A pastel shade of sunkissed pink with dusty gray undertones that will boost your mood and increase the aesthetical value of your house's interior and exterior.

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Surround yourself with nurturing colors and let your inner feelings free while being home. Don’t hesitate to prioritize your well-being this year and pay more attention to what is best for you. Colors come to encourage such initiative, and the dusty and warm pink Mornington from the well-trusted brand Dulux is the most loving, thoughtful, and kindest paint color you should undoubtedly have on your list. Why pink? Find out!

Mornington Paint Color Features

The lovely pink shade is a medium-to-light paint color diluted with a powdery-dusty effect that doesn’t steal the charming warmth from this color. Named after the Mornington Peninsula in Australia, most popular during summer for its beaches and vineyards, right like its namesake, the Mornington paint color feels like an escape. It is the sandy pink noticed on beaches or the warm dawn or dusk pink witnessed at sunrise or sunset over the peninsula. 

No wonder Mornington is part of the Balance color selection, a collection of calming tones that nurture our need for harmony, peace, and escape from the uncertain reality. Even though pink is mainly associated with feminine energy, contemporary trends prove that it can beautify a man’s or boy’s room. If you’ve always been a more romantic person with idealistic views or struggle to restore calmness in the place you spend the most time, Mornington will not disappoint. Experts also state this lovely pink is excellent for adding pigment to a space without overshadowing the decor. 

Mornington: Is It Warm or Cold?

Mornington is kissed by a cheerful yellow trace that adds warmth. We will tell you more. Mornington seems warmer when it gets direct access to sunlight. Therefore, its defining features, nourishment, kindness, and love, increase.

How Does Lighting Affect Mornington?

Mornington preserves its sweet warmth in a room with either north or south-facing windows. Expect a sepia pink in spaces fully penetrated with sun rays and a more neutral, slightly foggy pink in rooms with cold natural light. The pink fragrance strengthens at night when ambient artificial light lends an unmatchable floral-scented cocoon effect.

Mornington LRV

If you wonder how a relatively light paint color reads cocoon-pink under artificial lighting, it is because this paint color is not this bright, and the Light Reflectance Value is proof. Mornington reflects 62% of light out of 100. Part of the mid-tone group, this pink shade can easily make a room feel well-lit and spacious, yet the slightest lack of natural light casts a rich pink pigmentation on the painted surfaces. 

Mornington Undertones

Did you know Mornington is part of the Brown color family at Dulux? It is not a surprise since you can spot several earthy undertones under the pink veil upon which a spring morning fog spreads. The hazy cast is undoubtedly the result of the dusty gray undertones.

Similar Colors

Powdery pinks, dusty pinks, sepia pinks, and gray pinks are extremely popular today, and passing by the most prominent representatives is a shame. Luckily, most are similar to Mornington from Dulux. In this respect, we want to draw your attention to Mornington Half by Dulux, a lighter, gentle pink with a more perceivable gray undertone. Discover other alternatives:

  • Frayed Hessian 1 by Dulux – the same soft pink, a few notes darker than Mornington;
  • Mushroom Glow by Dulux Australia – a pinkish taupe shade that seems slightly purplish in contrast with Mornington;
  • Pale Petal 1178 by Benjamin Moore – a more pronounced pink pastel decorated with the same warm notes;
  • Basking Ridge Beige 1158 by Benjamin Moore – a bright pink beige with charming warm undertones;
  • Soft Blush FF82-1 by Behr – a blush pink shade with a rich rose pigment, darker and more profound than Mornington;
  • Lightweight Beige SW 6092 by Sherwin-Williams – a pink-beige tone with a more neutral color base than Mornington.

Coordinating Colors

On Dulux’s website, colorists recommend using Mornington paired with vivid white shades, neutral or crisp, and our favorite – pink and gray for truly modern combinations inside your house. Get the precise color matchings:

  • Vivid White – a pure shade of white of the most delicate freshness and invigorating crisp, used for trim mainly; great at brightening the space and lending a luxury vibe;
  • White Exchange Half – a charming white shade with a lovely beige cast that borrowed warmth from sunshine; perfect as the primary color in a room;
  • Lexicon – a modern white tone with a slightly bluish crisp effect meant to highlight the primary accessories in a room and make the space feel as bright as possible;
  • Silver Tea Set – a soft gray hue slightly gravitating towards the warm side; perfect to pair with accent paint colors with rich pigment.

Use of Mornington in Interior Design

Pink is no longer a girly color. It doesn’t apply to bedrooms only. And most importantly, it is not only a color of love and affection as if in a relationship. It is also the color of caring about yourself and building a healthy connection with your inner self. Recharge your batteries and redefine the way to your heart with a balanced and collected paint color like Mornington. We will help you find inspiration for a perfect integration of pink in your contemporary interior design.

Shared Bedroom

If you share your bedroom with a partner, you will be happy with a relaxing and passionately-in-love color like the dusty pink from Dulux. Paired with white or dark contrast shades, Mornington chooses to be the main highlight. Organically textured accessories look natural with pink, while rich crimson, burgundy, and terracotta textiles shine with style when paired with this “neutral” pink.

Modern Living Room

Try this trick: repaint your living room walls with Mornington regardless of the interior design style. Either way, you’ll receive a high-class modern lounge area. You can play with rich contrasts on the pink canvas or consider layers of pink shades in a monochromatic interior. Contemporary combinations of bright tones paired with pink look great in an open-floor living room combined with a kitchen.

Pink Is a New Gray

Over the years, gray has been used to paint Neoclassical interiors. Now, it’s time for pink to take over the trend. The combination of Classic trim painted in the underlining shade of pink and bright-colored modern furniture is the absolute must for those who value old-time luxury and modern functionality.

Kitchen and Dining Room

If you are lucky to have a south-facing kitchen constantly bathed in sunlight, you should definitely paint your kitchen cabinets in Mornington and enhance the charming effect with brass hardware. Such dusty pink shades are also applied to Eclectic kitchen walls, paired with black cabinets and personalized decor.

The same eclectic technique can be integrated into the dining room, with a pink ceiling, maximalist wallpaper, lush furniture, and bright details. However, modern dining areas with a pink and white palette seem equally alluring, especially if you add a centerpiece gold chandelier.


If you want a fast bathroom makeover with minimum expenses, consider repainting the vanity cabinets or walls in the trendy pink shade Mornington, whose gray undertone will adapt the color to any design style and color scheme. Designers also use this dusty pink in exclusive design projects to underline the originality of taste. Any kind of gold hardware, brass, bronze, copper, rose gold, and others, are welcome.

Use of Mornington for House Exterior

Unlike lighter pinks, Mornington has more pigment to it, a rich pink color base diluted with earthy warmth and neutral gray, which looks great on exterior house walls and the front door. It may look much brighter, especially if you live in a southern location that brings the best in this color. Grays, whites, and blacks are the top color pairings for the sunkissed pink paint.

Dulux’s Mornington paint color was created to inspire and encourage self-expression. Don’t be afraid to share your emotions with yourself at home, surrounded by a caring and mood-boosting shade of pink. Self-care has always been in trend.

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