A light shade of blue, but the narrower we look, the more secrets we discover.

LRV 62

Another pearl in our list of light and pure colors, another source of deepness, clearness, and limitless freedom. This is what the newly discovered shade of blue from Benjamin Moore feels like. When it seems that paint manufacturers already cannot impress us with something new, the most surprising hues reveal themselves under the veil of the simplest shades. The same goes with Harbor Haze, which is part of the Color Preview collection, bringing spaces to life alongside other colors of this kind. 

At first glance, a light shade of blue, but the narrower we look, the more secrets we discover. This is what we are going to do today – dive deep into the essence of this color and reveal its beauty. For a start, we can say that this shade is quite promising. Let’s find out what stands behind its unique features!

Harbor Haze 2136-60 paint color features

Do you think it is possible to integrate simultaneously such aspects as airy softness and deep reflection? It is hard to imagine what a combination of this kind looks like but not with Harbor Haze. It is the exact interpretation of what has been stated. Are you still confused? Let’s put it this way! Imagine an early morning in a harbor surrounded by a foggy layer whose thin water particles will soon fade into the slightly warm sun rays. What would it feel like? There is certainly a deep meaning hidden in this haze, but once it disappears, you embrace freedom. At some level, this fascinating blue radiates hope, which is a feature worth striving for today. 

Harbor Haze 2136-60: is it warm or cold?

This fresh shade certainly does not belong to warm colors, although we cannot call it cold either. There is a single option we can refer to – a cool shade of blue with soft notes of calmness ensured by the haze effect. In a room painted in this shade, you can feel how freshness prevails over the space, offering room for your hope, dreams, and deepest thoughts. Nevertheless, the appealing soothing cover is responsible for patience, safety to explore your imagination, inspiration, which is welcoming. 

How does lighting affect Harbor Haze 2136-60?

It is indeed a light shade of blue and an appropriate amount of light, particularly if it is daylight, will make it shine in its whole beauty. It will seem like tiny fog particles are floating in the air, accompanied by joyful sun rays. Nevertheless, the darker it becomes, the more intrigue this color brings. It definitely acquires a colder look, although the slightly saturated notes of blue will come to the surface, avoiding a subsequent draining effect. 

Harbor Haze 2136-60 LRV

The light reflectance coefficient for Harbor Haze is 63.48. The saturated notes of blue are responsible for the bold accents that this shade bears, setting it within the middle tones group. However, it is quite able to reflect a substantial amount of light and even expand the space borders. As with any other color from this category, all the earlier-mentioned actions are possible only if an appropriate amount of light is ensured. 

Harbor Haze 2136-60 undertones

This soothing shade of blue achieved its haze effect due to the subtle gray undertones. They are indeed responsible for the slightly neutral surface. Nevertheless, their small amount does not go further than the blue basis allows, making sure that the slightly accentuated blue notes prevail. Even a less favorable lighting situation will not make this color feel too cold because of its gray undertones. 

Similar colors

We are not surprised to find out that such a fantastic shade that amazes with its refreshing and calming features has lots of variations. Although the differences are quite hard to notice, every shade is unique. Let’s start with Benjamin Moore and go further to other paint manufacturers!

  • Fantasy Blue 716 – a timeless shade of blue slightly lighter than Harbor Haze, which can be noticed at its LRV of 63,84;
  • Windy Sky 1639 – elegant shade of light blue substantially lighter than Harbor Haze, although such an aspect reveals itself only under an appropriate amount of light;
  • Dusky Blue 1640 – foggy shade of light blue a bit darker than Harbor Haze due to the pronounced blue notes;
  • Watery SW 6478 by Sherwin Williams – light blue with a clear surface and slightly noticeable gray undertones;
  • Waterscape SW 6470 by Sherwin Williams – light blue with noticeable warm gray notes;
  • Misty Surf PPG 1034-4 by PPG Paints – quite identical to Harbor Haze, although devoid of the haze effect;
  • Sea Sprite PPG 1143-3 by PPG Paints – light blue with slightly warm gray undertones.

Coordinating colors

It is indeed a soothing color that seems to work well with various shades. Nevertheless, it is quite complex and will actually not become friends with any color. Experts suggest combining Harbor Haze with other shades of blue, whether colder with pronounced gray undertones or bolder with accentuated blue notes. No less impressive will look a pairing between Harbor Haze and brown, particularly with rich red or orange scents. Luckily, such colors are to be found at Benjamin Moore, and you do not have to look long for them.

