A dark shade of blue with sleek splashes of light spread all over its surface and bright undertones slightly muted by a matte effect.


The common neutral colors have been replaced lately by soothing shades of brighter colors. Among the most popular ones are green, brown, and blue. Is it a coincidence or an actual phenomenon peculiar to interior design that they all are inspired by nature? The trend of bringing nature inside that has been extremely popular lately makes us stick to the latter. Indeed, people try to bring as much outdoor indoors as possible. Today, we will reveal the beauty of one particular color of this kind – Sapphire Salute. The name itself, traced to a precious stone, describes its beauty even before referring to what it looks like. 

The precious shade of blue that experts from Dulux came up with is actually a deep naval blue with tiny sparkles of mystery similar to the ones reflected by a sapphire. How meaningful, dramatic, and serene at the same time. In the same way, this precious stone reveals its essence, depending on the angle, Sapphire Salute has lots to offer, depending on the perspective. We are here to discover it at all levels.

Sapphire Salute paint color features

This fabulous color is a dark shade of blue with sleek splashes of light spread all over its surface and bright undertones slightly muted by a matte effect. Of course, it does not sparkle like a sapphire, but if you look carefully, you can notice a sense of flair that this color radiates. It is more about the depth of the precious stone that stands at the basis of this fascinating blue. Nevertheless, a small amount of light reflected on its surface replicates impressively the reflection of light on a sapphire.

Sapphire Salute: is it warm or cold?

This perfect replication of finesse is, without any doubt, a cold shade. Such imposing blue notes with dark scents feel like a fresh ocean breeze. However, its delicate undertones cannot simply allow us to call this color cold and leave it like that. We cannot help but mention that this is a unique sense of freshness. There is a splash of elegance hidden under the untouchable surface of Sapphire Salute paint color. 

How does lighting affect Sapphire Salute?

Imagine a sapphire covered in sunrays. The muted splashes of light sparkle in a playful way and add more uniqueness to this stone. Now, let’s get back to the shade of blue. Undoubtedly, it will not shine the same way, but the feeling will be similar. The more daylight, the lighter it will seem, although not losing its depth. The darker it gets, the more a dramatic look this color acquires. 

Sapphire Salute LRV

It is no secret that such dark shades have a low LRV reflectance value, although we were a little surprised to find out that this naval blue reaches a value of 8. Now you can surely draw a clear image of this color, a really deep blue, but once again, its bright scents preserve the richness of this shade. Regardless of the amount of light, it is nearly incapable of reflecting the light back. What an irony! A color inspired by a precious stone with such a low LRV, but as mentioned earlier, the essence of its name is hidden in this small amount of light that still returns after penetrating a wall painted this way. A kind of mystery that this color will simply not reveal. 

Sapphire Salute undertones

The slightly muted effect of Sapphire Salute is ensured by nearly perceived foggy gray undertones. Besides that, it is all about blue: deep, eye-catching, balanced, unique. This color is so dark that the neighboring shades cannot simply influence a bit the interpretations of this naval blue. 

Similar colors

We all know that naval blue cannot be beaten by any other dark and soothing shade. If it replaces the common neutrals, which are quite the opposite, it means that such a color is indeed special. Therefore, experts from various paint manufacturers came up with rich color palettes, including this variation. Let’s cross the Dulux borders and find out what other manufacturers have in store!

  • Hudson Bay 1680 by Benjamin Moore – a considerably lighter version of Sapphire Salute with pronounced gray undertones;
  • Newburyport Blue HC-155 by Benjamin Moore – a muted version of the previous shade;
  • Admiralty PPG 1042-7 by PPG Paints – naval blue with soothing basis and foggy particles of gray;
  • Celestial Blue PPG 1156-7 by PPG Paints – a bright alternative to naval blue with a similar deep sense of serenity;
  • Indigo Batik SW 7602 by Sherwin Williams – a dusty naval blue with quite light notes;
  • Dress Blues SW 9176 by Sherwin Williams – a slightly brighter version of Sapphire Salute.

Coordinating colors

Although naval blue is used now instead of other neutrals, it does not mean that it is this versatile. On the contrary, it is pretty picky, but the categories it likes most of all are wide enough to find a shade that fits your preference. Luckily, experts from Dulux have already prepared a list with the best matchings. Let’s go through it!

