The neutral green from BM diluted with gray and blue is a timeless splash of color that exceptionally embodies traditions and no less impressively replicates the modern approach to design.

LRV 55.76

Our color reviews cover a wide range of neutrals, and we have noticed that neutral shades with accent notes flowing through their veins are among the most popular. The interesting thing is that most of them are time-tested and manage to keep pace with the contemporary trends while staying true to their essence. In this respect, we would like to present the remarkable Prescott Green HC-140 from Benjamin Moore.

When it seems that green neutrals cannot get any more special, we get impressed again while searching through the archives of popular color brands. Prescott Green is indeed a fabulous find. As part of the Historical Colors collection, HC-140 confidently enters the category of timeless shades that embody the national traditions by fully embracing the modern approaches for an effect that feels both stylish and close to the heart. Frankly speaking, it was not that easy to find out what really stands behind such perfection, which makes it even more intriguing. Still, we did our best and would like to share the results with you.

Prescott Green paint color features

The medium shade of green, fully penetrated by gray yet not losing its deep intensity, is a magical combination of notes that astonish you with their neutrality and uniqueness. As the experts from BM state, Prescott Green is “a soft, powdery green with a trace of blue.” New features to be added: this paint color is also soft and showcases a slight hint of blue. What would such a mix of scents feel like? Definitely fresh due to the bluish notes, undoubtedly calm due to the gray neutralness, and 100% natural due to the green base. Add the powdery effect that offers a soft contemporary air, and the perfect neutral green with a touch of individuality is ready.

Prescott Green: is it warm or cold?

Think about the word “powdery”. It definitely shows that Prescott Green is far from being called “cold”. Still, can one refer to it as warm? Well, it depends on the lighting, although generally speaking, HC-140 is a soft shade that gravitates towards the warm side. On the sample, it seems rather neutral. Once we apply it to a surface and make sure that the sun rays fully interact with it, we can notice how this variation takes on an appealing sense of warmth. 

How does lighting affect Prescott Green?

Lighting always decides what a color will look like. Let’s see how it works in the case of HC-140! When bathed in the slightly warm sun rays in the morning, Prescott Green looks just like we know it: a soft shade of neutral green, fully revealing the green base and showing a slightly warmer appearance on spots where it directly interacts with the sunlight. When the daylight is at its highest in the afternoon, this shade loses a bit of its green intensity and reveals a slightly warm gray variation. Under ambient lighting, the blue notes come to the surface and offer a soft air of freshness. When touched by artificial lighting, it features a pastel variation of gray with green undertones that feels creamy and pleasant to the eye. 

Prescott Green LRV

We do not simply say that Prescott Green is a medium paint color, judging by its appearance. We rely on facts, and here is one of them: HC-140 paint color has a Light Reflectance Value of 55.76 on a scale from 0 to 100. Is it still confusing? Consider 0 for a true shade of black and 100 for pure white. Now, you know what we mean when we place this shade in the middle tone category. One should note that this green variation slightly gravitates towards the light side. What does it really mean? Despite the rather low LRV, the neutral green reflects an impressive amount of light if such conditions are ensured. Furthermore, when penetrated by daylight to the fullest, a room painted this way feels exceptionally spacious.

Prescott Green undertones

Nothing new to be stated rather than summarizing the information. Prescott Green is diluted with blue-gray scents and features a powdery effect, which may acquire a creamy appearance in particular conditions. Under the influence of specific factors, this paint color reveals different looks that consist of particular combinations between the mentioned traces of color. 

Similar colors

Let’s put it straight from the beginning! There is such a wide range of neutral greens that a section alone is not enough to cover them. Still, we would like to show you the most prominent representatives that feel close to what Prescott Green replicates. You know what? Let’s go beyond BM borders for a larger palette of alternatives!

  • Antique Jade 465 – almost the same green variation with a similar gentle appearance and slightly more intense gray notes, which the unnoticeably lower LRV can prove;
  • Desert Green 443 – a little lighter and warmer alternative to Prescott Green; still impressively close to its inner beauty;
  • 50 GY by Dulux – identical shade of neutral green; only the almost unperceived higher LRV would distinguish between them;
  • Woodland Pearl 4 by Dulux – the same mix of green and gray with a subtle blue touch, just a bit more intense;
  • 4176 CP by Pantone – very close alternative that replicates the same pairing between gray and green with a powdery bluish effect and a slightly lighter base;
  • Topiary Tint 440E-3 by Behr – another exquisitely close variation of green that feels a bit more intense.

