A light gray with a beige hint responsible for its warm feature and blue-green notes. Still, may sometimes seem a soothing blue-gray or a soft green-gray with particular variations.

LRV 59

When it comes to naturalness and calmness, no other gray replicates them better than Silver Strand SW 7057 from Sherwin-Williams. The popular paint color has entered the designers’ hearts and cannot simply get out of style. This is a prominent chameleon color, unlike the true grays we often refer to. 

Silver Strand is light gray with a beige hint responsible for its warm feature and blue-green notes. No wonder it is trendy when such a wide sea of possibilities opens for homeowners. Still, the SW 7057 paint color may sometimes seem a soothing blue-gray or a soft green-gray with particular variations. All this when this flexible gray is regarded as neutral. Let’s reveal the secrets behind such an impeccable and versatile paint color!

Silver Strand paint color features

The unique paint color from Sherwin-Williams is definitely a gray shade, but which one? There cannot be a clear answer since this shade behaves differently in specific conditions. One thing is clear: it leans either blue or green without losing its silverish softness. A space painted this way seems airy and relaxing, penetrated by intense notes that play with your imagination and radiate a pleasantly overwhelming beach vibe.

Silver Strand: is it warm or cold?

The blue and green undertones cannot help but make this color seem cool. In this sense, one cannot refer to a cold shade since there is a graceful softness in the soothing blue-gray or green-gray notes that this color reveals. It feels refreshing and calming simultaneously, which means that a few particles of softness accompany the cool scents. This is just a general perspective on this shade. It plays by different rules under the influence of specific lighting or neighboring colors, which will be dwelt on later. 

How does lighting affect Silver Strand?

The furthest we get, the more secrets we reveal. The outcome gets even more confusing under particular lighting conditions since this paint color shows off its combination of blue and green undertones in various ways. Silver Strand looks particularly cool in north-facing spaces revealing intense blue or green notes (different people see it in different ways). In east and west-southing rooms, this paint color gets neutralized by the warm sun rays, while south-facing spaces bring the softest variation of this color without risking the blue-green undertones. If during the day the SW 7057 paint color seems particularly airy, a slight touch of artificial lighting (again, it depends on the undertones) makes the blue and green scents shine in a more saturated way, when it seems that the gray base fades entirely. 

Silver Strand LRV

On a scale from 0 to 100, where the latter stands for an indeed true shade of white, Silver Strand has a value of 59, which places it in the middle tone group gravitating towards the light side. It looks lighter than this value implies, although the intense blue and gray notes reduce its ability to reflect light throughout the space a bit, which is still quite impressive. We can even speak about an impeccable expanding effect. However, an appropriate amount of light should be considered.

Silver Strand undertones

It is already clear; Silver Strand is injected with blue-green drops that make this color more than a gray. Furthermore, sometimes, one cannot notice any gray splash since the blue/green notes are so intense. There is one more thing that needs to be mentioned. Silver Strand may show a slight beige undertone (it is not without reason that this paint color refers to the strand) that does not reduce the cool effect but rather softens it. 

Similar colors

The range of gray shades is so broad that a whole book would not be enough to name only all the possible blue/green-gray variations. You can probably assume that the list of similar shades to Silver Strand is quite wide, and you would not be wrong. Still, we want to refer to the most prominent shades in this sense, although we promise to also consider paint colors from other manufacturers. Let’s discover them little by little!

  • Pearl Gray SW 0052 – lighter gray with a visible beige hint and rather green undertones;
  • Antimony SW 9552 – slightly darker gray with a more intense gray base, although the blue-green notes are still there;
  • Front Porch SW 7651 – almost identical to SW 7057, seeming slightly lighter;
  • Sweater Weather SW 9548 – unnoticeably lighter gray with a more pronounced gray base not devoid of green undertones;
  • Stonington Gray HC-170 by Benjamin Moore – slightly lighter alternative, impressively identical to the previous shade;
  • Gentility CHs-30 by PPG Pittsburgh Paints – identical to Silver Strand, the difference being its slightly lower LRV;
  • Skylight 205 by Farrow & Ball – almost identical to SW 7057 with a slightly darker LRV and cooler notes.

Coordinating colors

First of all, you should choose between a monochromatic or contrastive palette. In the first case, you can opt for other shades of gray, off-white, or soothing greens and blues for a harmonious combination with Silver Strand. No less bluish and greenish variations, although bold ones, can be considered for a contrast. Even more intense shades of beige and gray will perfectly stand out on the neutral background ensured by SW 7057. At the same time, a pure shade of white would work as well for the trim or ceiling. Let’s scroll through a few examples!

