A blush beige color resonating with the warm clay shade; the color of the year 2023 that reflects the sense of home, care, and social connection.

LRV 30

After a long color season dominated by timeless neutrals that reflected unconditional style, two years ago, the renowned paint manufacturer Sherwin-Williams gave new meaning to its color collection. Various shades that celebrate specific values were paid utmost attention. It all started with refreshing greens and blues. Today, we witness the rise of another trend – warm earthy shades that promote social connection, interpersonal relationships, and care for your loved ones. No wonder Redend Point, one of the most successful clay paints, became the color of the year 2023. 

Colors speak differently to each member of the audience. In this color review, we will reveal the nature of SW 9081 up to the tiniest detail so that you can form your own perception of the color.

Redend Point Paint Color Features

The new rising star at Sherwin-Williams is a mid-tone blush beige, neither too deep nor too soft, a balance between brown and pink. One cannot regard it as a true terracotta shade, yet it definitely is a clay variation. Some see it as a dusty rose, although there is not enough pink to back up such a statement. One way or another, Redend Point is a neutral paint color and a worthily designated representative of the earthy shades that invite us to celebrate the beauty of small things, the moments that matter, and the care we provide for each other. 

Redend Point: Is It Warm or Cold?

The fabulous pinky beige, resembling the Southwestern Desert, is a warm shade that brings an updated sense of irresistible comfort and makes any interior feel like home, where you thrive, love, and are loved. At some level or another, earthy shades would most probably feel warm, and this is surely the case with Redend Point.

How Does Lighting Affect Redend Point?

Speaking facts, cool lighting usually brings a colder effect on color, while warm lighting softens it or makes it look even warmer. There are exceptions, such as intensely cold or warm colors, that more or less preserve their effect. Redend Point is a deeply warm shade that generally stays warm, slightly changing under different exposures. 

In a room with north-facing windows, SW 9081 gets balanced by the cool light. The same works in rooms with western exposure in the morning and eastern exposure in the afternoon when the natural light is less intense. 

Switch to the south side, and Redend Point will increase its warmth, particularly when bathed in direct sun rays. A similar effect can be noticed in west-facing rooms in the afternoon when the warm sunshine does its best. 

Redend Point LRV

Colorists use the light reflectance value to determine how light or dark a color is on a scale from 0 to 100, from true black to true white. Frankly, it is more of a scale from 3 to 93 since there are no 100% pure blacks or whites. 

The LRV of Redend Point is 30. Although looking like a middle tone on the sample, the clay shade is a rather middle-to-dark color. It may reflect a specific amount of light, yet it is pretty intense, and using it in a small room particularly requires an appropriate amount of natural or artificial light. 

Redend Point Undertones

As for the base color, consider light brown or mid-tone beige, which is more or less the same. It is also clear with the undertones. Redend Point has a balanced amount of pink undertones. This is not the common pink you probably think about. A rather coral pink is the primary feature of this color’s underlayer. This is why we can speak about a splash of orange in the hidden side of SW 9081 alongside pink. 

Similar Colors

We like to discover alternatives to popular paint colors. You may want something close to Redend Point, a darker shade, or a softer and lighter variation. After researching the color palettes of other beloved color brands, we developed a comprehensive list of similar colors to SW 9081.

  • Chocolate Powder SW 9082 by Sherwin-Williams – a very light brown with pink undertones, although here you cannot notice any trace of coral, and the color itself is less warm and intense;
  • Velvety Chestnut SW 9079 by Sherwin-Williams – you can call it a light mauve due to the soft purple undertones in the blush beige with a slightly cool cast;
  • Hushed Auburn SW 9080 by Sherwin-Williams – in contrast with Redend Point, one can easily call this one a dusty rose due to richer pink undertones on the seemingly darker beige;
  • Mudslide 2095-40 by Benjamin Moore – a darker pink-beige with a similar warm effect; great alternative if you want deeper accents;
  • Chadwick Brown 1160 by Benjamin Moore – a warmer earthy shade resembling rose clay pottery with much more pronounced coral orange notes;
  • Caramel Cream MQ1-59 by Behr – a lighter and softer clay variation with a more noticeable orange hint;
  • Stone Brown 250F-4 by Behr – a mid-tone beige with warm pinkish undertones covered by a lighter color veil.

