A trendy off-white paint color with a pronounced blue-gray trace that adds coolness and softness simultaneosuly, shaping its personality by adding depth to it.

LRV 66.53

When designers look more towards the warm variations of color, renowned paint manufacturers still come with a few shades that impress with their balanced coolness. A prominent representative that has won the hearts of homeowners is the blue-gray off-white with the mesmerizing name Moonshine by Benjamin Moore.

The paint color, known under the numbers OC-56 and 2140-60, is one of the most popular shades at Benjamin Moore, and we are going to find out why. Do you want to join us?

Moonshine paint color features

While most see it as a pale gray with the softest blue notes, OC-56 is an off-white shade with blue and gray particles of color flowing through its neutral base. Besides the impartial feature, there is still a delicate touch of elegance that slightly reaches the popular blue-gray. The off-white paint color diluted with sophistication feels exceptionally cool and refined. Furthermore, the right decor added to this paint color can reach impressive levels of elegance.

Moonshine: is it warm or cold?

We have already stated that the blue-gray white gravitates towards the cool side. Still, it doesn’t mean that Moonshine is cold. One cannot call it an icy paint color by no means. This tiny trace of coolness that flows through its veins stands behind the delicate sense, which makes this shade seem exceptionally appealing. 

How does lighting affect Moonshine?

Moonshine can reveal its true nature to the fullest in north-facing spaces, where the cool natural light resonates with the blue notes in their refreshing variation. What happens when the warm sun rays fully penetrate Moonshine in rooms with southern exposure? The gray undertones courageously come to the fore and reduce the blue prevalence. The scenario takes different appearances simultaneously in spaces with eastern and western exposures. In rooms with east-facing windows, Moonshine feels relatively gray in the morning and blue in the evening, while the opposite happens on the other side with western exposure.

Moonshine LRV

We were quite impressed to find out that an off-white shade like OC-65 has such a low Light Reflectance Value of 66.53. It seems the blue and gray notes have something to do with it since white shades are pretty close to a value of 100. Does it change anything about its light-reflecting skills? Despite its relatively low LRV, Moonshine shows great ability to reflect substantial amounts of light throughout the room. One can also add the expanding effect since this paint successfully makes the room feel more spacious. The only condition is to ensure appropriate lighting.

Moonshine undertones

Since Moonshine is regarded as blue-gray, the main characters in the play of undertones in this off-white variation are gray and blue. They are so pronounced that they effortlessly influence how this paint color appears, depending on lighting conditions. Still, it is an off-white shade, and direct natural light can prove it to the fullest. 

Similar colors

Undoubtedly, each paint color has its individual features, and there cannot be perfectly identical shades, even at the same brand. Still, such a popular mix of notes like blue and gray, pronounced at the off-white shade from Benjamin Moore, is quite popular, and many variations alike have been already developed. Let’s see what alternatives there are!

  • Titanium 2141-60 – a slightly lighter variation of gray and blue, very close to Moonshine, and a bit higher LRV is there to prove it;
  • Gray Owl OC-52 – astonishingly similar shade, the only difference being the slightly lower LRV and its position directed more towards the gray side;
  • Silver Satin OC-26 – another popular off-white that seems like a brighter version of Moonshine and reveals the slightest note of beige;
  • First Star SW 7646 by Sherwin-Williams – almost the same cool gray with blue undertones that feel slightly more neutral;
  • Big Chill SW 7648 by Sherwin-Williams – a noticeably more intense blue-gray leaning slightly gray.

Coordinating colors

When thinking of what color palette to integrate Moonshine into, don’t hesitate to consider softer off-white shades, creamy variations, green and blue shades, and blue-green or blue-gray paint colors. It may seem that an off-white shade must work with any color. Still, there is a bit of depth in Moonshine that changes the game rules. To make it easier, we would like to present the following color suggestions from Benjamin Moore’s experts:

  • Distant Gray OC-68 – classic white with a bright base and the finest touch of blue-gray;
  • Winter White OC-21 – as the name implies, a crisp white shade that reveals subtle blue undertones;
  • Half Moon Crest 1481 – medium gray with a relatively neutral base yet noticeable notes of cool;
  • Wethersfield Moss HC-110 – classic shade of green that resembles natural moss with the slightest scent of warmth.

Use of Moonshine in the interior

Moonshine is one of the latest neutrals designers integrate into interiors. Its cool sense of finesse brings an updated feel of elegance that even the most simplistic layouts will thank you for. It appears to be a pretty versatile paint as well, which makes it a no-fail shade for various design solutions. Still, one of them stands out, and we shall reveal it alongside other approaches involving this paint color.

Classic Coastal or new Coastal?

The bluish notes that hide behind Moonshine, or rather fully penetrate its surface to be precise, resonate with no other style better than Coastal. The combination of blue and gray that stands behind the off-white shade resembles the cool ocean breeze and adds even more authenticity to the style.

On one side, we have classic Coastal with its defining element; on the other, a new Coastal that integrates aspects from other styles, such as Farmhouse, Classic, or Rustic, and leads to an eclectic mix of shades and textures.

Living room with the slightest crisp feel

You probably know about the trendy solution to consider warm shades in the interior so that it can get slightly comfier. We suggest you go the opposite way and stay original. Instead of a warm neutral, opt for a slightly cool one, and the relatively soft Moonshine with the most delicate shade of cool is your go-to color. Keep it sleek with a monochromatic palette, or opt for the boldest pops of color, such as a dark accent wall on the off-white background.

Bedroom with a fresh environment

If a spacious and fresh personal space feels closer to you, and you are not afraid to risk a bit of comfort, don’t hesitate to paint your bedroom walls in the cool off-white shade. The space will not feel cold at all if you opt for appropriate companions, such as a bolder shade for the bedding, a few soft blankets, rich textured curtains, or wooden surfaces that will instantly balance the splash of formality. You will stay unique, and your interior will feel irreplaceable. 

Modern kitchen with a cool trace of blue-gray

Are you tired of the classic white in the kitchen? If you fancy a new shade of white that has more body to it and lends sophistication to the interior, Moonshine is a no-fail option. You can consider it as a background for deeper blue-gray cabinets for a start. Still, the upper cabinet painted in blue-gray off-white combined with darker lower cabinets also seems trendy and stylish.

Airy bathroom

Anny lovers of all-white bathrooms out there? Sure some of you are amateurs of clean interiors that don’t allow any pop of new color to disturb the serene environment. We have a great suggestion for you. Enrich your all-white bathroom with the off-white shade that will bring the slightest feel of blue and gray and underline the personality of your interior for a more stylish result.

Sleek and clean hallway

Replace the usual shades of white devoid of depth with the complex off-white from Benjamin Moore and lend new value to your hallway. You either go for a welcoming or formal effect in this space, and Moonshine is definitely about the latter. If a cool vibe would not interfere much with your comfort zone, this trendy splash of freshness is undoubtedly the right choice.

Use of Moonshine for the house exterior

You are free to use this paint color for the house exterior as well, particularly on the walls, since such a small element as the front door is not enough to reveal the entire beauty of Moonshine. Still, designers recommend opting for more intense shades of the kind for the exterior. The blue-gray off-white seems washed out when interacting with natural light directly, losing slightly from its depth.

The Moonshine OC-56 paint color, successfully developed by colorists from Benjamin Moore, is the new favorite among designers that goes in the opposite direction of the trendy warm shades. Maybe this is the beginning of a new trend? Either way, the stylish sense of cool that this color brings looks like no other, and you can be among the first ones to set the pillars of a new tendency. 

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