it all together! Greek Villa is a warm off-white with a rather creamy base penetrated by subtle beige undertones and a few particles of yellow scents. What a gorgeous combination of soft notes, which, by the way, do not deprive this shade of its refreshing feel due to its closeness to the true white shades. 

Similar colors

The popularity of paint colors that replicate a perfect balance of freshness and softness, which are a no less perfect tool to ensure harmony, is increasing. This is a reliable reason to believe that there are other shades of white whose inner beauty resonates with the essence of Greek Villa. Sherwin-Williams and other renowned manufacturers are there to prove it.

  • Cotton SW 9581 – almost identical to SW 7551, although the slightly more visible yellow undertones are responsible for a slightly lower LRV;
  • Cold Foam SW 9504 – it is impossible to spot a single difference, even the LRV is the same, and only a thorough analysis would prove that it is more neutral in contrast with Greek Villa;
  • Shell White SW 8917 – an almost unnoticeable warmer variation, which is responsible for the slightly lower LRV;
  • Pastel 9060 by Pantone – a slightly lighter yet warmer alternative to Greek Villa due to a lower level of intensity and a greater amount of beige undertones;
  • Blank Canvas DC-003 by Behr – a delightfully warm white, slightly more pinkish than Greek Villa;
  • Papier EIC-7 by Behr – a more intense version of white with a similar composition of undertones.

Coordinating colors

Notwithstanding its fabulous soft feature, Greek Villa pairs perfectly with cool and warm shades. Among its favorites are darker variations or even bright colors. Nevertheless, it is versatile and would not lose a chance to combine with any other shade as long as the latter is contrastive enough to compete with its fantastic softness. Actually, the list of coordinating colors suggested by experts is quite wide, and you will surely find options close to you.

  • Illusive Green SW 9164 – medium green with an amazingly soothing surface that resembles an almost true shade of gray;
  • In the Navy SW 9178 – gorgeous naval blue with deep dark notes and mysterious scents;
  • Sea Salt SW 6204 – neutral green with a pleasant pastel base penetrated by extremely light scents and a few particles of soft beige;
  • Tempe Star SW 6229 – dark blue with a subtle hint of gray that impresses with its exceptionally deep appearance;
  • Cityscape SW 7067 – neutral gray with a mysterious base so versatile that it works as a background and an accent at the same level of perfection;
  • Useful Gray SW 7050 – a rather light gray with a pleasant appearance, slightly touched by a splash of beige;
  • Studio Clay SW 9172 – a rather dark gray with highly perceived notes of brown that offer it an earthy sense of comfort;
  • Prairie Grass SW 7546 – soothing brown diluted with a few particles of green with an appealing softening effect;
  • Peppercorn SW 7674 – deep and dark gray, devoid of undertones yet impressively dramatic and stately;
  • Cachet Cream SW 6365 – a delightful cream shade with joyful peachy particles that seem to penetrate its surface to the fullest;
  • Mindful Gray SW 7016 – neutral gray diluted with a few notes of beige, which serves as a perfect neutral yet soft background;
  • Adaptive Shade SW 7053 – intense gray with clearly perceived notes of brown for a surprisingly aristocratic feel;
  • Grays Harbor SW 6236 – very dark blue with a highly noticeable gray hint and a limitless depth and serenity;
  • Dorian Gray SW 7017 – medium gray paint slightly softened with a few drops of beige that radiate a balanced sense of confidence;
  • Agreeable Gray SW 7029 – a light shade of gray, airy and warm at the same time so that you cannot simply decide which of these features prevails;
  • Pale Oak OC-20 by Benjamin Moore – graceful shade of white with a neutral base and elegant beige undertones, resembling the white oak texture;
  • Collingwood OC-28 by Benjamin Moore – sophisticated off-white with soft gray scents that cannot help but enrich the space with a serene sense of tranquility.

Use of Greek Villa in interior

The defining feature of this color is versatility, which means that it will surely keep pace with the latest tendencies of any style. No less impressive is its unique feel of warmth responsible for a cozy environment and the exceptionally soft influence on the interior. It seems worth giving a try since such features are everything a homeowner dreams of when it comes to a contemporary setting. Here are a few ways you could go to make the most of this color.

When Coastal meets Modern

One of the first styles you should think about in this sense is undoubtedly the Coastal. It will perfectly radiate the same sense of ease, fresh summer breeze, and inspiring depth that hides within the interior of Greek villas. That’s not all! The modern approach to Coastal implies a more balanced color palette devoid of bold accents, and such a calm shade like Greek Villa perfectly fits such standards. Of course, you could opt for a few soothing blue accents, although not suppressing the beauty of this delightful shade from Sherwin-Williams used as a background.

A new perception of Modern Farmhouse

Embrace tradition exquisitely with a modern approach and enrich the space with more comfort with the soft white paint from Sherwin-Williams. Whether you paint the walls or a particular element of the room, this shade will surely not disappoint you. A similar slightly monochromatic palette is required here, and Greek Villa is more than welcome to take on the leading role. A few splashes of wooden texture here and there, a combination of white and beige as a whole, and an enhanced soft effect with a limitless amount of textiles will perfectly complement the delicate background.

Boho from another perspective

Such a neutral shade like Greek Villa is a perfect background for the rich accents of Boho. Nevertheless, we would like to mention again the relevance of a monochromatic palette with an emphasis on beige and its wide range of variations that will resonate with the undertones of Greek Villa. Furthermore, you can add individuality to your interior with a balanced combination between Boho and Scandi, Coastal, or Farmhouse, where the beloved shade from Sherwin-Williams will keep the transition smooth. 


It seems that experts from Sherwin-Williams were thinking particularly of this room when developing Greek Villa since such a splash of softness and freedom of reflection cannot help but resonate with the sense of calmness that a bedroom should radiate. Don’t disturb the peace set by this paint when applied to the walls and stick to a rather neutral palette, adding a comfy rug and a few pots with greeneries for a harmonious effect. Falling asleep and waking up in such an environment is a real pleasure for the soul and mind.

Kitchen and dining room

The first to benefit from this cozy shade is a Farmhouse kitchen, particularly the cabinets. If you consider a few brass elements and a shiplap backsplash painted in the same color, this space will surely radiate comfort at its finest. It is simply impressive to witness how Greek Villa acquires an exquisitely appetizing look once applied in such spaces, which means that its integration in the dining room is more than welcome. Don’t dilute the harmonious atmosphere with bold accents unless it is wood in its natural beauty.  


They say real beauty hides behind simple things. Well, let’s see how we can integrate this aspect into the bathroom. Paint the walls in Greek Villa, consider a cooler white as a companion, and dilute the palette with a few drops of reflective brass. Sleek, functional, calming, and undoubtedly unique; a few simple steps for an inspiring result. 

Use of Greek Villa for house exterior

This is when you can use the welcoming feature of Greek Villa to the fullest. Whether you decide to paint the walls this way, considering wood for the door and roof, or go with a creamy white front door on a lighter background, you will surely be impressed. A quite inviting yet balanced look will be the first thing that comes to mind at first glance. Furthermore, the beige undertones are pretty intense, and the house will not look faded, regardless of the weather conditions. 

The Greek Villa SW 7551 paint color from Sherwin-Williams is already a classic of its kind, reaching a new level of individuality with every approach in part. Exceptionally calming, impressively soft, and outstandingly versatile – Greek Villa is a real find for contemporary settings.

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