A pleasant neutral beige with slightly perceived particles of brown, and most of all - an earthy color.

LRV 55

It seems that the list of newly found out shades of appealing beiges can go on and on. Although it feels that the yet-to-be-discovered colors cannot stand out in the sea of lots of beige shades, they always find their way to our heart and makes us fall in love with their uniqueness. Today, we analyze one of the loveliest, softest, and relaxing shades from Behr – Sculptor Clay. 

Let’s start with its name! It is clearly traced to the known natural material molded when wet in order to make pottery and ceramics, both as art and for practical use, or even bricks. It is not hard to imagine what it looks like. Nevertheless, it should be considered that this shade of beige is an interpretation of what this material looks like when it is dry. A pleasant neutral beige with slightly perceived particles of brown, and most of all – an earthy color; this would be the translation of its reflection. A new angle, different conditions, and various perspectives enrich this shade with new features. Let’s discover them from all points of view!

Sculptor Clay paint color features

At first glance, Sculptor Clay seems a usual shade of beige. The more you look, the better you perceive its delicate brownish particles that spread all over its surface and add a bit of texture. Considering that this color is associated with natural clay, which impresses with its plasticity when wet, points out the versatility of this shade. You can play within various styles the way a sculptor does with clay and reach the level of astonishing pieces of art. That’s right! A simple paint color turns out to be an impressive tool for creating masterpieces, even from the perspective of interior design.

Sculptor Clay: is it warm or cold?

The balance of warm and cold undertones found in Sculptor Clay makes it difficult to state whether it is a cold or warm shade. The brown notes are the ones to play the trick. They are slightly cool, refreshing the color to an appropriate level, but, at the same time, their belonging to earthy scents cannot simply allow us to skip the part when we have to mention that they radiate a sense of warmth and safety. That’s not all! The more factors are involved, such as lighting or neighboring colors, the more complex this shade seems, but we are here to make it clear!

How does lighting affect Sculptor Gray?

All in all, the brownish notes cannot stand lighting, particularly if it is daylight. They simply disappear into the dance of sunrays and free the space for the light beige scents that bring a feeling of renewal and hope. Once the paint is slightly touched by shadow, the brown undertones are back as they have never left. The color may seem darker but dark enough to call it comforting rather than cold due to its warm undertones.

Sculptor Clay LRV

A seemingly light shade of beige like this supposes a high LRV but not this one. It is still complex, remember? Once the cool undertones feel a slight touch of daylight, they capture it, and only a small part of it is reflected back. As usual, we back our statements with facts. The LRV of this shade is 55. We can surely place it within the category of middle tones. All things considered, this neutral beige is quite capable of reflecting a substantial amount of light and enlarging the space. Of course, one condition is required – to ensure enough lighting.

Sculptor Clay undertones

There is probably no need to mention the presence of brown undertones one more time, although this is what we do right now. It is probably for the best. The more we repeat it, the clearer it will be; Sculptor Clay’s appearance is much influenced by these particular notes. There are a few more things to consider. It seems that this shade is also not devoid of a haze effect due to tiny particles of gray. Furthermore, particular lighting may bring subtle purple scents to the surface. Is it the reflection of neighboring shades? Why purple in particular? Or is it an illusion? It actually depends on your perception. Nevertheless, it is to be noted that particular shades of brown indeed can radiate particles of soothing purple. It is more about the play with undertones that lead to such a result.

Similar colors

There are lots of beige shades, and each of them is unique. The difference lies in small details, and these shades are known for their ability to hide such nuances. Discover it yourself by taking a look at the list with colors similar to Sculptor Clay. Believe us, there are plenty of them, and neither is less impressive. Why stop at Behr only? Let’s also see what other paint manufacturers have in store!

  • Coliseum Marble PPU8-16 – a lighter version of Sculptor Clay devoid of clearly pronounced brown particles;
  • Yuma Sand HDC-NT-18 – a cooler version of Sculptor Clay, although the LRV is quite the same;
  • Dune Grass N340-2 – an interpretation of what Sculptor Clay would look like if a few notes of fresh gray would have been added;
  • Hazelwood 1005 by Benjamin Moore – cool beige with noticeable gray scents;
  • Rose Dust 1010 by Benjamin Moore – a shade similar to the previous, although slight pinkish particles are spread all over the surface;
  • Alpaca SW 7022 by Sherwin Williams – dusty beige with serene grayish notes;
  • Sedate Gray SW 6169 by Sherwin Williams – neutral beige penetrated by light gray undertones;
  • Whippet PPG 1020-3 by PPG Paints – a light combination of beige with gray, neither cold nor warm;
  • Legendary PPG 1019-3 by PPG Paints – light beige with cool gray particles at its basis.

Coordinating colors

Such a versatile color cannot help but get friendly with every shade it meets. Clearly, it is a general statement. From a narrow perspective, we can say that Sculptor Clay works with at least a few shades from every category. Cold and warm, light and dark, soothing and bright; it finds a way to cooperate with shades of any kind. Let’s go through the best colors to pair with this shade of beige!