  • Blueberry White – crispy white penetrated by a few drops of a soothing blueberry shade;
  • Sea Blue – a bright blue shade devoid of any soothing scents;
  • Snail Trail – a neutral white merged with tiny drops of gray that offer it a slightly foggy effect;
  • Wishing Well – neutral gray, neither too light nor too dark;
  • Soft Peach – light orange with pinkish notes;
  • Muted Gold – light brown with muted orange undertones.

The use of Sapphire Salute in interior

Any style would benefit from such a splash of seemingly neutral but exceptionally deep shade. Sapphire Salute, a very impressive naval blue, will redefine your style and feel it with a sparkling finesse that only the color with such a name can provide. Let’s scroll through the design solutions that are ready to inspire you for a change!

Sleek contemporaneity 

First of all, it is naval blue, and today it works well within any style. Functional minimalism, irreplaceable retro, nature-inspired rustic, raw industrial, fabulous art deco; the list has no limits as long as you can say the same about your imagination. Implement your wildest design ideas involving Sapphire Salute. The already beloved-by-many shade of blue will add a touch of contemporary sense to any setting. 

Living room

Do you fancy an outstanding accent or a whole makeover, but bright colors are not about your personality? Do you feel that a soothing version is closer to you? Stop searching for a perfect shade when there is Sapphire Salute. Additional splashes of light colors, pieces of furniture in a slightly lighter shade of blue, a few pots with indoor plants, and small details in darker colors will complete the scene. 


Such a space should radiate most of all your personality, and nothing will add more individuality to your bedroom than a shade of deep blue if such colors are close to you. It is indeed dark, but the soothing surface ensures a soft effect of being surrounded by a cover of serenity that offers you space for reflection. It may feel quite draining at the start for those who are not used to such shades, but the more time you spend in a space painted in this color, the more you fall in love with its uniqueness. 

Kitchen and dining room

You have probably noticed the increasing popularity of kitchen cabinets painted in dark blue shades. It sounds rather inappropriate to call such fabulous shades simply dark. Let’s refer to them as deep shades with soothing notes! In this case, it is naval blue, and the name speaks for itself. Modern Farmhouse? Functional Scandi? Impressive Industrial? Where do we stop? Or, we probably go further. The thing is that you can opt for any style you want and still apply this color. With a light background and a few sparkling elements to enhance the precious reflective effect, your new kitchen is all about a contemporary feel and exquisite taste. 

As regards the dining area, be it a separate room or not, this shade of blue works perfectly as a background, particularly when paired with light pieces of furniture or units that involve dark wood.


How dare we speak about a shade that replicates the ocean depth and skip the bathroom? No, we simply cannot allow such a thing to happen. This shade has to be integrated, firstly, into the bathroom if you consider giving it a try in your interior. Does an accent is enough for you, or do you want to go with naval blue all over the place? It is up to you, although both cases require appropriate lighting. A little bit of brass, a few splashes of white, and your bathroom will be a replication of contemporary luxury.

Home office

Deep enough to offer you the possibility to dive into your deepest thoughts, soothing enough to keep it calm and appropriate for a work environment, stately enough to offer your workplace a formal look. Does it feel like too much or too little for naval blue? Actually, it is perfect and fully resonates with the uniqueness of this shade. A classic arrangement or a luxurious art deco setting; you can go either way, and Sapphire Salute will adapt in the process. 

The use of Sapphire Salute for house exterior

Your house will surely stand out if painted in this fabulous shade. Be it brick, stone, or wood, Sapphire Salute will cover them to the fullest. Opt for a contrastive color for the front door and a dark brown roof: aristocracy at its finest. 

Such an outstanding color will look no less impressive on the front door and a contrastive background. The by-passers will simply be impressed with such an exquisite taste of yours, but most importantly, it is about the way you feel, and such an approach will surely offer your style a sense of confidence. 

The Sapphire Salute paint color from Dulux is a real find for those who appreciate the depth hidden behind seemingly neutral shades that adapt to any style and breathe a contemporary sense into any space.

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