A wildly bright yellow-green polished with gold that can become your next favorite accent color for a trendy interior and exterior design reinvention this season.

LRV 35.2

Colorists courageously call it one of the boldest and most unusual shades in the paint color trends collection at Benjamin Moore. Savannah Green hides no secrets and audaciously shows the world a color that the name indicates – a gorgeous green hue that you can only witness in nature. Yet, now you can make it part of your next interior or exterior makeover. 

The new mind-blowing shade that has already turned heads is actually a mix of yellow, ochre, green, and even gold, resulting in a juicy paint color with a statement status – a true representative of the current color direction that reinvents the well-forgotten bright tones. More expression, emotion, and individuality are required today to stand out from the crowd, and Savannah Green is a pro in this regard. 

Savannah Green Paint Color Features

Wild and almost unreachable, Savannah Green is a real wonder in the new design world. Some may see it as a shade of mustard. Others claim to witness the revelation of an authentical ochre color. At the same time, others see nothing else but a chameleon shade that switches from green to yellow and vice versa. What about us? We see it the next way, and colorists would probably agree with us: Savannah Green has them all – ochre, green, yellow, and a tiny bit of gold polish. Each color simply comes to the fore under particular surroundings. It seems we deal with a pretty sophisticated color here. 

Savannah Green: Is It Warm or Cold?

For a start, at least at Benjamin Moore, most trending paint colors are warm – another color trend. As for Savannah Green, its composition may seem complicated, but nothing is unclear about its temperature. The whimsical paint color is warm and doesn’t change this state regardless of what personality it decides to show – yellow, green, or ochre. Don’t forget the gold veil, a late autumn leaf’s gold. There is no way a color like this can feel somehow else but warm.

How Does Lighting Affect Savannah Green?

This is when we explain how the same color can reveal so many appearances. It all depends on the lighting. Take a sunbathed room in the morning or afternoon. With slight deviations, Savannah Green displays, more or less, the yellow side – rich, bright, and gold-varnished. It still gives a few green hints, particularly visible due to the outdoor greeneries on the other side of the window. 

In spaces with northern or western exposures, the paint color feels rather ochre, yet diluted with water or somehow dusty, and the effect increases under ambient natural light. However, artificial lighting still brings out the yellow notes during the night. 

Savannah Green LRV

To show how light or dark a color is, professionals use the light reflectance value, which reveals what percentage of light the color bounces back. Note, on a scale from 0 to 100, 0 stands for dark, and the other stands for light. To say we were surprised is the least we can claim when we found out Savannah Green has an LRV of 35.2. This is pretty close to the category of dark colors. Still, the chameleon shade seems lighter when applied to an interior, without even mentioning the exterior, where it directly interacts with natural light. The thing is that Savannah Green is a very rich and deep paint color with the brightest undertones possible that happily welcome the light and bounce back the smallest part of it.

Savannah Green Undertones

You probably don’t doubt its undercover structure. Let’s mention it again for the record. Savannah Green is one of the most complex paint colors we have encountered so far, with the richest amalgam of undertones – green, yellow, ochre, and gold. 

Similar Colors

Especially for those who, for one reason or another, need an alternative to Savannah Green, even from another paint color brand, or fancy lighter or darker variations that preserve the essence of Savannah Green, we prepared a list of similar in beauty and essence paint colors.

  • Gibson Gold 378 by Benjamin Moore – literally the same green gold shade, which is especially perceived when applied to a surface, although slightly lighter due to more emphasized gold undertones;
  • French Quarter Gold 287 by Benjamin Moore – royal ochre with yellow undertones that has a green trace yet appears more golden in appearance than Savannah Green;
  • Wasabi AF-430 by Benjamin Moore – a pretty bold yellow-green yet lighter than the ochre shade and devoid of the gold varnish;
  • Escapade Gold SW 6403 by Sherwin-Williams – a pairing between yellow and green with a very subtle trace of gold, much lighter and softer than Savannah Green;
  • Margarita P330-6 by Behr – a much brighter shade of yellow-green with ochre-gold undertones that resonates with the beauty of Savannah Green when bathed by direct sunlight;
  • Creed by Dulux Australia – a lighter and more golden yellow-green that looks more or less the same as Savannah Green on a painted surface.

Coordinating Colors

If you want to make Savannah Green the room’s main accent, even when applied as a base color, choose no other pairing color but a neutral one. Crisp and soft whites are at your disposal. What you have to decide on is how much contrast your space requires. As successfully, the ochre shade pairs with other bolder paint colors for kind of eclectic design concepts. Think of Savannah Green and a stark shade of navy blue or mid-tone gray for a relatively balanced appearance. And, for the bravest homeowners and designers, colorists suggest combining the lush yellow-green with bright indigo, which you can find in the same 2023 trendy paint color selection from Benjamin Moore.

  • White Heron OC-57 by Benjamin Moore – a timeless white paint color, neither warm nor cold, yet the smallest drop of crispiness makes it a great choice for neutral and contrastive color combinations;
  • Swiss Coffee OC-45 by Benjamin Moore – one of the most popular off-white shades; a charming creamy white with the right amount of warm notes;
  • Vanilla Milkshake 2141-70 by Benjamin Moore – in contrast with the previous shade, this one is rather crispy due to the muted gray undertones on the classy white basis;
  • Fairview Taupe HC-85 by Benjamin Moore – versatile gray-brown with a mysterious green undertone on the background of which bright colors can reveal their full beauty;
  • Blue Note 2129-30 by Benjamin Moore – an irresistible and unforgettable navy blue, slightly washed out, that brings additional flair to other accent colors;
  • Starry Night Blue 2067-20 by Benjamin Moore – an electric whale blue, either navy or indigo, with the brightest base color to serve as a worthy pairing for the equally bold yellow-green companion.