Coordinating colors

That’s right! We speak about a neutral shade! Still, it doesn’t mean you can pair it with any color you want. The green notes are reason enough to pick the partnering colors smartly so that it preserves the intensity. Luckily, colorists from BM have prepared a list of paint colors that perfectly match the beauty of Prescott Green. You can deviate a bit, although considering the following shades will surely lead to a successful result.

  • Cloud Nine 2144-60 – an enchanting variation of white slightly touched by aloe-green with a standout soft effect;
  • Sandy Hook Gray HC-108 – another representative of the timeless category featuring a medium gray with appealing beige notes;
  • Apricot Ice 2015-70 – off-white shade with delicious apricot notes slightly cooled down for a neutral approach to the peachy variation;
  • Montpelier AF-555 – dusty shade of navy blue that would beautifully contrast the lighter shade of gray-green and impressively resonate with its blue notes.

Use of Prescott Green in the interior

Replace the common neutral shades with this beautiful pairing between freshness, softness, calmness, slight invigoration, and inspiration. Since Prescott Green is part of the Historical Collection, you can safely use it in traditional interiors, going as far as Classic or Neoclassical approaches. On the other hand, HC-140 is a confident representative of the timeless group of colors, which makes it a perfect green variation for Modern interiors. Choose the right furniture and decor pieces, and go in any of these directions. Let’s see how Prescott Green works in real settings accompanied by different approaches for a clear image!

Embrace tradition

If you are a connoisseur of classic interiors and are looking for a paint color to perfectly underline this feature while bringing a bit of personality, stop searching and look at Prescott Green. This soft shade exceptionally pairs with dark wood furniture, besides the fact that it resonates with the natural feature of the texture. Be ready to receive a relatively formal effect, where the neutral green background is ready to display even a few accents, such as brass decor, for a new sparkle to the timeless interior approach.

Stick to Modern

This paint color’s natural and neutral features are everything a modern interior can dream of in terms of background. Still, it looks pretty good on cabinetry. A contemporary living room featuring a mix of neutral green and white, underlined by a minimalist layout, or an eclectic bedroom enriched with a mix of colors paired with the gray-green are the recipes for a modern interior, which bring a bonus: they invite natural calmness.

Living room

First of all, pick a direction: traditional or modern. Secondly, pick a palette: monochromatic or contrasting. Next, integrate the neutral splash of naturalness as a background and display your design idea on it. Not to our surprise, most interiors that feature this paint color are directed towards the classic side with a formal approach to the layout and choice of decor. Dark wood still holds the leading role, while brighter colors are ready to make the space feel welcome. 


You can literally pick any style you want and enrich it with a special kind of softness and naturalness only Prescott Green can provide. It’s fantastic how the same shade of neutral green can adjust to a modern, classic, or eclectic interior. Particular furniture and decor pieces lead this paint color to exceptionally different appearances. Exquisitely stylish is the Boho approach, full of natural texture and patterns that simply bloom on the green backdrop. 

Kitchen and dining room

Versatility is again the defining feature of this paint color in the kitchen and dining area. You can either go with powdery green walls or cabinets combined with white, where the cabinet design will decide which way your interior will take: sleek and contemporary or familiar and traditional. In the dining area, Prescott Green goes for the walls and is ready to display any pieces of furniture. Go with the classic wood table and chairs or consider a black accent table with similar chairs. Are you ready to go further? Paint an elegant round table in the impressive green from BM on a light background and surround it with white-colored elements for an elegant addition to your interior.


The bluish notes of Prescott Green make this paint color a real find for bathrooms. Usually, this paint alone is enough to fill the space with depth for a complete picture. Therefore, considering white as a companion is perfect. Still, you can go with black accents if you feel that your bathroom lacks a point of interest. The mentioned approaches suppose the use of HC-140 for the walls. Nevertheless, pairing the walls and cabinetry by choosing the same paint color separated by white is no less appropriate. 

Use of Prescott Green for the house exterior

If the interior use allows a broader range of approaches, the exterior one views this paint color as a means to underline the traditional style first of all. The grayish-green paint color looks particularly impressive on siding, revealing its beauty in a textured way. The white trim is undoubtedly the best matching color you can think of, while the front door can be painted any shade that matches your sense of style. It feels that green is intense enough, although it would happily pair with brighter accents, such as a deep navy blue or positive yellow front door.

The Prescott Green HC-140 paint color from Benjamin Moore is the shade of old and new, traditional and modern, soft and fresh, personal and common. In one word: timeless. Are you still wondering what neutral to pick for an all-time stylish effect? No need when such a perfect shade is at your disposal. 

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