  • Gray Pinstripe 1588 – dark gray with cold notes and subtle blue scents;
  • Blue Nose 1678 – bold shade of blue with bright appearance and slightly noticeable haze underlayer;
  • Hot Apple Spice 2005-20 – dark brown with juicy red undertones;
  • Pumpkin Pie 2167-20 – bright brown with appealing orange notes.

Use of Harbor Haze 2136-60 in interior

The complex combination of blue accents, gray undertones, and haze effect makes it difficult to work with this color in the interior since it is quite picky. But who said that we are looking for easy ways? Furthermore, the more effort you put into the process, the more successful the result will feel. There is more to come: our already prepared design solutions involving this color will certainly make it easy for you. 

Coastal breeze

Is it possible to speak about a color that radiates the fresh ocean breeze and skip the Coastal style? We don’t think so. Of course, a neutral background will work perfectly for a style rich in blue shades, but an appropriately chosen background of the same kind will prevail in beauty and fascination. Luckily, Harbor Haze is perfect within this context. Paint the walls in this beautiful shade, or consider covering the same way the wall paneling, if there is any. Additionally, combine it with textiles with bluish notes, ideally with the same range of undertones. This way, you will complete the style and make it look authentic, particularly when applied in high-traffic spaces, such as the living. 

Shabby Chic finesse

If you are an admirer of vintage furnishings, you will definitely fall in love with the combination of Harbor Haze painted walls and exquisite pieces of furniture. This stately color will serve as a perfect background for elements full of the flair and elegance of the past centuries. Furthermore, the soft blue notes will harmonize with the luxurious units of decor, contributing to the overall formal feature of the environment. It is quite a bold solution for consolidating such a style, but if this represents your personality, don’t hesitate and go for it! Particularly suitable is such a design idea for the bedroom, where you are free to express your individuality to the fullest. 

Kitchen and dining room

Some may say this color is too extra for such functional spaces as the kitchen or dining room. We say: give it at least a try, and a whole new picture will open up in front of you. The light notes of blue will make the room look spacious, while the subtle gray undertones will be responsible for the balanced contrastive play against a neutral background. That’s right! We speak about kitchen cabinets painted in Harbor Haze. 

Besides its illuminating feature, this beautiful shade has an appealing and welcoming ability. It is clear from the start that the dining room will benefit from such advantages. Be it a modern setting that puts the emphasis on functionality or an extravagant vintage arrangement, this soothing shade of blue will work perfectly as a background either way.   

Kids’ room

Kids always need space for their wild imagination, and this color is ready to provide them with a wide amount of freedom. Furthermore, the rich colors that are usually part of such spaces will look contrastively interesting on such a background. Perfectly invigorating in the morning for a fresh new start of a day full of experiences and impressively calming at night for a safe sleep full of soft dreams. It seems like a perfect environment, and it will definitely be part of your kids’ room with walls painted in this shade. 


Yes, we know that Harbor Haze is picky, but not when it comes to the bathroom. The fact that blue notes perfectly suit spaces that are defined by water is quite a good reason. The rest depends on your preferences. Would you like an elegant Vintage bathroom with a large luxurious bathtub or a functional space with tiny Art Deco details? This fantastic pairing of refreshing blue notes and soothing gray undertones will accompany any of these design solutions. 

Use of Harbor Haze 2136-60 for house exterior

Experts are not ready yet to make a clear statement whether this color is suitable for the house walls. They are stopped by the fact that, in particular lighting, Harbor Haze may seem faded. Nevertheless, they also came up with a solution: combining walls painted this way with a dark brown or dark gray roof. 

When it comes to the door, you are free to use this color without any restrictions. The same goes for shutters painted this way. Any of these options a white background will look like a breath of fresh air for the overall picture. Stately inviting and showing off your exquisite taste, this is what the already beloved shade of blue plans on providing you with. 

The Harbor Haze 2136-60 paint color from Benjamin Moore is not that simple to work with, but once it enters the play, the result cannot go any other way than be successful and refresh the interior in a soft way that only a foggy blue like that can.

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