A dark and intensely cool gray with organic green undertones that comes to the rescue of the fading neutrals and brings update and intrigue to most design styles.

LRV 15

The new color palettes are inspired by the rejuvenating properties of nature and the harmony we strive to ensure with our surroundings. Colorists from Sherwin-Williams reached a new level with their newly designated trendy paint color – Homburg Gray, a cool and dark gray shade with an obvious tinge of ocean green. It seems we deal with a new-age neutral. Let’s find out what makes it authentic and how it behaves in interior and exterior design!

Homburg Gray Paint Color Features

Why Homburg, and why gray when it is clearly a gray-green shade? To our surprise, it is not known whether the popular Homburg hat or somehow the Homburg city in Germany inspired the colorists. As for the defining color, it is rather gray than green since it behaves differently when put into practice, contrasting what one sees on the sample. Homburg Gray is a chameleon paint color that changes its appearance under different conditions. Generally, the mysterious gray paint color renders organic beauty, urban sophistication, and neutral grace.

Homburg Gray: Is It Warm or Cold?

There is no place for at least a subtle whisper of warmth in this cool gray shade. According to experts, even southern exposure or warm artificial lighting cannot make this paint color feel warmer. Yet, we would doubt the latter. As the real-life design projects show, Homburg Gray seems less frosty with an appropriately warm source of artificial light. 

How Does Lighting Affect Homburg Gray?

This is when we explain why HG, aka Homburg Gray, is a chameleon paint color. Lighting has always been a defining context for colors, and with Sherwin-Williams’ green-gray, it gets more interesting. In rooms with northern exposure, where the natural light is cool, the gray tone takes on the leading position, slightly suppressing the green undertone and resulting in a pure neutral shade. Some even claim a subtle blue-green effect resurfaces, all due to the gray wave that takes over the base color. 

Switch to the other side of the house, where southern exposure prevails, and you will notice how the green undertone firmly turns into one of the base colors alongside gray, particularly if the outdoor greenery interferes. The same effect one can notice in rooms with east-facing windows in the morning and west-facing windows in the afternoon when direct sunlight hits the shade. 

It is a whole new story with artificial lighting. Homburg Gray puts on a rather muted effect and allows a few brown undertones to emerge from undercover, making for a perfect surrounding color for living areas and personal spaces. 

Homburg Gray LRV

If you have ever wondered how colorists prove how dark or light a color is, it is all due to the figure that shows how much light the color reflects. The light reflectance value of Homburg Gray is 15, on a scale from 0 to 100, which is from true black to true shades of white, showing that the green-gray shade is pretty close to the category of dark colors. Let’s translate it into simple words – HG bounces back little to no light. Avoid using this paint color in poorly lit spaces.

Homburg Gray Undertones

If colorists made it clear that SW 7622 is a gray paint color, it is not hard to conclude that green enters the undertones for this shade. No wonder Homburg Gray feels so organic and goes beyond the limits of a simple neutral shade. The green undertones take care of the restoring abilities of this gray paint color.

Similar Colors

There are many dark teals, grays with green undertones, or green colors with gray undertones. If you feel your new design requires a lighter, darker, more greenish, or rather gray-biased alternative, you can find your new neutral in this list of similar colors to HG that we compiled by researching the archives of the renowned paint manufacturers.

  • Night Owl SW 7061 by Sherwin-Williams – a definitely darker gray, as cool as HG, yet injected with a relatively brown-green drop of color;
  • Grizzle Gray SW 7068 by Sherwin-Williams – a dark and intriguing shade of gray that plays with our imagination and tricks us into noticing a slight tinge of green;
  • Thunderous SW 6201 by Sherwin-Williams – a dark yet slightly warm green-gray with a pretty muted underlayer that feels noticeably warmer and less neutral than HG;
  • Rocky Coast 1595 by Benjamin Moore – a dark and stone-cool gray washed out by sea waves; in particular lighting, it may look the same as SW 7622;
  • Knoxville Gray HC-160 by Benjamin Moore – a true gray-green with a cool and natural green base that refreshes and nurtures;
  • Kitty Gray 1589 by Benjamin Moore – almost the same green-gray as HG; the pretty close LRV won’t let us lie;
  • Mountain Pine PPU12-19 by Behr – an organic gray-green that feels darker and deeper than Homburg Gray;
  • Cordite HDC-MD-28 by Behr – a more intense alternative to SW 7622, making it a darker gray shade with green undertones.

Coordinating Colors

There is no way one could go wrong if pairing the green-gray shade from SW with a crispy white or soft off-white for the trim. Next in line are pale tans that contrast the cold gray with the necessary amount of light and warmth. The farther we go, the more interesting it gets. Blue-green shades and teals are perfect companions for monochromatic schemes with Homburg Gray, while navy blues and pastel pink shades reshape the color palette and update SW 7622. Most suggested shades are from the same color brand.

