The color of the year 2024 and one of the leading paint color trendsetters or simply put - a charming shade of velvety apricot that nurtures our need for comfort.

LRV 60

Color is a feeling, a state of mind, a way to interpret the world. Surrounded by daily worries and stuck in a daily routine, we all seek ways to escape. It’s time to rethink our priorities and give more importance to our well-being and connection to the people we hold dear. All these emotions, including care, acts of kindness, and coziness, can be translated into the language of color, and that would be the soft and nurturing Pantone’s Peach Fuzz, the color of the year 2024. The world’s authority on color puts an inspirational color at our disposal, which we can choose for interior and exterior design. Let’s take a closer look at the mainstream color of the season!

Peach Fuzz Color Features

“A cozy and comforting hue nurturing compassion and heartfelt kindness.” Gravitating between apricot and pink, this velvet peach tone bears the warmth of late summer fruits, the awakening feeling experienced at sunrise, and, why not, the roaring and nostalgic thirst for the roaring ‘60s. Inspired by the past and meant for the future, this reinterpreted silky orange knows the secret to a balanced, comfortable, and welcoming color palette.

At times poetic, this new peach tone can infuse a sense of romantic beauty or nurture your need for radiant color in a world of too many neutral shades. Take your time to restore your peace of mind and sense of belonging while Peach Fuzz will follow suit.

Peach Fuzz: Is It Warm or Cold?

Imagine a basket of freshly harvested apricots filled with Mediterranean scents. What do you feel? Undoubtedly, this fruit color renders a feeling of warmth and compassion. Still, let’s check the facts! Colorists use the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) value to determine how warm or cold a color is. At Peach Fuzz, the amount of red substantially outruns green and blue. Thus, that’s a 100% warm color.

How Does Lighting Affect Peach Fuzz?

Although relatively light, this peach shade is truly vivid, and it will try to preserve this feature as much as possible. Experts advise using such a comforting and warm peach tone in rooms with northern exposure to balance the overly cool natural light and the lack of sun rays. Simultaneously, don’t hesitate to enjoy the limitless vibrancy of this color when bathed in sunlight in spaces with south-facing windows. Feeling lighter in the morning, blush over the day, and sunset-bright in the evening, Peach Fuzz reveals beautiful transformations during the day.

Peach Fuzz LRV

One last fact to check. The Light Reflectance Value shows how light or dark a color is based on how much light it reflects. On a scale from 0 (black) to 100 (white), Peach Fuzz has an LRV of about 60, making it a light color. Consequently, we can state for sure that the color of the year will perfectly bounce back light and make the room feel relatively spacious.

Peach Fuzz Undertones

Peach Fuzz is part of the orange color group, the one we witness at sunrise or sunset in the company of yellows, reds, and terracottas. This gorgeous peach color shows hidden undertones of pink and red (to be precise, terracotta). Of course, lighting is essential in displaying those additional colors.

Similar Colors

If you’re ready to commit to this flourishing peach tone and benefit from its kind features, you should search for paint colors close to it. Luckily, we’ve done our homework. Here is a list of the most prominent paint colors from renowned brands inspired by Peach Fuzz.

  • Tomorrow’s Coral P200-3 by Behr – a two-note lighter peach shade that bears the same sense of compassion and love;
  • Lollipop P210-4 by Behr – you can imagine the bright peachy orange behind this name as if Peach Fuzz had been diluted with a bit more orange color;
  • Tooty Fruity 089 by Benjamin Moore – very close to Peach Fuzz, yet this summertime shade resembles fully ripe apricots;
  • Neighborly Peach SW 6632 by Sherwin-Williams – add a few drops of water to Peach Fuzz and you’ll receive a slightly more neutral variation of this color;
  • Shrimp Boat PPG1196-4 by PPG Paints – this relatively lighter and less bright peach will perfectly work as a Peach Fuzz alternative in south-facing rooms;
  • Savannah Sun DE5165 by Dunn-Edwards – with a dash of bolder apricot, this daring sunset peach will surround you with warmth and comfort;
  • Peach Encounter 2006-4B by Valspar – a go-to modern peach for those who would love a softer shade of pink-orange.

