A fresh purple with a tricky gray cast; one of the best shades of the color of year 2023 - lavender, highly appreciated by designers and homeowners.

LRV 62.54

According to WGSN+Coloro, the global authorities on color and design trends, Digital Lavender, a light and sweet shade of lavender, is the color of the year 2023, simultaneously establishing the comeback of purples. No wonder why one of the most favorite paint color manufacturers in North America, Benjamin Moore, made New Age, a gorgeous lavender shade, part of its selection of the 2023 trendy colors.

Although a worthy member of the Classics collection at BM, the purple color variation with floral motifs leans on the soft side of the trendy color palette and represents the switch, which the fashion and design world is experiencing, from super-calm colors to mind-blowing pops of energy. The delicate and light lavender shade of an immaculate softness plays the same role in the newly launched BM’s color collection, smoothing the transition from the long-lasting neutrals we were used to to the brand-new bright and bold paints of the “new age”. 

New Age Paint Color Features

Both classy and new, the New Age 1444 paint color is a light purple shade, resembling the summertime lavender, just like we can see it in nature. Tens of features sculpt the personality of this seemingly usual paint color. But wait and see what it hides. Designers associate well-being and hope with the smallest pop of this lavender. Next comes sensibility, reinventing one’s perception of the world, and finding peace with oneself. Last but not least, the desire to explore the world is deeply injected in this purple shade that mysteriously radiates encouragement to get out of the comfort zone. So peaceful and daring, this paint color is a real find that colorists and designers are still trying to decode. 

New Age: Is It Warm or Cold?

When analyzing the sample, one would say New Age gives out neither warm nor cold feelings. By no means is this a cold color. As fast as you apply it to a surface, you can notice how the purple shade achieves an appealing effect, which leans more towards warmth. The effect increases once you consider the paint color in a south-facing room. This is why it can be easily used with cool neutrals since it would never follow suit, preserving its charm. 

How Does Lighting Affect New Age?

The cool natural light throws a neutral cast on New Age in a room with north-facing windows. At particular times, it may even seem blue-lavender, so pure, soft, and refreshing. A totally new color can be witnessed in rooms with southern or eastern exposure. A blooming, warm shade of purple delights the soul, almost a pinkish lavender. Under artificial lighting, depending on the light temperature, New Age reveals a rather pastel lavender variation with either slightly warm or neutral undertones. 

New Age LRV

What is LRV? The Light Reflectance Value shows how much light a color reflects, establishing how light or dark this shade is. For New Age, which seems pretty light, the LRV is 62.54 on a scale from 0 to 100, with the latter for true light colors. The purple shade is very close to the mid-tone group, which makes it not as light as it appears. When fully bathed in natural light, it indeed looks airy and less intense. Still, the smallest shadow can reveal how much body it hides. 

New Age Undertones

We haven’t said it so far. Waiting for this particular part. We would like to reveal a secret. New Age is diluted with a drop of gray, which makes it seem gray rather than lavender under truly cool lighting. On the other side, the gray undertone works as a balancing agent. It stands for the relatively neutral appearance of this purple color, giving up only when coming in direct contact with the warm sun rays. 

Similar Colors

Purples have always come in trend and gone out of style over the years. With new arrivals and classy purple shades, both the BM’s catalog and palettes from other brands are rich in lavender shades, with some managing to reach the standards of New Age. In case you need a good alternative, consider this selection of similar paint colors.

  • Hint of Violet 2114-60 by Benjamin Moore – a light lilac color with a gray cast that feels less refreshing yet with a gorgeous shadowy effect;
  • Violet Pearl 1451 by Benjamin Moore – a close shade of lavender that appears cooler due to its rather gray base with violet undertones;
  • Slip AF-605 by Benjamin Moore – a blush of lilac, slightly less intense than New Age;
  • Majestic Mauve 2115-60 by Benjamin Moore – a lighter version of the popular lavender; soft, refreshing, and grounded by a delicate gray trace;
  • 30 RR 64/043 by Dulux – almost the same shade of lavender with an unnoticeably higher LRV, which makes it slightly lighter;
  • Wallflower SW 6281 by Sherwin-Williams – a sweet lavender color with the tiniest drop of gray that balances the purple notes the same way it does at New Age;
  • Destiny SW 6274 by Sherwin-Williams – a foggy gray-purple with a slightly cooler personality;
  • Vaguely Mauve SW 6015 by Sherwin-Williams – pale purple resembling a pinkish lavender shade;
  • Graycloth PPU26-06 by Behr – a dusty purple-gray resonating with the natural color of lavender in late summer.

Coordinating Colors

New Age may be the perfect accent color to start with if you have been using neutral shades for a long time. Like other statement paints, it requires contrasts, although it can easily take part in combinations that imply saturated tones. Firstly come the irreplaceable whites. Then, the horizon gets filled with more intense shades of gray and gray greens. One should pay special attention to matching colors close to black that look stylish on the light purple backdrop. Especially for you, specialists from BM have prepared a list of paint colors to pair with New Age.

