A show-stealing pink-coral shade with the brightest undertones - the color of the year 2023 and an accent shade worth considering in contemporary design.

LRV 22.68

Designers and homeowners worldwide have been waiting for Benjamin Moore to reveal its color forecast for 2023. It has finally happened, and the result hasn’t gone unnoticed. After a few years ruled by muted and neutral colors, colorists offer truly new and unmatchable collections of bright shades. To say that Benjamin Moore has astonished us with its worthily designated color of the year, Raspberry Blush, would be the least we can claim about what we see when looking at the lively pinkish coral with the bravest and most self-expressive body. Is it really that special? It definitely is. Here is why.

Raspberry Blush Paint Color Features 

We won’t confuse you at all. Think of juicy and ripe raspberry bathing in the warm summertime sun rays. Here you have Raspberry Blush. As the story behind, as the color. Now, in words more clear to colorists and designers – the sweet paint color under the code 2008-30 is a mix of orange and red, resulting in the most beautiful coral you could ever think of. The paint color embodies nature, expressiveness, and modern art all at once. Not muted, dusted, or balanced. The very bright coral that touches the deepest chords of your soul depicts the delightful paint color we have dreamt of for so long. Vibrant, optimistic, and mostly – inspiring for a freer expression of yourself through color.

Raspberry Blush: Is It Warm or Cold?

Could a summertime color be cold? Raspberry Blush is the definition of a late-summer color – ripe, warming, and simply enchanting. As usual, we like to prove our words through facts. Well, how do you like that – after exposing the coral paint color to different types of lighting, we noticed that the warm undertones had not gone anywhere, relatively varying in intensity. 

Now, we can safely state that Raspberry Blush is a joyful and warm paint color that knows everything about feeling comfortable and familiar. 

How Does Lighting Affect Raspberry Blush?

The favorite color at Benjamin Moore in the 2023 season thrives in rooms with southern exposure, where it has the chance to reveal its natural beauty. In interiors with west and particularly north-facing windows, the paint color slightly loses its authentic magic, by which we mean it seems relatively softer and powdery, yet the resulting shade is still impressive and would surely touch the souls of those who want to embrace the bold color by small steps. In any case, the color seems a bit lighter than on the sample, be it artificial or natural light that it is exposed to. Still, don’t you dare think that it somehow puts at risk the vibrant and, as they call it – charismatic personality built by colorists for this shade. 

Raspberry Blush LRV

For newbies, the Light Reflectance Value shows how light or dark a color is on a scale from 0 to 100. In the case of our new favorite coral shade, we have a value of 22.68, as we can find on the brand’s official website. What does it mean in terms of color? Raspberry Blush may be less experienced in reflecting the light, which makes it quite an accent in a closed space, although the rich and intense coral drops of this highly saturated pop of color are worth it. It is pretty close to the category of dark colors, which may seem surprising because of its vivid personality. 

Raspberry Blush Undertones

It’s settled. Raspberry Blush is a vivacious coral shade. While some see it as a coral with daring pinkish undertones, others are sure about the perfect combination of red and orange tones. For your convenience, consider the statement that clearly expresses the essence of this paint color to you since they both are true, although seen from different perspectives. 

Similar Colors

Coral is pretty popular among colorists, and it was not a surprise to us that there are many paint colors from Benjamin Moore and other renowned manufacturers that look astonishingly similar to Raspberry Blush. In case you are looking for an alternative or need something lighter, darker, more intense, or softer than this shade of pink coral, you can always consider one of the following paint colors:

  • Habanero Pepper 1306 by Benjamin Moore – impressively similar to Raspberry Blush, yet slightly more saturated and intense, and the moderately lower LRV proves it; still, in particular light conditions, one would hardly distinguish between the two gorgeous coral tones;
  • Dark Salmon 2009-30 by Benjamin Moore – a courageous red-orange, even brighter than Raspberry Blush, with a slightly higher light reflectance value, which makes it seem a bit lighter, yet again – natural light can make it look exactly like the color of the year 2023 at this brand;
  • 1795 UP by Pantone – believe it or not, this is the same shade of pinkish coral; only the unnoticeably lighter LRV would say otherwise;
  • Desert Coral HDC-MD-05 by Behr – the same pinkish coral with a tiny tinge of dust that makes it seem lighter and slightly less intense in contrast with Raspberry Blush;
  • Salsa Mix by Dulux – a beautiful pop of warm color that gravitates between coral and a pinkish clay shade, definitely more balanced than Raspberry Blush yet not devoid of the same flair and vivacity;
  • Quite Coral SW 6614 by Sherwin-Williams – even darker and closer to a terracotta shade than the previous color; still, the perceivable pink undertones in this wonderful coral shade make it a good competition to its counterpart from Benjamin Moore.

