A crisp white paint color that, despite its name, showcases a few soft gray and cool blue notes, which enrich it with a sleek contemporary air.

LRV 78.94

This article is meant for connoisseurs of white shades and anyone who wants to discover a new light variation. To your attention – the quality interpretation of pure whites that bears the same name “Pure White” OC-64 from Benjamin Moore.

Why an interpretation? This white variation is not a clean white devoid of additional notes, yet it confidently replicates a shade that feels this way, at least, at first glance. Pure White is more than a true shade of white, starting even with it being part of the Off White collection. So much intrigue from the start! Let’s find out what kind of paint color it is!

Pure White paint color features

OC-64 is exceptionally light; we would even say stark. This is why it is called pure since it lacks any warm notes. At the same time, it is far from an indeed true white, all due to the subtle gray and blue notes that add softness and crispiness. By the way, this shade is also known under the name “Mountainscape 870”, which clearly explains the presence of the earlier mentioned undertones. Undoubtedly, it feels cool and vivid, serving as a fantastic background for any design solution.

Pure White: is it warm or cold?

You don’t have to be a specialist to notice that Pure White is cool, only from the description. Once again – cool and not cold. The courageous gray particles lend it an unusual feel of softness that doesn’t seem too striking. Besides that, under the direct influence of sunlight, this paint color can render an exceptionally warm look so that you wouldn’t even believe it is the same shade.

How does lighting affect Pure White?

Things get even more sophisticated once we reach this section. This is when you will really get impressed by how many faces a shade of white can have. Let’s take it step by step! Pure White stays true to its nature in the morning – an almost pure white with a cool base. During the day, when the sun rays are at their highest, this color reveals a soft purple scent, all due to the interaction between sunlight and the gray notes. The blue undertones take the lead in ambient lighting, while artificial lighting brings the gray notes to the surface.

Pure White LRV

To our surprise, Pure White has a Light Reflectance Value of 78.94, which almost reaches the light-to-medium color group on a scale from 0 to 100. To make it clear, the latter stands for true shades of white. Now we can safely state that OC-64 is an off-white variation. Still, like a pure white shade, it impressively manages to reflect the light throughout the room and even add a few inches for a larger space. 

Pure White undertones

The undertones that stand behind the exceptional appearance of this paint color are gray and blue. While the gray particles lend a bit of softness so that the shade would not look too stark, the blue notes are responsible for the slight cool effect, which directs this hue towards the true white shades. One should note that the earlier mentioned purple scents have nothing to do with the undertones. They are just the effect of particular lighting on the paint color. 

Similar colors

We usually find an array of similar shades for almost all paint colors we review, and we were surprised to find out that there are not so many for Pure White, considering that the range of white variations is very rich. With some identical and others very close, there are a few white variations that resonate with the essence of OC-64. Take a look!

  • Baby’s Breath 873 – classic shade of white that preserves the same undertones yet feels slightly lighter;
  • White Wisp OC-54 – almost the same shade of white; only the slightly higher LRV would distinguish between them;
  • Pastel 9041 by Pantone – definitely lighter than OC-64 yet very close to its inner sense of beauty;
  • Ceiling Bright White SW 7007 by Sherwin-Williams – an exceptionally bright shade of white that falls between the previous variation and Pure White from BM;
  • Whisper White SW1C2 by Dulux Australia – unlike other alternatives, this one has an LRV closer to OC-64, yet it replicates a slightly warmer variation.

Coordinating colors

Generally, you can work with any accents on this versatile background provided by Pure White. Still, if you consider a monochromatic palette, we suggest going with a similarly cool shade of white that slightly differs from the crispy OC-64. To keep it as simple but deviate a little bit, opt for a warmer shade of white that would balance the overly cooled-down environment. Nevertheless, the best companions in this sense are definitely accent shades of gray or blue that resemble Pure White’s perspective on the style. Luckily, colorists from Benjamin Moore came up with a list of exact matches for each category.

  • Decorator’s White OC-149 – a go-to white shade enriched with a subtle gray note that offers a sleek and stylish appeal;
  • White Heron OC-57 – classic white variation with the tiniest trace of cool and a slight yellow vibe;
  • Breath of Fresh Air 806 – light blue with a vibrant base that feels like soothing relief;
  • Atmospheric AF-500 – deep hue that combines green, gray, and blue for a medium shade that impresses with its intensity.

Use of Pure White in the interior

To be honest, Pure White is a no-fail option regardless of how you decide to go with your interior. Be it the most eclectic combinations of styles or the most low-key approaches. This is what makes this paint color stand out – its lack of striking notes, just a crispy white shade that is ready to adapt to your preferences. Let’s find out what environment this color variation feels particularly well in and how you can make the most of it in your interior.

Sleek Minimalism

Such a cool white shade that doesn’t radiate any specific features rather than sleek simplicity sounds like the perfect background for the style that defines simplicity to the fullest. A Minimalist interior, a monochromatic palette, and a crisp white backdrop are everything a contemporary interior would dream of. Of course, you can safely add a few accents, such as black elements or wood texture.

Modern living room

How hard you wouldn’t try to add elements from styles that embrace tradition, a living room with walls painted in Pure White cannot look any other way but modern. The exciting part is that you can literally go with any style. For a start, we suggest sticking to a sleek interior, devoid of clutter, with thin lines and only a few gold sparkles here and there to add elegance. 

Let’s go farther! Display any accents you want on the neutral backdrop, such as gray and dark blue pieces of furniture, black details, and light wood flooring. Even the same Boho approach with the beige-based furniture and textiles will acquire a new look on a backdrop that emphasizes them.

Neoclassical bedroom

Looking at this crisp white variation, we cannot think of a better style than the Neoclassical for the bedroom, while the irreplaceable wall and ceiling moldings require such a formal color to preserve the stately appearance. Keep it low-key with the main character being a modern bed. Additionally, you can consider a few new splashes of color. Be it on the chandelier, new pieces of furniture, or decor.

Kitchen and dining room

You can go from an all-white interior to a combination of white and marble or white and black in the kitchen since the crisp white variation plays nice with cool shades. From the most traditional to the most modern cabinet design, Pure White will work either way.

Once we reach the dining area, the first thing we would like to draw your attention to is the balanced use of accents on the walls painted in OC-64. Focus on natural texture and keep it as sleek as possible. For instance, you can go with black window frames, flamboyant chandeliers bathed in brass, or light wood furniture – in a few words, bold yet elegant accents.

All-white hallway

If you plan on repainting the walls in your hallway and want to leave them without decoration, Pure White from BM is your true companion. Its simple yet sophisticated composition is so clean and irreplaceable that you will hardly want to cover at least an inch of the wall painted this way. The furthest you can go is to install wall sconces that suit your style.

Ultra-modern bathroom

Well, by ultra-modern, we mean a space that looks exceptionally contemporary. You will agree with us when you see the photos of Neoclassical bathrooms with partially white painted walls, a prevalence of marble, and a few black accents, all underlined by modern approaches to the style. It seems Pure White cannot give up on the Neoclassical style yet; why not keep it this way if they feel like they are meant for each other?

Use of Pure White for the exterior

When put into practice for the house exterior, the replication of simplicity and sleek contemporaneity that colorists from BM came up with seems lighter without risking its crispiness that goes hand in hand with black for the trim, front door, and even roof. Besides the resulting classic black and white combination, this mix perfectly defines a modern exterior.

The Pure White OC-64 paint color from Benjamin Moore is everything an amateur of true whites can dream of with an additional effect – the crispy base ready to accompany any design solution. Why not give it a try?

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