A rich eucalyptus blue-green with a restorative and fresh echo. Like its namesake - a semi-precious jade stone, it encourages positivity and keeps worries at bay.

LRV 30

We’ve noticed that greens have lately become an irreplaceable part of interior and exterior design. Besides being one of the lucky colors this season, green radiates the essence of one of the most significant trends of all times – connection to nature. In Dulux’s new Balance color collection, you can find the eucalyptus green Nephrite that has been popping up lately in several design styles and conquering the hearts of professional designers and homeowners. What are the main features of the trendy green tone that one can witness in the wild on the koala’s beloved snack – eucalyptus?

Nephrite Paint Color Features

Nephrite is a medium-to-dark veggie green, to be precise, eucalyptus green with a refreshing color base that induces a well-defined sense of tranquility. As for the name, “nephrite” is a semi-precious mineral stone, one of the jade stone types. The Nephrite Jade reveals the same veggie green with a refreshing trace of color. The Nephrite color is considered to keep negative energy at bay, boost your self-esteem, provide a healing ambiance, and enrich a space with harmony and safety. 

Decorate your interior and exterior design with Nephrite if you fancy visual balance, want to get rid of negative thoughts and increase positive emotions, and improve your mood and creative abilities. 

Nephrite: Is It Warm or Cold?

Nephrite is relatively cool, all due to the concentration of green and blue prevailing over red in the RGB value. However, it is not an uncontrollable cold green. This precious-stone green looks organic and appealing through its ecological nature. 

How Does Lighting Affect Nephrite?

Although pretty deep, Nephrite gets affected by lighting. You can enjoy an extra-fresh blue-green in a room penetrated by northern natural light that can cast a gray shadow on the painted surface. A more realistic and pure green arises in spaces with southern exposure, fully flooded by sun rays. 

You better apply Nephrite to a room with plenty of natural light or ensure appropriate artificial lighting. During the night, the eucalyptus green tone feels muted and darker under ambient artificial lighting.

Nephrite LRV

Due to the gray undertone, Nephrite seems lighter and reflects considerable amounts of light. Speaking figures, this feature reads as 30% of light out of 100 bounced back by this color. A Light Reflectance Value of 30 equals a paint color that doesn’t reflect light as well as bright colors, yet it won’t have a dull effect on a space. Still, better use Nephrite in well-lit rooms.

Nephrite Undertones

Nephrite is a gorgeous natural green with refreshing blue undertones and a tricky gray cast. The undertones resurface under particular conditions, and knowing their behavior makes an unpredictable paint color an easy green shade to use in the interior and exterior.

Similar Colors

There are over 900 eucalyptus tree species. Just imagine how many greens of this kind can be found in nature, most of which you can quickly discover at different paint manufacturers. Discover the eucalyptus green species at the well-trusted brands that offer substitutes to Nephrite:

  • Green Turquoise S28C5 by Dulux Australia – a dark tone of bright blue-green, not far from Nephrite yet undoubtedly more vivid;
  • Scenario S27B4 by Dulux Australia – a medium green shade with a soft eucalyptus trace, considerably lighter than Nephrite;
  • Greenella S27B6 by Dulux Australia – an organic tone of deep veggie green, much more saturated in contrast with Nephrite;
  • Shenandoah 684 by Benjamin Moore – the same wild blue-green as at Dulux; you can safely use it as an alternative;
  • Waterbury Green HC-136 by Benjamin Moore – a watery shade of leaf green; very close to Nephrite and a perfect alternative;
  • Garden Fountain PMD-15 by Behr – an unnoticeably lighter blue-green, perfect to use instead of Nephrite in rooms with northern exposure;
  • Lunar Tide M440-5 by Behr – a thorough analysis would distinguish this shade as slightly less saturated than its counterpart from Dulux;
  • Grandview SW 6466 by Sherwin-Williams – a warmer eucalyptus green, again, the perfect substitute for Nephrite in a room with cold natural light;
  • Surf Green SW 6473 by Sherwin-Williams – a more intense and vibrant sea blue-green, resonating with the refreshing features of the natural green from Dulux.

Coordinating Colors

Dulux’s colorists suggest pairing Nephrite with subtle neutrals and crisp white. Grays are recommended to combine with this eucalyptus green to achieve formal color palettes. Additionally, professionals advise trying organic brown shades alongside this natural green.

  • Terrace White SN4F1 – a sophisticated white with a beige-gray cast that keeps it at the border between warm and cold;
  • Lexicon Quarter SW1E1 – a bright white shade without noticeable undertones, perfect to use as a background for displaying modern pops of color;
  • White Duck Half S16B1H – a neutral off-white with a subtle green-gray undertone to use as an alternative to overused neutrals.

Use of Nephrite in Interior Design

Nephrite is a trendy paint color recommended to be used primarily in bedrooms, studies, or laundries, be it as the base color or a feature color. Discover other stylish design ideas with this sought-after eucalyptus paint color.

Moody Jade Bedroom

If you like falling asleep in a subdued ambiance, choose Nephrite as the main color in your bedroom and let the tranquil mood take over the space. It also works for a guest bedroom if you want to impress your friends with an elegant guest room. Decorate with wood texture, gold accessories, or bright-colored textiles.

Recharge Your Batteries: Green Living Room

Green is the color of renewal and reinvention. If you like spending time in the lounge area, you’ll be happy to benefit from the therapeutic properties of Nephrite. It will make your weekends feel calmer, create a safe space for you and your family, and serve as a source of inspiration if you use this room as a workspace. 

Kitchen and Dining Room

In the cooking and dining spaces, the blue-green tone with the name of a precious stone is associated mainly with historical design ideas, decorated with uneven wood texture, natural colors, organic textiles, and vintage gold hardware. Dive into the world of antique luxury with Dulux’s beautiful green paint color.

Bathroom and Laundry Room

The remarkable blue trace in the veggie green from Dulux makes this paint an unmatched choice in the bathroom and laundry room. Pair it with white, gold, and wood. The color palette primarily works for traditional spaces with vintage motifs.

Use of Nephrite for House Exterior

Green has always been a favorite for the exterior house walls, which refers to our new find – Nephrite from Dulux as well. Still, designers’ choice is green accents on neutrally colored house exteriors. Think of a green front door, window shutters, or roof. The saturated eucalyptus green paint color will always find its way to collaborate with whites, grays, blacks, and other neutral colors.

Dulux’s Nephrite paint color strives to ensure harmony in the most unexpected ways possible. You’ll always find peace and safety surrounded by this healing and uplifting natural green that keeps worries at bay.

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