Coordinating Colors

The Tuscan sunset paint pairs with clean whites, pinkish whites, and various clay shades in the case of monochromatic palettes. Additionally, one can try the beautiful combination between Redend Point and green or blue. Another go-to option is black. You can also find many companions in the SW’s collection of trendy 2023 colors. Especially for you, here is a full list of matching paint colors:

  • Pure White SW 7005 by Sherwin-Williams – one the most popular whites, clean and versatile; great for the trim;
  • Polite White SW 6056 by Sherwin-Williams – a very light purple shade with warm undertones; one would even say white with mauve undertones;
  • Kestrel White SW 7516 by Sherwin-Williams –  the lightest taupe shade with restoring features; pairs well with other warm colors;
  • Malted Milk SW 6057 by Sherwin-Williams – a very light creamy pink with a charming effect inspired by the sunset sky – warm and unforgettable;
  • Cool Beige SW 9086 by Sherwin-Williams – not cold yet balanced beige gravitating towards the pottery colors;
  • Hushed Auburn SW 9080 by Sherwin-Williams – a pretty dusty rose or a deep rose clay color, impressively warm and engaging;
  • Canyon Clay SW 6054 by Sherwin-Williams – a dark and warm terracotta shade from the red color family slightly cooled down by a subtle violet trace;
  • Toile Red SW 0006 by Sherwin-Williams – a dark and bright red diluted with a great amount of gray;
  • Carnelian SW 7580 by Sherwin-Williams – a dark statement aubergine with a foggy effect that gets on well with rose shades;
  • Foothills SW 7514 by Sherwin-Williams – a deep gray-brown with hidden warm undertones that come to the surface under warm lighting;
  • Urbane Bronze SW 7048 by Sherwin-Williams – a popular dark shade that combines gray, green, and brown;
  • Favorite Jeans SW 9147 by Sherwin-Williams – a mid-tone gray blue that becomes a beloved color like a favorite pair of jeans;
  • Rosemary SW 6187 by Sherwin-Williams – a dark and cool sage that works like a modern pairing for warm shades.

Use of Redend Point in the Interior

The rosy brown or, say, pink beige, call it the way you want, is neutral, according to colorists. In 2023, neutral colors are defined by deeper and richer shades that can also be used as accent paint colors. A full redecoration with a clay shade, a feature wall, or an update to the furniture color all work. Think of the perfect combination between the rose terracotta and wood. Let’s see how it works in interior design.

A Living Room that Feels like Home

The pink clay shade is not only about comfort and ensuring an appropriate environment for sharing emotions with your dear ones. Redend Point looks fashionable and updates the room’s aesthetics. Consider the paint color for the walls, a feature wall, a bookcase, trim, and even the ceiling. 

Try implementing the following design idea: an original dusty rose background, sophisticated crown molding, boucle accent chairs, and gold wall accents, be it wall sconces or mirror frames. On the other side, for more romantic connoisseurs of the Victorian era, designers propose a classy combination of furniture, wallpaper with floral motifs, and a blush beige-colored ceiling.

Soulful Color for a Lovely Bedroom

A new color, flexible neutral, and warm shade that lends comfort to your personal space. The pink clay color works with natural wood and serves as a great backdrop for true earthy shades for textiles. Designers draw our attention to burgundy furniture, particularly velvet, that underlines the beauty of the dusty rose color on the walls.

Add Blush to the Kitchen

In the kitchen, we can see the great bond between pink-beige cabinets and white walls. Black, gold, and silver hardware is appropriately stylish on such a color palette. For a more modern look, consider a combination of earthy rose beige for the walls and red-brown cabinets with no upper cupboards.

Intimate Ambiance in the Dining Room

For a familiar look that allures with its comfort and makes your guests feel welcome, don’t miss the exquisite taste and charm of the color of the year. Paint the walls in Redend Point and opt for natural wood furniture, be it light or dark wood. As an alternative, designers suggest giving black-colored furnishing a chance, considering the great effect when the dusty rose brown pairs with dark colors. 

Tuscan Sun in Your Bathroom

The gorgeous clay paint color is traced to North America’s southwestern deserts, a color one can as easily witness in Tuscany, the beautiful Italian region. Redend Point is one of the designers’ most beloved paint colors in the bathroom. It works well with white furnishing and gold hardware.

Use of Redend Point for the Exterior

Terracotta shades are some of the most popular interior and exterior paint colors. Choosing in favor of the rose clay color from SW that knows how to behave under different lighting will ensure a tasteful and well-balanced look to your house exterior. Redend Point looks well on the house walls, the trim, and the front door.

The Redend Point SW 9081 paint color by Sherwin-Williams is a brand-new neutral that aligns with the emerging conceptual values of the new age tendencies. Empathy, well-being, and the best for you and your loved ones with a single paint color for your interior and exterior.

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