  • White Heron OC-57 by Benjamin Moore – a classy white shade that goes with every hue from the selection of trendy paint colors at Benjamin Moore;
  • Chantilly Lace OC-65 by Benjamin Moore – one of the most used white paint colors that conquered the designers’ hearts through its crisp and pure silk white;
  • White Christmas 872 by Benjamin Moore – a timeless white variation, part of the Classics collection, that resembles the crisp blue white of the first snow;
  • Cloudy Sky 2122-30 by Benjamin Moore – a slightly dark and surely saturated gray with green-blue undertones that one can notice on a rainy day sky, infused with the kind of rainy mood that injects romantic naturalness;
  • Stormy Sky 1616 by Benjamin Moore – a pretty dark hue of gray partially stung by blue; right like the sky color that predicts the coming of a storm – stark and imposing.

Use of New Age in the Interior

New Age is a quite revolutionary color that prepares us for the bright color palette created by colorists at Benjamin Moore for 2023. Still, it has a more personal approach to interior design. As claimed by homeowners who have already experienced the effect of the new favorite lavender shade, New Age bears calmness and serenity first of all. 

If you want to stay up to date and decorate your interior with a bright shade, which is what designers worldwide are doing right now, yet are afraid to dive into the richness of available colors, New Age is your go-to shade. It surely adds that pop of color everybody is crazy about today, yet it does this gently and takes care of your well-being when staying in a room painted this way. Explore the multitude of design solutions with New Age!

Transitional Color

Like its role in the list of the 2023 trendy paint colors, to smooth the transition to the bright shades prepared by colorists, the lavender pop of allure makes the transition from one room to another feel more coherent. New Age is one of the best colors for the hallway. Combine it with white trim or black wall sconces for a fresh look in a space you haven’t paid too much attention to. Luckily, if your hallway gets sunbathed, you will witness the welcoming side of this color.

New Age and Black

There are many shades of lavender, and when designers speak of a modern and stylish lavender color, New Age wins the first place. Although full of body and standing out in a space all by itself, an underlining color would not spoil the color palette. Professionals advise pairing walls painted lavender with black accents. In a bedroom, it can be black nightstands, wall sconces, and even the bed canopy frame. 

Reinvented Vintage

For amateurs of Vintage who want to redefine the style by choosing a modern paint color, professionals advise taking a look at New Age. The soft lavender simply radiates a switch from new to old. A worn-by-time buffet of richly-grained wood would look fantastic on the brand-new pop of foggy lilac. 

If you want to lean more to the modern side, paint the flooring white and decide upon purple walls in the company of a gorgeous Vintage rug with ethnic motifs, reused wall lamps, and repainted sideboards that show that they have passed the test of time or flea-market finds, such as comfortable seats of natural materials. Polish everything with green by adding lots of pots with indoor plants.

Home Office 

Lavender is known to be a great color for contemplation and concentration. Painting the home office walls in this color will enhance your productivity. You can as well choose in favor of lavender for the lounge area, where you relax after work. Surprisingly, the same paint can also oppositely affect us. It helps us unwind and clear our minds before another few hours of work. The top color choice for remote workers is definitely New Age.

Warm Bedroom All Year Round

Under warm light, New Age appears much warmer, broadcasting a pretty pinkish appeal. It makes the lavender shade perfect for spaces where you want to relax and feel at home. This is why designers suggest combining New Age with pink; it doesn’t have to be a paint color in particular. Maybe the bedding, curtains, or decorative cushions. All this to bring this pink-purple effect.

Traditional Kitchen in a Modern Interior

Adapt your beloved Traditional kitchen, which you would never change, to contemporary design rules with the modern lavender pop of taste and invigoration. It works irresistibly well for south-facing kitchens, where natural light brings the sought-after pinkish notes on the upper layer. Add gold hardware or black accents, such as a pendant; both work well with purple. Think of natural wood for the countertop to increase the natural feature that lavender firmly wants to underline. 

Lilac Bathroom

Whites, greens, and blues are the indisputable top choices for a trendy bathroom. With the new season, purple keeps pace. If you truly want to step out of your comfort zone and get a taste of what really rules the new design season, redefine your bathroom individuality with lavender paint. Particular attention designers pay to the pairing between New Age and aged copper hardware; something new, interesting, and not like the others. 

Use of New Age for the Exterior

When first seeing New Age, you may think it can easily get faded on the outdoor background. Luckily, its LRV proves you wrong. Being close to the mid-tone category of colors, the lavender paint color shows its promising depth that can preserve the color identity even under direct interaction with daylight. Still, dark colors for the window shutters and front door are required. Think of a more intense purple or a dark green shade.

The New Age 1444 paint color by Benjamin Moore opens the new design season and inserts hope for better times, standing out among tens of variations of the color of the year 2023 – purple.

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