Coordinating Colors

Raspberry Blush is a show-stealer color. It adores being the highlight of a space. Therefore, it cannot go without a worthy companion or companions. Light paint colors are the best friends of this electric coral variation. To be sure of your color match, take a look at the collection of colors suggested by professionals to pair with Raspberry Blush.

  • Chantilly Lace OC-65 by Benjamin Moore – a go-to white shade with a clean base that replicates the delicate and pure silk in its natural beauty;
  • Alabaster OC-129 by Benjamin Moore – a crispy white with a well-defined personality underlined by the softest tinge of pink;
  • Ecru 2014-70 by Benjamin Moore – a light pastel peach with charming pink undertones that almost fades into the off-white group of paint colors;
  • Sail Cloth OC-142 by Benjamin Moore – a very light gray with the most delicate pink-beige undertones that lend comfort and calmness;
  • Etiquette AF50 by Benjamin Moore – an impressively light beige with subtle warm undertones, perfect to pair with accent paint colors;
  • White Heron OC-57 by Benjamin Moore – classy white paint color with no visible undertones beside the unobtrusive shadow of gray that makes it an outstanding partner for bold statement colors.

Use of Raspberry Blush in the Interior

In the era when bold colors are taking the fore, Raspberry Blush thrives in popularity. This is probably that statement paint color you have always dreamt of. Now is the moment to put it into practice. Going hand in hand with the current trends that encourage you to express your colors and bring more positive energy to your interior with bright pops of color, Raspberry Blush stands out as a perfect representative while managing to look stylish and add taste to design. 

Primarily as an accent, yet no less relevant to be applied to all walls in a room, besides its impeccable effect on furniture, the pink-coral from Benjamin Moore is a real find for contemporary interiors, working as effortlessly with modern and traditional design styles. 

Vibrant Living Room

Now, bright paint colors look trendier than ever in relaxation spaces. Bring fashionable effervescence to your living room with this top-tier pink coral from Benjamin Moore, and let authenticity and positive energy flood your space. Psychologists say that such colors encourage intercommunication.

Take on the challenge and paint the walls entirely in this statement shade or start with accents, say an accent wall. Raspberry Blush looks organically in traditional spaces decorated with wood texture and ultra-modern living rooms with high-class furnishing and ergonomic layouts. 

Dining Room with a Twist

If you are looking for ways to spruce up your dining space effortlessly, stop searching for decorative units and direct your attention to the beautiful Raspberry Blush. Designers suggest painting the walls entirely in this shade. Wood dining tables and chairs look stylishly on such a background. The space will be filled with a trendy statement color that will make your interior look like out of a magazine, while the juicy undertones that stand behind the fruity color awaken the appetite. 

Customized Bedroom Design

Despite its ostentatious coral vibrance, the red-orange paint color is known for its exceptional warm notes that can bring comfort and a sense of home to the most formal design styles. Instead of opting for the slightly going-out-of-trend neutrals, consider Raspberry Blush for the bedroom walls. It is impressive how the same shade works equally successfully for a classy sleeping space with traditional furniture and a contemporary bedroom with sleek furnishing, downlight fixtures, and a functional layout. 

Modern Kitchen

A few years ago, painting the kitchen in a bright color would have been inappropriate. Today, this is exactly what designers regard as one of the best solutions you can consider for your next makeover. By the way, bold-colored cooking spaces that play with the emerging bright shades are here to stay for a few next seasons at least. 

Raspberry Blush holds a leading role in the line of statement colors for a kitchen. Designers who have already worked with this paint color underline the authenticity of kitchens where Raspberry Blush is paired with white or black. 

Bathroom Refresh

When forecasting the color trends for the bathroom for this and the following seasons, coral appeared to top most collections suggested by colorists. Don’t hesitate to restore the individuality of your bathroom and plan a standout character for a new one by painting the walls orange-red or dancing with a brush polished with Raspberry Blush on the bathroom cabinet. Again, modern and traditional styles are accepted. 

It is to be noted that the coral shade from Benjamin Moore is a great companion for maximalist designs due to the brightness and electric beauty of this paint color that aligns with the eclectic vision of this design style. 

Use of Raspberry Blush for the House Exterior

Due to the high intensity of Raspberry Blush, the popular coral shade will not fade when interacting directly with natural light. You can safely apply this paint color to your house walls or front door. As with the interior design, the color of the year at Benjamin Moore works for both classic and ultra-modern house exteriors. Different light exposures may reveal different undertones, and every variation would look organic on the natural landscape. The color may appear lighter, deeper, warmer, or cooler, yet one thing stays the same – its showstopper appearance. 

The Raspberry Blush 2008-30 paint color by Benjamin Moore is a true pearl in the collection of trendy shades that encourage self-expression, add character to the most traditional or contemporary designs, and offer the possibility to experience true versions of exceptional colors to stand out from the crowd – the key feature of modern design.

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