  • Polar Bear 75 – neutral white that impresses with its combination of crispy and slightly warm undertones;
  • Dash of Oregano S330-6 – slightly bright brown with yellowish notes;
  • Ballet Rose S130-3 – pale shade of pink enriched with a soft effect;
  • Ocean Boulevard PPU13-10 – light azure, calming and refreshing at the same time;
  • Aerial View S530-3 – soothing purple with a slight resemblance to lavender;
  • Bay Water S380-4 – light brown with cool grayish notes;
  • Dignified Purple N110-6 – dark brown penetrated by a few notes of dusty crimson;
  • Juniper Berries PPU13-02 – dark gray with a foggy surface;
  • Infinite Deep Sea S500-7 – dark purple enriched with an endless sense of depth;
  • Sanderling S220-3 – warm beige merged with a few pink particles.

The use of Sculptor Clay paint color in interior

Is beige popular? More than ever. Is this particular shade appropriate for all styles? Most of them. The thing is that Sculptor Clay is versatile and adapts to any preferences. Functionality, elegance, vintage, naturalness – Sculptor Clay can be applied to all these aspects and even leave room for other shades as well. Undoubtedly, one of its prominent features is the sense of safety and comfort it radiates. The warm brown undertones, which do not get colder under the shadow, are responsible for the coziness that is really felt within a space painted in this color. Let’s see how it works by considering a few design solutions that imply Sculptor Clay!

Natural texture

Reveal the entire beauty of this color within spaces decorated with natural wood. The rich brown particles will penetrate the wood texture, resulting in a harmonious pairing. From living through the hallway to the most intimate spaces, this shade will adapt to the particular level of comfort. Wood trim, furniture, or flooring in combination with this color only will set the basis for a successful design. Add a few splashes of white to balance the environment, a few indoor plants for a new sparkle of invigoration, and ensure harmony with nature.

Minimalist functionality

Minimalist spaces are known for their emphasis on functionality and simplicity of design. Usually, neutral colors are integrated, and beige is among the leading ones. Instead of opting for a pale beige that could slightly blur the picture, consider Sculptor Clay. It is no less neutral, adapts to any setting, and, most importantly, brings a note of flair to simple designs without risking the initial purpose to preserve functionality. Furthermore, minimalist designs usually imply such simple arrangements that they may seem cold, at some point, by means of feeling. This is when Behr’s shade of beige keeps you on the safe side by adding this touch of delicate softness and comfort. 


Neutral color with excellent comforting abilities and adaptable to any style; it sounds like the perfect recipe for a paint color to be used in the bedroom. Would you like to fall asleep surrounded by a cocoon-like environment and wake up in a pleasant atmosphere of comfort? Sculptor Clay is a real find for those who really appreciate the coziness that only a paint color can radiate. Under appropriate lighting, which will brighten up this shade, you are free to consider particular accents that will be able to bloom at their finest on such a perfect backdrop. 

Kitchen and dining room

We have already established that Sculptor Gray is perfect for the background. Of course, it stays the same for the kitchen. Nevertheless, we suggest you breathe a new life into the cabinets with this outstanding color that will reveal its brown undertones to the fullest on a white background. A few steel elements to refresh the environment or brass hardware for a vintage effect will enhance the overall design. One should note that even in poor lighting, cabinets painted this way will preserve their soft surface. 

The scene changes when we reach the dining space. Sculpture Clay will look fabulous on the walls, accompanied by pieces of furniture of any style. When applied to such spaces, this shade instantly reveals another feature – it is impressively appetizing. 

Kids’ room

First of all, this shade is versatile and will serve as a true companion both in nurseries and when your kid grows up. The slightly muted cover will ensure a pleasant environment for relaxation and a perfect background for accents. Brighten up the space with a splash of white, such as for furniture, or add dark brown elements to enhance coziness. Such settings are all about harmony, and our beloved shade of beige will manage this task the best it can.


We are still discovering this color. This is what we found out this far: Sculptor Clay is surprisingly inviting but, most of all, welcoming so that every return from a working day feels like a warm hug. Its impressive ability to integrate fast into any space enriches it with a sense of familiarity, which we like to return to at the end of the day. As you have probably understood, Sculptor Clay is perfect for the hallway. We will repeat it again and again: a splash of white and wood texture; these are its favorite partners. 

The use of Sculptor Clay for house exterior

Do you still wonder if this shade can get even better in terms of perfection? Yes, it can, and its integration for the house exterior is actual proof. Be it wood, stone, or even brick; Sculptor Clay will cover them with taste and naturalness. It looks particularly inspiring during summer on the background of greenery. What about the roof, door, and window frames? A contrastive color is perfect for emphasizing the house details . 

Do you like the color but are not sure whether it will preserve its stately look in your particular climate? No worries! Go with smaller details! Paint the front door in this color, considering a light background. 

The Sculptor Clay paint color from Behr is like a piece of clay you can play with and give shape to your wildest ideas. Versatile, inducing a sense of safety, traced to nature, exclusively calming and stylish. Of course, nothing is perfect, but this shade is surely directed this way. 

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