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Starfish S39C6

A charismatic grayed blue with an ocean-deep feature that inspires calmness and serenity. Underline your favorite design style with a confident navy blue.

Nephrite S27B5

A rich eucalyptus blue-green with a restorative and fresh echo. Like its namesake - a semi-precious jade stone, it encourages positivity and keeps worries at bay.

Mornington S09E1

A pastel shade of sunkissed pink with dusty gray undertones that will boost your mood and increase the aesthetical value of your house's interior and exterior.

Casper White Quarter SW1H4

A true white shade with played-down yellow-gray undertones; one of the most versatile paint colors used to pair with any design style and color palette.

Terrace White SN4F1

A breezy neutral with a subtle beige-gray undertone that may read green-blue; it teaches us the essence of a well-balanced interior that boosts our well-being.

Wild Wonder

A golden yellow-green resembling the summertime wheat field; the color of the year 2023 and one of the main colors to connect with nature and your inner self.

Sophisticated Teal HDC-CL-22

A dark shade of collected blue with green undertones that will help you relax, stay true to yourself, and find the courage to define your taste in your own home.

Conifer Green PPU10-19

A dark sage paint color that keeps pace with the trendy gray-green shades. It embodies the rainy forest vibe right in your house and boosts your well-being.

Aubergine N100-7

An earthy eggplant purple with a cozy and luxurious cast that mirrors the royal love for the fine things in life and organic beauty traced to the outdoor world.

Vermilion S150-5

A passionate shade of dark purple-red that develops into a gorgeous dusty rose that romanticizes luxury and adds that accent to design you've always dreamt of.

Spiced Mustard S300-5

A gold-leaf mustard yellow with warm brown undertones; the color of happiness and energy that comes to the rescue of those who seek colorful inspiration.

Hybrid S340-3

A golden green paint color with charming yellow undertones that will steal your interest with its fantastic harmony of notes, lemon-scented charm, and nurturing green base.

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