  • Pure White SW 7005 – one of the most versatile shades of white devoid of any intense undertones, which works perfectly for details on a blue-green gray background;
  • Snowbound SW 7004 – crispy white with gray undertones with a snowy freshness feature to go hand in hand with the no less airy notes of SW 7057;
  • Reserved White SW 7056 – cool white with slight gray notes to look like flowing from the gray base of Silver Strand;
  • Unusual Gray SW 7059 – medium gray with a visible green hint that would resonate with undertones alike at Silver Strand;
  • Illusive Green SW 9164 – dark green diluted with a few gray particles and penetrated by a beige note that would perfectly complete the opposite features of SW 7057;
  • Vintage Vessel SW 9050 – medium green with a fresh gray base to complement the natural beauty of the blue-green gray;
  • Attitude Gray SW 7060 – extremely dark gray with cool green undertones whose impressively accent intensity would go in perfect harmony with notes alike felt at Silver Strand;
  • Proper Gray SW 6003 – medium gray gravitating towards the dark side with a neutral base not devoid of a tiny hint of soft beige to complement the serene effect;
  • Utterly Beige SW 6080 – medium-to-dark beige with earthy brown notes and an impeccable foggy effect to exquisitely contrast the neutral gray shade.

Use of Silver Strand in interior

The integration in the interior of a gray with intriguing undertones is a no-fail option in contemporary settings due to its neutrality and individuality. The beach vibe of Silver Strand points instantly to the Coastal style, which should be considered in the first place. One should note that this color works in any space and even adapts to other interior styles. You should decide whether the color palette is monochromatic or contrastive, and appropriately choose the companions to make the most of this fantastic blue-green gray. Let’s go through a few design solutions that would bring your interior to the next level!

Coastal calmness

This neutral gray with soothing blue-green notes replicates the beach vibe itself. Just imagine its integration within a Coastal style. Even the winter days will feel warm, while the hot summer days will be filled with a refreshing ocean breeze. Due to the neutral base, Silver Strand works impeccably for the walls, which you can expose blue or green accents on to harmonize with the color undertones. Stick to light wood for the floor and pieces of furniture and white for particular units to keep it fresh.

Living room

The SW 7057 paint color from Sherwin-Williams adjusts to particular elements within various interiors, and the play with colors can bring your living room to any level you want. Consider Silver Strand as a backdrop and paint with shades alike or contrasts. Wood texture is much welcome to combine with a similar natural shade, particularly dark wood for a traditional setting and light wood for a modern approach. Opt for more intense grays, blues, and greens for the textiles, and harmony will be the constant guest of this space.


You will be amazed to discover how many directions this shade can take in the bedroom. Designers suggest combining the blue-green walls with soft brown curtains and light shades of the kind for the bed is a contemporary bedroom with an original contrast is a priority. On the other hand, this shade would fabulously work if paired with wood texture penetrated by gray notes and complemented with a charming chandelier for a classic, leaning slightly vintage setting. Still, the win-win option is a monochromatic palette with various references to gray, green, and blue for a relaxing beach vibe.

Kitchen and dining room

The flexible shade of gray has agreed to work as a background for white cabinets and an accent for the cabinetry on a light backdrop. Additional details include brass splashes, a green or blue accent island, and wooden elements. However, the dining area seems to stick to one approach particularly – Silver Strand walls, worn-by-time-like table and chairs, and a sleek yet striking chandelier for an unobtrusive mix of Farmhouse and Classical.


If you are looking for a welcoming mix of notes, take a look at Silver Strand from Sherwin-Williams in combination with rich wood penetrated by warm orange scents. The contrastive sources of naturalness will complete each, offering this space an inviting environment you will be happy to return to after a hard workday.


You can go two ways in this space: whether you opt for a sleek monochromatic interior, considering green-blue gray walls and white for the other elements or a bold statement with intriguing gray cabinets, an accent wall, and metallic details. In the second case, the neutral gray will neutralize the rich contrasts. Either way, we cannot help but see the appropriateness of this coast-inspired color within the bathroom.

Use of Silver Strand for house exterior

Silver Strand seems a bit lighter when applied to the house exterior, which makes it a perfect neutral with a touch of uniqueness due to its rather green undertones that blend exquisitely with the outdoor greenery and stand out discreetly on a snowy background. As you have probably understood, the SW 7057 paint color is a go-to option for the house walls, which shine in a new way when paired with a dark gray roof. 

If you are looking for a perfect companion to your brick walls, paint the front door this way. The contrastive shades will radiate warmth and a welcoming feeling. It seems bold, but you will simply fall in love with your house exterior once you go with this approach.

The Silver Strand SW 7057 paint color from Sherwin-Williams is a neutral gray, at first glance, and an intriguing shade full of secrets once you look at it more, some of which we already revealed. The rest is the magic this paint color plays on your interior and exterior, which makes it an indeed unique shade of gray.

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