A dramatic and intriguing shade of burgundy, deep and rich, which will add character, visual interest, and elegance to your home.


Have you heard about one of the trendiest burgundy shades this season? The intriguing Rumors paint color from Behr is currently being discussed by many interior designers and decorators alike. We also wondered what could be so special about another brown-red paint color on the market. And we fell in love! Explore the newest and most gorgeous burgundy tone from one of the designers’ favorite paint manufacturers.

Rumors Paint Color Features

The name perfectly matches this deep and rich red with a luxurious brownish trace. This dramatic burgundy shade intrigues, appeals, and inspires as if whispering a secret. Besides, it’s no secret that burgundies are some of the most popular colors right now, both in fashion and interior design. And, as designers say, if you do it – do it right. If you paint walls or furniture in burgundy, do it with the right shade (Psst! Rumors from Behr). It’s indeed dark and sophisticated. You can use it to add interest to a small space through wine-red accents or slightly enclose a large room with burgundy-painted walls – to start with. Experts also draw our attention to the exquisite taste hidden in Rumors – one of those paint colors designers use for moody color palettes that engage, have a unique sense of comfort, and make a space look expensive. 

Rumors: Is it Warm or Cold?

A brown-red shade, the color of wine, a romantic cherry tone; does it sound warm or cold? Of course, Rumors is a warm red tone. However, if you know us, you know we always check facts. Have you heard of the RGB value? The concentration of red, green, and blue in the paint color. At Rumors, the red one substantially outruns green and blue. Now, we know that Rumors is a warm paint color.

How Does Lighting Affect Rumors?

Knowing how a color behaves under various lighting conditions is a great asset when choosing a particular paint color. With Rumors, it is easy. If you use it in a room with north-facing windows, expect the cool, bluish natural light to cast a paler effect on this deep brown-red shade. It may even reveal a few blue-violet undertones. The story changes entirely in spaces with southern exposure. The warm natural light will make Rumors sparkle in its rich beauty of red and brown notes. Where the sun rays hit, this color will resurface a subtle trace of earthy orange. 

What happens at night under artificial lighting? Rumors turns into a mysteriously deep shade of dark red, considerably muted. So, if you paint all walls burgundy, ensure plenty of artificial light sources to avoid transforming your interior into a dull space. 

Rumors LRV

Now you’ll find out how dark Rumors actually is. If you’re new, you should know that the Light Reflectance Value is nothing but the amount of light a paint color reflects. Out of 100%, Rumors bounces back 8%. Can you imagine how dark this paint color is? Close to black, with an LRV of 0, this burgundy tone is impressive at keeping its rich coloration with such a low LRV. It also means that the best scenario for this paint color is a large room with sizable windows. 

Rumors Undertones

Undoubtedly, Rumors is a red paint color. We can notice the primary undertone on the color sample, which is brown. Next, the subtle gray and violet undertones reveal themselves in real-life situations under particular conditions. The best advice we can give you is to use a color sample in your home at different times of the day before painting an accent wall, all walls, or a furniture piece. 

Similar Colors

Now that burgundy is so popular, it is no surprise so many great red shades come to the surface. Check out the best alternatives to Rumors!

  • Spiced Wine PPU1-13 by Behr – a less brownish burgundy resembling the authentic red wine color;
  • January Garnet HDC-CL-11 by Behr – a much warmer, earthy red with increased brown notes;
  • Plum Raisin 2082-2- by Benjamin Moore – a lighter, warmer shade of sepia red all due to its visible earthy undertones;
  • Ruby Dusk 1267 by Benjamin Moore – a dustier burgundy that will serve as a muted alternative to Rumors;
  • Fine Wine SW 6307 by Sherwin-Williams – a richer cherry red, less brownish than Rumors.

Coordinating Colors

As usual, we start with the trim color. To match burgundy walls, try warm white shades. Next, let’s discuss the monochromatic color palette: Rumors will look great next to light mauves and browns. Last but not least, there are vivid colors: various shades of green, navy blue, pastel blues, peach, and coral. The list is pretty long. Here are the exact matches:

  • Cameo Stone N160-1 by Behr – a soft white with peachy pink undertones;
  • Heirloom Rose S130-5 by Behr – a mid-tone dusty rose with a saturated mauve effect;
  • Eastern Bamboo PPU9-25 by Behr – seagrass green with rich yellow undertones, pretty saturated and appealing;
  • Tsunami S450-7 by Behr – a deeper yet bold teal shade with a vivid personality;
  • Bay Water S380-4 by Behr – a pastel shade of bright green with calming gray undertones;
  • Very Navy M500-7 by Behr – a classic navy blue shade – deep and muted;
  • Blue Satin M540-5 by Behr – a vibrant yet soothing violet-blue – soft like satin;
  • Clear Vista PPU13-11 by Behr – a mint green-blue with refreshing scents;
  • Flamingo Feather M180-3 – like its namesake, this gorgeous bright pinkish peach reads vibrant and entertaining;
  • Watermelon Punch PPU1-04A by Behr – a truly bright shade of coral that will catch your attention at first sight;
  • Pinecone Path HDC-CL-14 by Behr – a dark, earthy brown resembling the natural pinecone color.

Use of Rumors in Interior Design

Rumors is undoubtedly an emerging paint color that you’ll see a lot of in the following seasons. From enveloping a room with comfort and warmth to adding taste in the most luxurious yet seamless way, this burgundy tone is a real find. Luckily, not all designers and homeowners know about this shade so far. Be among the first to use this abundant wine red in your home. We’ll show you how.

Modern Burgundy

Try out this statement red shade in modern interiors. The expert-recommended contrast of red and white is a trendy option. You can also use Rumors on all walls for a contemporary, moody living room or bedroom vibe.

Rustic with A Vintage Twist

Aged color palettes, raw textures, exposed wooden surfaces, and distressed furniture pair well with the romantic burgundy Rumors. It looks exceptionally stylish on wooden wall paneling in the bathroom, kitchen cabinets, and bedroom walls.

Rose Bedroom

Set up a comfy environment in your bedroom with burgundy-painted walls. Enjoy the moody effect of this luxurious red shade combined with soft whites or bolder contrast colors. Note that various lighting conditions resurface different undertones.

Personalized Kitchen

Focus on color this season. A burgundy splash of color on the cabinets will add character to your cooking space. The designers’ favorite is a traditional, if not a cottage-style, kitchen painted burgundy. Rumors is also a modern paint color.

Statement Bathroom

The tiniest trace of burgundy in your bathroom will transform this utilitarian space into an elegant design project. It’s impressive how the same brown-red works so well in ultra-modern bathrooms, rustic interiors, and customized design ideas. White, gray, gold, wood, and stone look fashionable next to a wine-red color.

Use of Rumors in Exterior Design

On Behr’s website, colorists introduce Rumors as an interior paint color. However, burgundies are trendy among exterior paint colors. Check out another Behr find – Vermilion, a lighter brown-red with a dusty rose effect, which you can easily use for the house exterior. 

Behr’s brilliant burgundy with an intriguing name, Rumors, is the main character in many successful design projects. Be among the first to put such a trendy and historic paint color into practice.

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