A very light shade of gray penetrated by beige scents. Actually, one of the most popular grays at Behr.

LRV 70

The list of gray shades that paint manufacturers regularly come up with is simply limitless. Every new hue of this kind discovered by us is even more impressive. The leading character of this article is a unique shade of gray that almost reaches the level of the so-called “greige” shades that are neither gray or beige but definitely have something from both. Silver Drop from Behr is an unusual color – a seemingly light shade of gray that obviously hides something. The more you look at it, the more noticeable its pale basis becomes, and the slight beige particles interact with the rather coolish gray notes. 

As usual, we start with the name, which, one may assume, refers to an indeed cold shade of gray – a silverish one, while the color itself is nothing but a very light and warm shade of gray. Where does it come from? Well, it was probably inspired by the joyful sun rays reflected by a cool drop of rain or the same sun rays that try to penetrate the grayish clouds. This explains the presence of soft undertones besides the stormy notes of gray. So far, so good, although Silver Drop has not been yet half-revealed. The most interesting part is yet to come. Let’s discover it together!

Silver Drop paint color features

Silver Drop can be easily mistaken with a shade of white. Still, it is a very light shade of gray penetrated by beige scents. Actually, one of the most popular grays at Behr, Silver Drop can be called without any doubt a chameleon color. At times white, at other times – a true gray, this impressive shade adapts to particular situations, depending on the light and neighboring colors. We should also not forget about its resemblance to greige shades since an appropriate amount of warm light can bring the beige notes to the surface. One thing is clear: Silver Drop is a versatile color. What about the feelings it radiates? It makes you feel surrounded by a neutral color whose light particles spread all over its surface and makes you think it has a wavy and sparkling cover, which is probably another reason for its name. 

Silver Drop: is it warm or cold?

As mentioned, Silver Drop is warm, and this feature is easily noticed. Particularly in daylight, this color reveals its entire range of soft undertones and hypnotizes with its flair. It can be explained by the presence of a subtle hint of beige and the fact that the gray basis itself is rather pale. There is no other way such a shade could go than being an indeed warm color with softening and calming scents.

How does lighting affect Silver Drop?

The whole range of soft undertones can be revealed at this color only with an appropriate amount of light, better if it is daylight. An artificial source of this kind is no less effective if it consists of cool undertones. Once we speak about warm artificial light or at least a lack of daylight, Silver Drop instantly transforms into a true gray, but even such conditions do not change its soft appearance. 

Silver Drop LRV

Such a light shade deserves a relatively high LRV, and this is what we come to: The light reflectance value of Silver Drop is 70. No wonder why it is so popular! It is a special shade of gray that stays true to its values and also comes with a bonus, or rather two: it is impressively soft and, most of all, it can reflect a substantial amount of light, making the room look spacious. We are definitely joining those who fell in love with this shade.

Silver Drop undertones

Do you still wonder what the undertones of Silver Drop are? Definitely, a limited amount of beige notes are defining in this sense. Consider a few sparkles of light and splash of softness, and the beloved shade from Behr is ready. It still seems like something is missing. That’s right – its reflective particles that reveal themselves under particular lighting.

Similar colors

As you probably know, gray shades like this, which are impressively light, extremely soft, but no less neutral, are very popular. No wonder they are to be found in a wide range of variations at the same Behr and other paint manufacturers. Sometimes, the difference is so unnoticeable that you simply mistake one with another. Still, each behaves differently, which makes them all unique. Let’s go through at least some of them!

  • Campfire Ash N320-1 – a  slightly darker alternative to Silver Drop with more pronounced gray notes;
  • Seagull Gray N360-1 – light gray with slightly perceived beige undertones penetrated by a cool shadow;
  • Drift of Mist SW 9166 by Sherwin Williams – a more intense version of Silver Drop;
  • Nouvelle White SW 6273 by Sherwin Williams – light gray slightly softened and penetrated by a few particles of soothing purple;
  • Polished Pebble by Dulux – a slightly warmer version of Silver Drop due to more visible beige notes;
  • Dusted Moss 3 by Dulux – a shade preserving the same contrast between gray and beige, although with a slightly cooler basis;
  • Kitten Whiskers 1003 by Benjamin Moore – a noticeably warmer shade of gray that enters the category of greige shades;
  • Warm Grey 2 by Pantone – a shade of gray that finds itself between Silver Drop and Kitten Whiskers.

Coordinating colors

Regardless of its impressive neutrality, Silver Drop is quite picky. Would you fancy a brighter companion? This shade from Behr would not totally agree to cooperate. On the other hand, it works exquisitely with soothing shades, particularly light pastels, favoring bold accents as well if these are dark. The list of possible successful collaborations is so wide that you will simply not want to search for a new color when the offered ones are surprisingly inspiring. Guess what! Experts from Behr have prepared for you a wide range of colors that would work with Silver Drop. Let’s take a look!