Use of Savannah Green in the Interior

Savannah Green is a very uncommon paint color to be used alongside the usual colors in the interior. However, as time changes and bright colors come to replace neutral, painting all walls, an accent wall, or a furniture piece in your house this way won’t longer seem strange. Since the maximalist season is not far, you should get used to this concept. By the way, this gold ochre is not the brightest paint color by far, yet a great shade to start with. Let’s see how you can make it part of your interior!

Work-encouraging Home Office

Instead of decorating the home office walls with the same boring neutral colors, give a thought to this energetic ochre green-yellow. Consider window treatment in the same color and even paint the interior door the same shade in addition to white furnishing to avoid unnecessary accents that may disturb your attention. Such a positive color as Savannah Green cannot help but awaken your creativity and help you make the most of each workday. 

Colorful Dining Room

The apple green version of Savannah Green that reveals under the natural green coming from the outside greeneries feels very organic and appetizing, which made designers choose it as a top bright paint color for the walls in the dining area. Slightly contrasted by white trim and in collaboration with natural furnishing, giving preference to wood, rattan, sisal, bamboo, and organic fabrics, your dining room painted in green-yellow can easily become one of your favorite rooms in the house.

Eclectic Living Room

As the color as the design style. If you opt for a true maximalist living room, you cannot miss the exclusive quality of Savannah Green. Step by step: paint the walls yellow-green, choose wood for base furnishing, and go beyond limits with color for the other items in this room. A bright blue sofa, a burgundy accent table, colorful paintings on the walls, and so on. Make sure you don’t overload the space with too much accent color. A professional should work on such projects. Still, if you can feel the limit, don’t hesitate to individualize the design with a personal approach. 

Yellow-green Accent Wall in the Bedroom

We agree that a gold ochre paint color may seem too bright to wake up to or fall asleep with. Well, painting the walls entirely in this shade makes it true. Another thing is to redefine your bedroom’s style with a yellow-green accent wall or the trendiest solution – imitating the bed headboard with a partial wall painting. If you are the owner of a western or northern-exposed bedroom, you should definitely try a Savannah Green-colored accent, where the paint color seems slightly faded and perfect for a sleeping zone. 

Two-color Kitchen

Savannah Green is not a fluorescent yellow-green popular a few years ago in the kitchen. Benjamin Moore’s mustard green is a well-thought-out color with a balanced mix of undertones that stands out yet knows its place. You can safely go with kitchen cabinets painted yellow-green in a Traditional space with a Modern plot twist ensured by the contrastive whitewashed walls. 

A truly Modern kitchen in gold-ochre works as well, yet this time, consider a light blue shade as a background. As an alternative to all mentioned solutions, consider an additional color to Savannah Green and a light contrast, such as a naturally saturated green. At some level, a faded lemon kitchen gives off a Spanish vibe. Add terracotta tiles, and the look is yours. 

Kids Room

You might have doubted the use of Savannah Green in the previously mentioned spaces. You surely cannot say anything against a kids’ room with a yellow-green accent. You may dream of the perfect minimalist kids’ room with a pastel palette, which is not wrong, yet the room where your kids play and start discovering the world should be decorated with colors that encourage exploration. Luckily, Savannah Green is that type of color, and exposing it to northern light would reduce a bit from brightness, making it appealing and comfortable to the eye. A juicy yellow-green accent or a half-ochre half-white wall would do. 

Inviting Hallway

Don’t hide such a precious and joyful color like Savannah Green in the most personal space, far from the guests’ eyes. Bright colors no longer look distastefully bold and pretentious. They are the new must of modern interiors. One thing: don’t opt for a full yellow-green hallway decoration. An accent wall, an interior door, or a furnishing unit works best. Your entry space will seem welcoming and full of character, just like designed by a professional, even if you were the one to choose this trendy mustard shade.

Customized Bathroom Design

Get a taste of the most stylish interiors in 2023 with a vibrant bathroom. Deviate from the rule of clean and neutral design choices. Make space for self-expression and add color to your interior. Consider the mustard green shade for the walls or paint the vanity cabinet. It looks incredibly fashionable when paired with white or blue and white. 

Use of Savannah Green for the Exterior

When exposed to direct sunlight, Savannah Green is no longer green. It is green-yellow. A rich golden mustard that unveils some kind of faded green notes, which seem to be the play of our imagination. Again, one-tone exteriors are a thing of the past. House exteriors with well-chosen bright-colored accents are mainstream in contemporary design. 

Maybe an ochre front door for a state-of-the-art modern house painted in black seems close to your taste? Not enough? Paint the house walls in the daring gold-polished Savannah Green and make your own design statement. Not surprisingly, choosing this stylish color for the exterior matches a Spanish villa vibe, particularly if a small vineyard is part of your exterior decor. 

The Savannah Green 2150-30 paint color by Benjamin Moore is one of the brightest and most original 2023 trendy colors. The ease of pairing it with neutral and saturated colors, the uniqueness of the undertone combination, and the authenticity of design integration make it a top choice for those who are ready to express themselves through color.

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