The blue-gray paint color from Behr, inspired by the moon's surface, is the new favorite neutral that comes with a more intense and updated approach to softness and freshness.

LRV 48

You have probably not heard often about this paint color, but it is the current designers’ favorite and not without reason. The obviously intense, yet not devoid of neutrality, shade of gray with a gorgeous blue trace and the inspiring name Lunar Surface from Behr comes with an update to the contemporary base colors.

As usual, colorists impress us with their work with color notes, developing a new variation of the popular blue-gray combination with a lunar scent. An interior and exterior painted this way indeed feel like they are out of space, opening large horizons in terms of design and personal perception. It seems N460-3 goes beyond limits, and so does our imagination when surrounded by such a cosmic paint color. 

Lunar Surface paint color features

The shade inspired by the faraway surface of the moon replicates a medium variation of gray diluted with a substantial amount of blue, revealing a smooth and calming color. One may even say it is a soothing blue penetrated by gray. What about us? As usual, we rely on facts, and here is what we have to say: Lunar Surface is definitely a mix of gray and blue, each prevailing under particular conditions. What always stays the same is the calmness, simplicity, and peace on the one hand and inspiration, contemporaneity, and freshness on the other that this paint color radiates regardless of external factors.

Lunar Surface: is it warm or cold?

On the sample, Lunar Surface feels rather neutral. Still, it seems a few notes of warmth try to penetrate it, and they manage it quite well when a surface painted this way is bathed in sunlight. To put it clearly, N460-3 is neither warm nor cold, although it gravitates towards the former due to its soft scents. Otherwise, where would this calmness and appealing appearance have come from?

How does lighting affect Lunar Surface?

You have probably understood this far that lighting says the last word. Well, let’s see what it has to say about Lunar Surface! On the one hand, we have the northern exposure, which brings a pretty muted effect on this paint color, offering it a slightly played down gray base yet not devoid of its true blue companions. On the other hand, the southern exposure leads to the pleasant warm effect we talked about. What about eastern and western exposures? It is a variation between the earlier mentioned extremities, depending on how the sunlight penetrates the surface of this shade. 

Don’t forget about artificial lighting since you can always play with its undertones and offer the beautiful mix of gray and blue the appearance that matches your style and taste.

Lunar Surface LRV

The moon-inspired paint color has more body than other neutrals due to intense notes of color, which can be proved by referring to the Light Reflectance Value. If you are new here, consider the following: LRV shows how light or dark a shade is on a scale from 0 to 100. Take 100 for true shades of white and 0 for true variations of black. Now, consider the fact that Lunar Surface has an LRV of 48. A true representative of the medium-toned colors. Well, it slightly gravitates towards the dark side, but an appropriate amount of light keeps it within limits. Speaking of light, we cannot say the blue-gray shade can make the room feel more spacious, but it definitely has some skill at reflecting the light throughout the space. 

Lunar Surface undertones

One may still be confused: is it gray with blue undertones or the opposite? As stated, it depends on a number of factors. Still, we speak about a gray shade with blue notes. Well, very noticeable blue notes. Now, think about the subtle warm scents. It seems a few soft off-white particles try to penetrate its surface, offering this shade a subtle dusty effect, just like the moon’s surface. 

Similar colors

No wonder why there are so many alternatives to this seemingly one-of-a-kind shade when the range of blue-gray paint colors is so wide. We researched the renowned color brands’ archives and found a few impressively similar alternatives you can safely use instead of Lunar Surface that don’t replicate its full essence but come with their own sense of beauty. To your attention – the most prominent representatives of this kind.

  • Quiet Time T18-19 – very close shade of blue-gray with a slightly lighter base yet preserving the same mix of fresh and soft;
  • French Silver PPU18-05 – slightly lighter shade of gray with more intensified notes of blue;
  • 30 GG by Dulux – almost the same paint color, slightly less intense, which makes it seem a bit lighter;
  • Coventry Gray HC-169 by Benjamin Moore – identical shade of gray diluted with blue, feeling a bit smoother, what an unnoticeably higher LRV can prove;
  • Steel City 506-4 by PPG Pittsburgh Paints – the pairing of blue and gray is perfectly perceived, although the blue notes are a bit more intense.

Coordinating colors

This is not the usual neutral you can pair with any shade you want. Considering that Lunar Surface has more body, it would perfectly work with lighter shades of gray with blue notes. No less impressive companions are similarly intense shades of pastel green, brown, and purple, fully penetrated by gray, for a harmonious environment. Still, a few bright variations of cool green and bold blue seem as appropriate. As for the trim, designers suggest going with a rather neutral white slightly diluted with gray. Don’t hesitate to opt for various shades of gray for a monochromatic interior. It seems the range of possibilities is wide, and in order not to get the wrong partnering colors, take a look at the following exact color matches:

  • New House White RD-W10 – modern shade of neutral white diluted with gray for an updated perspective on the white variations;
  • Tinsmith BL-W11 – a light mix of blue and gray with an airy appearance that refreshes the space in a modern way;
  • Green Balsam PPU11-15 – medium paint color of pastel green with a cool base and a soothing dusty surface;
  • Cosmic Quest N460-4 – middle toned shade of purple with an impressively cool base penetrated by intense gray scents;
  • Power Gray N530-4 – a pleasant shade of purple-gray with a quite intense base yet a refined foggy effect;
  • Art Nouveau Glass N570-3 – medium paint color of soft purple trying to reveal a few warm scents yet slightly played down by a dusty cover;
  • Pine Brook S420-6 – striking shade of rather dark green with a pin-inspired natural base, slightly cooled down;
  • Dark Cobalt Blue PPU15-03 – bright shade of blue in its full boldness devoid of undertones, gravitating towards the dark side;
  • Deep Merlot M100-7 – dark shade of bright grape purple slightly diluted with a few earthy particles;
  • Nature’s Gift N410-4 – a mix of gray and green, neither dark nor light, with a foggy effect and feeling pretty neutral yet gravitating towards a cool sense of naturalness.

Use of Lunar Surface in the interior

Lunar Surface is, first of all, a base color, although cabinets painted this way look as impressive surrounded by appropriate shades. If you are looking for a fresh neutral, which brings together serenity, invigoration, and contemporaneity with a bit of intensity, N460-3 is a no-fail paint color. A few design solutions are particularly relevant in this context, yet the blue-gray shade works for almost any room, adapting to various styles.

Blue-gray and White

Although we mentioned white only as a trim color in the list of coordinating colors, you can safely use it as the main partner for Lunar Surface. Whether you paint the walls or pieces of furniture in the blue-gray variation, keep the white paint color equally prevailing. This approach offers an enhanced serene and contemporary effect to any space. The furthest you can go with matching colors and textures is by opting for natural wood, which will smoothly make the transition between the two contrasting paint colors. 

Coastal Gray

Considering the intense blue scents that Lunar Surface proudly shows off, we can confidently place this paint color as a leading choice for Coastal interiors. Again, the white paint color comes to accompany the blue-gray and sets the desired coastal vibe, particularly if combined with rattan, glass, or light wood pieces. Redefine your Coastal interior or bring the coastal breeze to any style with the updated blue-gray, which perfectly works for the walls or cabinets, adding individuality due to its intense scents of color.

A new neutral for the living room

Are you tired of the usual gray shades that have gotten out of hand with their popularity lately? Do you fancy a fresh splash of neutrality? Don’t hesitate to opt for Lunar Surface as a background color and mandatorily consider one of the following partners: white, other gray variations, beige, dark blue, or natural wood. If you try a monochromatic palette with the blue-gray shade as the main character, dilute the interior with a few pots with greenery or bright green decor units here and there for a contrast that feels natural and stylish.

Safe and sound blue-gray for the bedroom

Is there any other room that would benefit from the blue-gray serenity more than the bedroom? Lunar Surface definitely goes for the walls and requires to be accompanied by dark wood, white and dark blue bedding, and beige textiles, which perfectly harmonize with the inner beauty of N460-3, enhancing its defining features – calmness, peace, and softness. Would you like to personalize it a bit? Add a few elements of brass to warm up the interior, or consider themed paintings on the wall that replicate your sense of beauty. 

Kitchen and dining room

Different approaches to style, implying Lunar Surface, bring different results that impress with their uniqueness. You can go with blue-gray walls or cabinets painted in N460-3. The following part is the defining one – consider wood and gold hardware for the most pleasant sense of warmth slightly balanced by the fresh gray with blue notes, or opt for a black countertop and silver hardware for the most modern approach this shade could have dreamt of. 

As for the dining space, the versatile shade of blue-gray is at your disposal, regardless of the style. Do you fancy a formal setting with luxurious upholstered chairs or a minimalist interior with sleek wood furniture? Both cases and any other design solution reveal themselves beautifully on the neutral background with a slight touch of individuality.


You can consider a few options for successfully integrating the contemporary neutral shade into the bathroom. It definitely goes for the walls. What comes next? You can either go with a white, beige, or dark wood companion for the room elements. It depends on what effect you desire. Is it a sleek mix of neutral tones, a perfect combination of cool and warm, or a contrasting pairing? 

Use of Lunar Surface for the house exterior

Under natural lighting, Lunar Surface seems lighter than on the sample, and this effect intensifies when the paint color is applied to the house exterior. Interestingly, it works for both traditional and modern exteriors with relatively neutral or contrasting approaches. Paint the house walls in blue-gray and enrich them with fresh white trim and a dark-colored roof. Too simple for your creative personality? Luckily, you can combine the neutral walls with a bright-colored front door and change the look. Still, if we speak about light or overly bold exterior walls, a front door painted in Lunar Surface is the most contemporary detail you can add to your house exterior.  

The Lunar Surface N460-3 paint color from Behr is not very popular among homeowners but is surely a favorite among designers. Why wouldn’t it be when it combines the defining features of a contemporary interior and exterior so impressively?

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