  • Eider White SW 7014 – a gorgeous light off-white resembling the early morning fog over a lake that the warm sunshine will soon penetrate;
  • Extra White SW 7006 – the truest shade of white at Sherwin-Williams, showing no perceivable undertones;
  • Natural Linen SW 9109 – a very popular shade of light beige with warm pink undertones resonating with the organic linen surface;
  • Biscuit SW 6112 – a sweet light beige with earthy undertones or, rather, a very light tan with comfort-replicating features;
  • Song Thrush SW 9112 – a middle-tone tan with a foggy effect that would impressively replace the usual neutrals;
  • Tatami Tan SW 6116 – a bright shade of tan with warm orange undertones used to pair with darker and lighter shades from the cold group of colors;
  • Sea Salt SW 6204 – a new-era green-gray; light, pastel, and fresh, allowing us to switch to a state of calmness and peace;
  • Acacia Haze SW 9132 – a mid-tone teal with restorative green notes that stimulate renewal and harmony;
  • Hale Navy HC-154 by Benjamin Moore – one of the favorite shades of navy blue, a dark and classy blue that renders stately and timeless.

Use of Homburg Gray in the Interior

Some find comfort and style in dark shades, such as the green-gray from Sherwin-Williams. Despite its dark base, Homburg Gray is very popular among designers, especially due to its natural trace. Not to our surprise, it makes for a great background color and works for lounge zones, sleeping areas, kitchens, dining rooms, and even bathrooms. Let’s dive deep into the design potential of the new-age neutral!

Organic Green-Gray and Wood

Since HB is very dark and cold, it requires a competent pairing color that would emphasize its authenticity and bring warmth. This time we speak texture. Natural wood is the best partner for this organic paint color. Regardless of what room you decide to redecorate, pick Homburg Gray for the walls and choose wood for trim and furniture.

Moody Ambiance for Any Style

Due to its very strong and dark effect, HG is a pro at creating a moody environment that more and more homeowners associate with a stylish sense of comfort. As for the design style, everything works. A Victorian-inspired study, a Mid-Century Modern living room, an ultra-modern open-space lounge area, or a state-of-the-art bedroom with wood paneling. Consider Homburg Gray for all walls, even the ceiling, if your room receives enough light. Although designers don’t recommend using this paint color in poorly lit spaces, considering it in an apartment where the design concept relies on a moody and dark palette is not such a bad solution. Don’t hesitate to give SW 7622 a try.

Restorative Bedroom

Some may wonder how such a dark color can be linked to such a concept as restoration until they get a taste of the secure HG, the new neutral with natural roots that embroider a reinvented sense of safety and home right in your bedroom. Ensure space for many light sources, such as a centerpiece ceiling pendant, wall sconces, and table lamps, unless you enjoy the full-night vibe. For greater contrast, choose a lighter or brighter shade for the bedding; white is timeless, while juicy colors provide individuality. 

Versatile Kitchen Color

Unlike most dark neutrals, Homburg Gray is a great choice for kitchen cabinets, and its green undertones allow for an organic integration into most design styles. The green-gray paint color pairs well with natural wood, expensive stone, contrastive whites, metal details, and bright-colored accents. Designers mostly apply this color to contemporary design projects with modern handle-free cabinets, decluttered horizontal surfaces, and ergonomic layouts.

Timeless Dining Room

If you want to intrigue your guests with a truly classy dining area that roars style and authenticity, reconsider the background color. Switch from light to dark neutrals, and the transition will seem less imposing with Homburg Gray due to the green undertones. Pair the organic gray with the Mid-Century Modern, Classic, or Modern style and let drama become the new defining feature of your design.

Contemporary Bathroom

It is quite bold to opt for a dark color in a small space, particularly if lit by artificial sources only. Still, the designers’ love for Homburg Gray goes beyond boundaries and finds its way to the homeowners’ hearts as well. Especially for connoisseurs of the intriguing mood of dark palettes, professionals suggest painting the bathroom entirely or partially in green-gray. Take notice of how differently it appears under particular light temperatures, and experiment with a color sample in your bathroom before applying the paint. 

Use of Homburg Gray for the House Exterior

What’s best about the so-called new-era neutral shades is that they are impressively intense, which cancels any probability that they would fade out when applied to the exterior house walls. The same works with HG, whose green undertones perfectly bond with the natural surroundings. The green-gray paint color primarily pairs with natural wood and fits both traditional and modern house design styles. 

The Homburg Gray SW 7622 paint color by Sherwin-Williams is a top dark neutral shade worth the emerging popularity due to its versatility of design integration, authentic color potential, and not least, its thriving natural and aesthetical sense of intrigue.

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