Coordinating Colors

Regardless of its bold character, Peach Fuzz is pretty versatile in color combinations. Start with white or earthy tones to create a monochromatic, easy-on-the-eye color palette. If you decide to uplift the existing design, try pairing peach with yellows. Or, create a neutral gray backdrop for peach accents. Simultaneously, match the nurturing features of Peach Fuzz with pastels like blue, green, or lavender. Last but not least, consider the perfect match between apricot and navy blue.

  • Snowbound SW 7004 by Sherwin-Williams – one of the best-selling white paint colors, not warm nor cold – the perfect neutral to pair with bolder colors;
  • Antiquarian Brown SW 0045 by Sherwin-Williams – historic brown with the slightest tinge of yellow;
  • Empty Stage by Dulux – a dramatic earthy shade of dark brown that will contrast peach in a natural and seamless way;
  • Lama by Dulux – a considerably light peachy neutral to pair with Peach Fuzz paint colors for a sleek monochromatic color scheme;
  • White Dove OC-17 by Benjamin Moore – a substantially warm shade of white pigmented by yellowish creamy undertones;
  • Upward SW 6239 by Sherwin-Williams – the color of the year at SW and a gorgeous pastel blue with neutral gray notes;
  • Bean Counter by Dulux – an exotic green with a relatively deep pastel character that will form an organic combination when paired with peach;
  • Intuitive SW 6017 by Sherwin-Williams – a muted violet shade whose gray undertones lend it a delicate pastel effect;
  • Passionate Blue by Dulux – inspired by van Gogh’s art, this late-night watercolor blue will perfectly underline the warmth of peach tones;
  • Blue Nova 825 by Benjamin Moore– the color of the year at BM, a celestial violet-blue and a new-age navy blue to pair with peach for a stately effect.

Use of Peach Fuzz in Interior Design

Similar to the section with coordinating colors, we can say that Peach Fuzz is a versatile color in interior design. Feel free to use it in any room. Don’t be afraid of color in a design era when it reaches unprecedented levels. Besides, you can always pair peach with white for a somewhat restrained effect. Let’s explore the best design options for using Peach Fuzz in interior design!

Add a Dash of Color

Don’t you agree that we’ve seen too much neutral color over the past few years? It directly affects our mood. If 2023 was only the beginning, 2024 is all about daring colors. Besides, Peach Fuzz is more about comfort and connection rather than bold color alone. Just add the tiniest splash of peach to your design by painting walls or furniture or going as little as opting for a wall accent. As a result, you’ll notice a mood boost instantly. 

Traditional Peach

The Pantone team also suggests considering Peach Fuzz in traditional-style interiors that nod to the beauty of the past in design. Add a bit of romantic flair to a familiar furniture layout that focuses on details and isn’t ashamed to show it off. So, you’ll allow this color to restore good old-time comfort.


Rethink your lifestyle. Slow down and enjoy the moment, especially when you enter the bedroom. Thus, we encourage you to forget about daily worries and focus on your well-being; Peach Fuzz will help you with that. The slightest drop of nurturing peach color in your sleeping space, and everything feels different. Still, you can always try peach and white or take on the challenge and witness the stylish pairing of apricot and green, blue, or lavender.   


Bring the peach fragrance to your cooking space with apricot-painted walls or kitchen cabinets, or even go with an all-peach color palette. It will feel like your kitchen is constantly bathed in sun rays. Moreover, summer or winter, your kitchen will always seem warm and welcoming. By the way, seamless or black hardware both work stylishly. 


Peach has always been welcome in bathrooms, be it on walls or furniture. We are in love with how charming it looks on vanity cabinets, especially if paired with floral wallpaper, another trend of the season. Still, apricot walls bring in the warmth we sometimes crave in wet and cold bathrooms.

Use of Peach Fuzz for the Exterior

Unlike other peach shades, this one has a considerable amount of orange, making it less prone to visually fading out in direct natural light. Therefore, you can safely use it on exterior house walls or the front door. Still, the region you live in may slightly affect how this color appears. As for the rest, that’s a great choice if you want to add curb appeal to your house exterior. 

The Peach Fuzz color from Pantone will surely be a leading trend this and the following seasons. It’s one of the most voguish peach tones we’ve ever seen. Stay trendy and enjoy the comforting features of this apricot shade by using paint colors inspired by Peach Fuzz. Don’t lose the opportunity to see the world through peach lenses.  

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