A relaxing blue-gray shade with a standout blue pigment used to update existing designs and inspire new ones through its alluring and calming appearance.

LRV 46

Behr’s 2023 trendy color palette delights our eyes with a sophisticated mix of accent and neutral shades with a relaxing and natural character meant to enhance our well-being. If you are fond of pastel colors with soothing effects, you’ll definitely like the emerging Half Sea Fog paint color. 

The partially saturated and calm blue-gray resembling the cool fog over the sea surface early in the morning, ready to get sunkissed, shows you that there are alternatives to usual grays, whites, and beiges. You must step out of the neutral zone and look in a slightly different direction, say, a blue-gray one. Discover the potential of the fresh and delicate Half Sea Fog.

Half Sea Fog Paint Color Features

Blue-gray shades are usually associated with the Latin adjective “livid”, used to describe the color caused by bruising – a discolored blue. While some colorists claim that such a crispy shade made of fresh blue and neutral gray symbolizes detachment, most experts regard blue-gray as a powerful tool in design projects that require a unique sense of elegance and complexity. How do you make it right, then? An appropriate combination of colors and textures is a no-fail solution. As for the rest, Half Sea Fog is a fantastic foggy blue that adds color to a space in the most subtle way possible. 

Half Sea Fog: Is It Warm or Cold?

Imagine standing on a beach at dawn. The warm moist air over the sea surface mixes with the cold early morning air and forms a cool fog patiently waiting to dissolve into the warm sun rays. Is there another more precise word to describe it than “cool”? Please note that Half Sea Fog is cool, not cold. The smoky blue shade predicts better times, the same way the coming sun will cast a warm and bright veil over the frosty morning fog. 

How Does Lighting Affect Half Sea Fog?

Not that lighting substantially affects how HSF looks, but the paint color may read differently under specific lighting conditions. If you paint a living room or bedroom with windows facing the north side, you most likely end up with a gray-biased Half Sea Fog that will read a cooler gray with blue undertones. Expect a subtle shadowy cast since the cold natural light makes the color feel darker.

Great news for lovers of bright and saturated blue! When fully sunkissed in a south-facing room, the haze blue paint color turns into a slightly lighter and more vibrant blue, still balanced by a tinge of gray dust. You can always enjoy the brighter version of HSF in rooms with eastern or western exposure when directly penetrated by sun rays.  

If you wonder what this paint color looks like at night, remember that the lack of natural light brings a darker and muted effect on colors, while their temperatures entirely depend on artificial lighting.

Half Sea Fog LRV

The dusty blue-gray from Behr may seem pretty light, but it really is full of body, making it a great accent color. How come? Have you heard of the Light Reflectance Value? From 0 to 100, from true black to true white, HSF reaches 46, standing for a medium paint color. It is all due to the blue pigment since this color is darker than it seems. Still, it doesn’t stop the blue-gray paint color from excellently reflecting light and helping a room feel brighter. 

Half Sea Fog Undertones

Despite how blue the N470-3 paint from Behr seems, HSF is part of the Gray color family, leaving blue for the undertone that evenly penetrates the early morning foggy gray you can only witness in nature. Now, it is possible to recreate the effect for your interior or exterior design with the skillfully developed blue-gray from Behr. 

Similar Colors

This is not the first season that blue grays have taken the fore, and it is no surprise that paint brands worldwide have rich palettes of darker, lighter, brighter, and deeper blue-gray shades. Are there paint colors similar to Half Sea Fog? You’ll be amazed by the available alternatives.

  • Ozone PPU13-14 by Behr – with a similarity of almost 98%, this slightly lighter and less foggy blue-gray seems closer to the part when the fog dissolves in the warm sun rays;
  • Frozen Pond PPU12-09 by Behr – a deeper blue-gray shade with a green tinge; an excellent warmer substitute for HSF;
  • Serenade EIC-19 by Behr – a noticeably lighter and fresher dusty blue; perfect to use in rooms that partially lack natural light;
  • Silver Mink 1586 by Benjamin Moore – a much dustier soothing blue that would work better for south-facing rooms;
  • Soft Chinchilla 2135-50 by Benjamin Moore – a brighter powdery blue with gray traces of color; a perfect alternative to HSF for lovers of blue accent colors;
  • Rain SW 6219 by Sherwin-Williams – a softer and less grayish blue, invigorating like the first drops of rain;
  • French Moire SW 9056 by Sherwin-Williams – a light baby blue shade that leans towards pastel blue-grays, brighter and more bluish than its counterpart from Behr.

