A delicious brown-orange with peachy vibes; the most positive and energetic paint color this season that will enrich your life with happiness and optimism.

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If you’ve always dreamt of a trendy paint color to enrich your house with positive energy constantly, we have just the right color for you. Or, to be precise, Dulux has the perfect paint color to make your house smell like peaches and feel like summer on the Mediterranean coast.

Ladies and gentlemen, take a few minutes of your precious time and admire the beauty of Paper Brown, a mid-tone orange-brown with a creamy peachy fragrance. The newly found paint color is part of the trendy Revive collection meant to encourage bright color decisions. Discover why you cannot skip such a vivid color this season and how you can make the most of it in interior and exterior design.

Paper Brown Paint Color Features

Even the name says that this delicious paint color is a brown-orange shade. This precise combination of the two colors results in a gorgeous peach tone. It involuntarily awakens your appetite for happiness and doesn’t allow you to feel sadness. Psychologists say that peachy hues bring out the best in us and help us go confidently through challenging moments. 

Choosing Paper Brown as a primary or accent color in your house makes it easier to relax and feel secure. Yet, most importantly, this bright orange variation boosts your mood and always makes you see the positive part. And not least, we cannot overlook the coziness and endless comfort that this romantic color chooses to share with us.  

Paper Brown: Is It Warm or Cold?

Colorists state that Paper Brown feels like a warm summer evening scented with fresh ripe peaches sparkling under the magical sky at dusk in the neighborhood of a Spanish or Italian villa. Such a warm feeling comes to the surface. We cannot help but feel this color, and it is warm. 

Leaving the emotional part aside, let’s see what colorists say about Paper Brown. They put at our disposal the color’s RGB value (amount of Red, Green, and Blue mixed to develop the color). The concentration of Red outruns the other two. Undoubtedly, Paper Brown is a warm paint color.

How Does Lighting Affect Paper Brown?

Professionals recommend using Paper Brown in well-lit spaces. It acquires here a lighter pastel peach effect with a creamy underlayer. This peachy tone may show a more intense color when interacting with direct sunlight and even resurface a coral undertone. 

The slightest shadow ensures a muted and partially grayish brown-orange shade when the sun goes behind the clouds. Paper Brown has a creamy upper layer that keeps it soft in all these cases.

Note that Paper Brown is one of the most flexible paint colors. It shows various interpretations of orange-brown under different conditions. Don’t hesitate to experiment with a color sample before applying it to a room. Either way, there is not a single disappointed designer or homeowner so far. 

Paper Brown LRV

For lovers of paint color reviews, do you still remember what this abbreviation stands for? We have a quick reminder for all of you. The Light Reflectance Value helps us determine how light or dark a color is based on how much light it reflects. Paper Brown bounces back 49% of light out of 100. Despite its vibrant effect, Paper Brown is a pretty light color. There are no particular restrictions regarding its use.

Paper Brown Undertones

Paper Brown is a creamy and pastel orange with pottery brown and peachy coral undertones. Each undertone outruns the other under specific lighting conditions.

Similar Colors

We’ve gathered a whole bouquet of similar orange paint colors from various trustworthy color brands. Some of the following shades may draw your interest:

  • Lama S10F3 by Dulux Australia – a soft pastel orange with sandy undertones, much lighter and more neutral than Paper Brown;
  • Sea Coral by Dulux Australia – a less warm and bright creamy coral with a very light color base, pinker and softer than PB;
  • Thai Ice Tea MQ4-36 by Behr – a more vivid pottery orange with joyful coral undertones;
  • Casabella 102 by Benjamin Moore – a lighter, more pinkish shade of creamy orange;
  • Sun Bleached Ochre SW 9011 by Sherwin-Williams – a faded-out ochre shade resonating with a brighter orange-biased creamy tone than Paper Brown;
  • Chedar Biscuit 318-5 by PPG Paints – a creamy tan with subtle orange undertones.

Coordinating Colors

Peach and blue are complementary colors. Try pairing Paper Brown with darker blue shades. Choose a muted cream partner for PB to receive a gentle palette. Like the fruit, this peachy shade works with green paint colors for lively and energetic color schemes. Colorists also recommend warm whites and deep browns. Still, paper Brown’s favorite is royal blue. 

We found two expert-choice paint colors on Dulux’s website:

  • Sandy Day Half S14C1H – a sandy white shade with a purplish-gray undertone; effortlessly versatile neutral color to pair with various accent shades;
  • Snap-Shot S37D9 – an imposingly dark and cool navy blue, the perfect pairing for bright and warm tones.

Use of Paper Brown in Interior Design

We can say one thing for sure. You can use Paper Brown in any room of the house that you want to feel warm, pretty, and positively delightful. Some of the following designer choice concepts may match your expectations.

Modern Peaches

Besides the enumerated features found at Paper Brown, this paint color is a true connoisseur of the bright color trends from the second half of the last century. Use it with other vibrant colors, such as green, blue, red, and violet. Create your own piece of art and even display wall art on the peachy-painted walls. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold combinations and enjoy the resulting retro effect, at least in one room of the house.

Bedroom with a Spanish Vibe

Whether you like it or not, there is no way you could possibly not like it; Paper Brown gives off a strong Spanish vibe due to its peach fragrance. We unconsciously associate it with the Spanish-style clay color. If you’ve always secretly craved the beauty of this warm country, now you can bring this Mediterranean ambiance into your bedroom with walls painted paper brown. Bohemian accents, Eco accessories, and ethnic motifs look most stylishly on a pastel creamy orange background.

Kids Room

Experts simply urge us to give up on those overused neutrals. Childhood is such a beautiful time for both parents and their children. Add more color to the kids’ room and let your little ones explore the world as colorful as possible. Luckily, if this space faces the southern side, you’ll enjoy a much brighter and delightful pinkish orange. Paper Brown is a popular color in the nursery, ensuring a calm and cozy ambiance.

Kitchen and Dining Room

Such a juicy color like Paper Brown feels most at home in the kitchen and dining room. It awakens your creative side during the cooking process and your appetite while taking your meal. The expert solution is pairing Paper Brown with green or other bright colors. As brilliant as PB wouldn’t be, it still requires a skillful and similarly competitive bold partner to match its vibe.


Paper Brown invites its favorite accessory, gold, to participate in its summertime fairytale. It’s enough to pair peachy-clay walls with clean white bathroom fixtures and let the warm brown-orange tone play its magic in the bathroom.

Use of Paper Brown for House Exterior

Expect a much lighter peachy orange-brown on exterior walls due to direct interaction with natural light. Additionally, a much brighter and more saturated color may resurface in southern locations with constant warm weather. Paper Brown is a fantastic exterior paint color for walls and front doors. In a few words, it courageously and kindly welcomes you and your guests, preparing an intriguing introduction to your interior. 

Dulux’s Paper Brown has many interpretations; pastel peach, light orange-brown, pinkish clay, and so on. That makes it a versatile and multi-purpose color for interior and exterior design. Start a new makeover with one of the season’s best colors and make your home smell like peaches.

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