  • Night Blooming Jasmine YL-W10 – appealing shade of white with subtle creamy notes and impressively hypnotizing with its charming soft notes;
  • Seedling PPU9-09 – very light shade of soothing green with a quite coolish basis and slightly perceived particles of beige;
  • Dusty Lilac N110-1 – soothing shade of purple, resembling a warm variation of lavender;
  • Loft Space N500-2 – cool lavender with a soothing surface;
  • Centre Stage N550-2 – a more intense shade of lavender with a soothing basis and noticeable notes of purple;
  • White Metal N520-1 – a shade similar to Loft Space with a bit warmer particles of purple;
  • Gothic Purple N110-4 – soothing shade of dark purple with a pleasant hint of beige;
  • Spinach Dip M340-4 – green shade with warm undertones slightly played down by soothing particles;
  • Millennium Silver HDC-NT-27 – pale shade of dark gray with a few drops of blue;
  • Royal Fortune S560-5 – a delicate variation of a slightly light naval blue;
  • Dove HDC-MS-21 – a shade similar to Silver Drop, although with a few drops of darker gray.

Use of Silver Drop in interior

Let’s put it this way: Silver Drop is neutral, versatile, a bit refreshing, a bit softening, and definitely trendy. It sounds like a perfect shade to work with in the interior. Why not give it a try? Designers suggest that Silver Drop works impressively well in north-facing rooms due to its warm undertones, which usually lack natural light and seem rather cool. Another option is west-facing rooms, where Silver Drop brings a few splashes of bright freshness. At the same time, the south-facing rooms, usually bathed in sunlight, would bring the rather yellowish undertones to the Silver Drop surface. It seems we have to say a few things about east-facing rooms as well. These receive daylight penetrated by a few bluish notes, meaning that the perfect option for such spaces is grays with blue or green undertones, which is unfortunately not about our shade. Now, let’s dive into some design solutions!

Embrace Hygge

They say Hygge is the art of comfort. Inspired by the Nordic lifestyle and enriched with coziness and an overall appreciation for good things in life. The extremely popular design trend implies natural materials, comfort inspiring elements, and, most importantly – neutral colors that radiate a similar level of softness. Luckily, Silver Drop meets these standards, and you can benefit from this beautiful shade within a similarly comfortable environment. Of course, you should consider painting the walls in this shade and accompany them with soft throw blankets and faux fur rugs. Don’t forget about the integration of wood and bamboo. Ensure diffused lighting with string lights and, additionally, set a reading area to fully integrate hygge. 

Neoclassical piece of art

The Neoclassical style has gone through a lot of changes to reach the contemporary result. The flamboyant wall moldings and exquisite chandeliers have stayed the same while modern pieces of furniture have been added and the background has been updated. If cooler shades of gray with blue undertones were a must a few years ago, now this aspect is covered by warm shades, and Silver Drop is a perfect option. It will offer the overly formal environment an unusual splash of comfort that preserves the appealing feel of ease without risking the stately look of such an interior.


Some say Silver Drop replicates a cocoon-like feeling. Is it true or not? Well, the statement was made by those who already experienced it. We tend to believe facts, and it seems that this one seems quite reliable. Therefore, we suggest you paint the walls in this shade and add all the pieces of furniture that belong to this space, opting for a particular style since Silver Drop will surely adapt to it. Keep it sleek by accompanying this color with soothing shades or add a bit of accent with darker-colored units.

Kitchen and dining room

If you have read some of our previous articles, you have probably noticed that every shade of gray that we referred to works perfectly in the kitchen and no less impressively in the dining area. If the latter surely goes with walls painted in this seemingly neutral color that reveals rather appetizing notes when applied in such spaces, a kitchen would much benefit from cabinets painted in this shade. We usually suggest adding a few sparkles of light by opting for brass hardware, but this is exactly the case when we advise you to keep it sleek by considering other neutrals for the backsplash, walls, and other elements. Such an approach will let the Silver Drop reveal its entire range of soft scents.


The warm undertones of Silver Drop are responsible for the unique feel of comfort, which seems extremely inviting. It sounds like features a hallway will surely benefit from. One thing should be noted: there is no need to decorate this space with various pieces of furniture and decor units. Stick to the principle of functionality and let this shade play the rest. Additional shades will only block the beige undertones from penetrating the space to the fullest, which are the ones to ensure the welcoming feature.


Are you a fan of all-gray interiors? Luckily, Silver Drop is that shade of gray you can surely use to the fullest, and the bathroom is the perfect space to put it into practice. From painting the walls to going with the same color for the cabinets and preserving the same undertones for the tiles, your bathroom will radiate harmony while keeping it sleek, contemporary, and exquisitely stylish. Nevertheless, this is not the only option. You can as well consider dark-colored cabinets to dilute the monochromatic palette. 

Use of Silver Drop for house exterior

Light shades of gray are especially trendy now. Those that have additional particles of warmth and softness seem like a leading option, particularly when it comes to the house exterior. If you decide to go with Silver Drop for your house walls, consider natural wood for the front door, window frames, and roof; it is not mandatory, although the result will simply let you without words. It is all due to the warm gray undertones that resonate with the wooden texture. The same undertones ensure an appealing appearance to this color even when used in limited amounts, such as for the front door.

The Silver Drop 790C-2 paint color from Behr is an irreplaceable neutral, outstanding source of softness, impressively popular, versatile, and not the least – an astonishing shade of gray that stays true to its features and is ready to embrace new values. Could you dream of something more? It is worth giving a try if you think about integrating gray into your interior or exterior design.

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