Coordinating Colors

Half Sea Fog is mainly used as an accent paint color, meaning that lighter blues and grays are perfect companions if you plan on monochromatic palettes. If combined appropriately, the hazy blue shade makes for an excellent pairing for pastel greens, mauves, and purples. Simultaneously, saturated variations of natural colors, such as earthy brown or green, look astonishing on the blue-gray backdrop. Get the inspirational color palette from Behr:

  • Ice Sculpture BL-W02 – an icy cold shade of white with the softest blue undertones that refreshes any color scheme;
  • Beach Foam S450-1 – a very light blue with tricky bright undertones hidden under the foggy veil;
  • Decanting S120-4 – pastel mauve with a dazzling purple base that fades out under a solid dusty effect;
  • Roof Top Garden S390-4 – a medium pastel green with cheerful yellow undertones that lend the color a pleasant warm effect;
  • Retro Pink S170-4 – a mid-tone pastel pink injected with vintage drops, a worn-out pink as if filmed on a sepia camera;
  • Chilly Blue S500-4 – a luminous shade of blue with cool undertones that read vibrant and fully saturated;
  • Urban Legend N100-6 – a dark and slightly bright purple hue with concrete-gray undertones; modern color for modern accents;
  • Deep Viridian S400-7 – an intensely saturated green with organic origins, so lively and natural as if borrowed from a real-life jungle;
  • Red Chipotle S160-7 – a fabulous earthy brown with orange undertones; dark, warm, and endlessly vivacious – the shade you can find on an artist’s watercolor palette.

Use of Half Sea Fog in Interior

Most homeowners tend to lean toward blue when deciding their home color palette. Among other things, color theory is the best part to start with. Choosing a lighter blue, such as the blue-gray from Behr, will brighten the room and create a serene ambiance. Light blues have been proven to relax the body and make you feel joy, making it a perfect solution for a bedroom. This is the start only. Discover other designer choice ideas with the versatile and modern blue-gray paint color.


While baby blues are usually paired with whites and beiges, the new design season sees it appropriate to combine the soothing blue-gray from Behr with bright reds, pinks, and yellows. Get the chance to put a personal mark on the design with a bold accent on the blue-gray background. On the opposite side, all-blue bedrooms with dark wood furniture and flooring in the spirit of a Vintage interior are an absolute must for exclusive projects. 

Modern Farmhouse

Try out the Modern Farmhouse design style trends for the coziest interior design ever. For a start, update the color palette. Bring as much light as possible with white and its modern companion – Half Sea Fog. This pairing primarily works for Coastal Farmhouse interiors. Pay utmost attention to natural texture, free space, well-lit rooms, and personalized decor. A few wicker baskets or sisal light pendants may underline your approach. 

Living Room

We are enchanted by the gray-blue effect in the lounge area. This clam color instantly makes you forget any worries and dive deep into the current moment – living in the present. Enjoy your weekend gatherings with friends or daily conversations with your dear ones in a pleasantly colored living room. Feel free to use the blue-gray as a backdrop for any design ideas. The new design age is about you and your vision of style; experiment on the blue-gray canvas.  

Classic Study 

If you’ve always enjoyed the ambiance of an old-style study decorated with antiques, built-in bookcases, curvaceous furniture, and classic trim, this is your chance to experience all this in a modern context. Integrate the beloved Traditional home office into your contemporary house by smartly choosing the base color, which is undoubtedly the foggy blue from Behr. 


Colorists recommend primarily using Half Sea Fog as an accent color, and applying it to kitchen cabinets is a no-fail solution. Pair the soothing blue shade with silver or gold hardware. The combination looks great in traditional kitchens, specifically for pairings of blue-gray and white. If a cooking space designed according to the latest contemporary trends is your top choice, cancel any handles and opt for a touch-to-open cabinet system.


Light blue shades are favorites in small rooms since they make the space feel larger and lighter. Half Sea Fog is the go-to color choice in bathrooms. Don’t pass by this opportunity and reinvent the design of your bathroom space. The blue-gray paint color suits the walls or vanity cabinet in the bathroom, paired with gold or silver.

Use of Half Sea Fog for House Exterior

As they say, add a little bit of spice. Avoid the standard exterior colors and stand out from the crowd with a gorgeous house exterior that you won’t stop admiring. Half Sea Fog may be a neutral blue-gray, yet it has enough body to preserve its authenticity even when bathed in direct natural light. Painting the walls or the front door in this attractive paint color will be the best decision ever. 

The Half Sea Fog N470-3 paint color by Behr is a baby blue shade. The unmatchable blue-gray of the softest quality refreshes, updates, induces hope, and redefines any interior and exterior design style, all this while keeping a calm and reserved ambiance.

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