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Dolphin Fin 790C-3

A slightly warm shade of gray, not devoid of cool notes, and definitely calming. Its delightful softness is nothing else but a reason to fall in love with another shade of gray.

Benjamin Moore
Swiss Coffee OC-45

An almost white shade, charming in its softness and calmness, refinement, and welcoming warmth.


An impartial shade of cream that can be easily mistaken with a very soft shade of white due to its neutrality.

Benjamin Moore
Aegean Teal 2136-40

An impressive combination of blue that stands for the coolish notes and green responsible for the connection with nature, while its soft gray scents are a great source of calmness.

Dover White SW 6385

A timeless shade of warm white with a tint of yellow responsible for the soft creamy base.

Adirondack Blue N480-5

A rather dark shade of blue dominated by cool notes, which the presence of gray is responsible for, and radiating an appealing softness due to its rather pastel appearance.

Agreeable Gray SW 7029

A warm shade of gray, and its pronounced beige undertones are quite a reliable explanation.

Silver Drop 790C-2

A very light shade of gray penetrated by beige scents. Actually, one of the most popular grays at Behr.

Peaceful Blue S470-3

A pale variation of blue with soothing notes. It is neither too bright nor neutral but rather a cool shade with a clear touch of softness.

Swiss Coffee 12

A warm shade of white enriched with a slightly airy effect and nearly perceived yellow notes responsible for its appealing appearance.

Frosty White SW 6196

A cool white with noticeable gray notes responsible for its crispy effect. It is indeed invigorating, breathing fresh mountain air into any style.

Cotton White SW 7104

A soft shade of white with pronounced pinkish-orange notes. An interpretation of softness at its finest.

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