A dusty pink shade resembling the foggy mountain peak at sunsrise; a paint color that nourishes, restores, and helps you find harmony with yourself and the outdoors.

LRV 53

Inspired by the North American southern landscapes, the dusty neutral paint Smokey Pink from the award-winning color brand Behr amazes us with its connection to the outdoor world. This color is everything we have craved over the past few years – finding an escape, exploring our inner selves, and relaxing from daily worries. The paint manufacturer is very thoughtful of our well-being this season and undoubtedly won with Smokey Pink. Find out why!

Smokey Pink Paint Color Features

As the name suggests, the newly discovered paint color from the Neutral color group is a dusty pink shade traced to the hazy blush color that blooms at the foggy peaks of the Great Smoky Mountains at sunrise. The connection to the wild natural world is undeniable. Smokey Pink allures us with a strong desire to explore the world or feel it right inside our houses. Simultaneously, we cannot avoid this pink shade’s caring, relaxing, and welcoming side. 

This innocent and optimistic tone of soft pink works for you if you treasure kindness,  hospitality, calmness, love, and optimism. By the way, pink is not necessarily a feminine color. This color is traced to masculine energy in some cultures, such as the Japanese one. 

Smokey Pink: Is It Warm or Cold?

Let’s be honest. Everybody interprets colors differently, especially if those are neutral. If we see a specific color as warm or cold, it doesn’t mean you’ll see it the same way. This is the perfect time to use the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) value that you can find on Behr’s official website. At Smokey Pink, the amount of red slightly prevails, making it a warm paint color.

How Does Lighting Affect Smokey Pink?

If you would love the pink shade as it is on the color sample, consider it in a room with windows facing the north side. The cold natural light will ensure the dusty and slightly deeper pink. Expect a lighter and less misty pink with a softer effect in a room fully flooded with southern natural light. Either way, you won’t be left without the tiniest trace of warm and affectionate color. 

Smokey Pink LRV

The mysterious pink hue reflects 53% of light out of 100. Such a Light Reflectance Value shows that Smokey Pink is an almost perfect mid-tone shade. Offering a slightly intense pigment, it is still light. You can safely paint the walls in a smaller room without ideal lighting conditions. 

Smokey Pink Undertones

There is more to a pink base color to ensure a color like Smokey Pink. A handful of foggy gray undertones make this dusty rose the way it is. We should not overlook the slightest beige hint that shares its warmth with pink. If it had not been for the nature-inspired name, we would have said this paint color is a sepia pink, as if filmed on a vintage camera. 

Similar Colors

Scrolling through the available color palettes at Behr and other popular brands, we found the following paint colors that effortlessly resonate with the romantic and comforting Smokey Pink:

  • Gray Ashlar N170-3 by Behr – with a 99% similarity to Smokey Pink, this unnoticeably fresher pink can effortlessly replace the latter;
  • Race Track N180-3 by Behr – a slightly lighter dusty rose devoid of the vintage scent noticed at Smokey Pink; still, a competitive substitute;
  • Ash Rose N130-1 by Behr – a refreshing gray-pink, close to Smoky Pink, yet not as warm and soft;
  • Rose Dust 1010 by Benjamin Moore – a lighter and more neutral gray-pink, less warm and perfect for a room flooded with direct sunlight;
  • Gobi Desert 2110-50 by Benjamin Moore – a sandy pink underlined by gray notes; to our surprise, much lighter and fresher than SP;
  • Angora SW 6036 by Sherwin-Williams – a somewhat purplish gray-pink, considerably lighter and more formal;
  • Artistic Taupe SW 6030 by Sherwin-Williams – a more profound, violet-scented gray-pink devoid of the imposing warmth perceivable at its counterpart from Behr.

Coordinating Colors

If you want to emphasize the serene and calming vibe intended by the mountain peak paint, pair it with lighter grays or darker pastel mauves to add an accent. Since Smoky Pink looks pretty similar to light purple, a neutral color, it is a great friend for saturated hues, such as nature-inspired greens, blues, browns, cherry pinks, yellow greens, and violets. Following the current color trends, colorists from Behr offer the following coordinating shades:

  • Cameo Stone N160-1 – a gorgeous off-white diluted with washed-out yellow that makes for a very soft and bright beige;
  • Chocolate Heart N170-5 – a dark and natural brown covered in dust resembling the delicious color of dark chocolate chips;
  • Peaceful Blue S470-3 – a vivid watery blue with a neutral base color that expands the room limits and induces a strongly perceived sense of serenity;
  • Queen’s Violet S110-3 – a medium shade of purple with a bright summertime hint that radiates warmth and modern self-expression;
  • Nature’s Reflection N430-2 – a pale green-blue with a sky-clean effect as if reflecting the pure nature of the outdoor world;
  • Brazilian Citrine S310-5 – a bold and attention-seeking mustard green with a wild jungle effect;
  • Medieval Wine S100-7 – a dark grape purple with romantic scents of the past, great for paying tribute to tradition in modern design concepts;
  • Chocolate Therapy N150-7 – a rich earthy brown with a tinge of yellow to use instead of black for a more organic contrast;
  • Secluded Woods S420-7 – a deep and pure green shade resonating with the tranquility of the wild woods untouched by human beings;
  • Blueprint S470-5 – a middle-to-dark gray-blue with a prevailing sea blue note, endless, peaceful, and escaping;
  • Wine Not MQ1-02 – a gorgeous violet rose resembling freshly brewed wine.

Use of Smokey Pink in Interior

Pink, primarily neutral like Smoky Pink, is a much more exciting alternative to usual grays and beiges that work for almost any room. We remind you once again that pink is not a feminine color only. Most designers associate this tone with a brand-new masculine interpretation in the current design era. Pair it with dark colors and achieve a stylish and intriguing man’s bedroom. At some level, this color is romantic and nostalgic. At others, up to date and inspiring. There is a place for the foggy pink from Behr in any house. 

Vintage Style Pink

It all depends on the decor. If you decide to pair the hazy shade of pink with distressed wood texture, antiques, classic furniture, and worn-by-time brass here and there, the paint color will instantly adapt. Add romance and attractive features to your Vintage bedroom, family room, or kitchen with a sepia gray pink from Behr.

Modern Neutral Pink

Pair Smokey Pink with pastel shades inspired by nature, such as green, blue, or purple. If you fancy more contrast, think of bright and juicy shades on the dusty pink background in any room of the house. Ensure as much free space as possible. Allow natural light to flood the room through large windows. You can safely use the existing furniture and decor if you don’t want additional expenses. Everything looks fancy on the new pink canvas. 

Designers claim that decorative wall art looks even more fashionable when the walls are painted in neutrals with deep pigments, such as the haze rose shade from Behr.

Versatile Pink: New Favorite Color for the Bedroom

The sepia rose paint color is nurturing and romantic, starring in the latest color trends. Its sweet and delicate features have no boundaries. If you care about your well-being, strive for a strong connection with nature, and are constantly looking for new ways to rediscover yourself, taste the potential of Smokey Pink in your bedroom. Any new color, texture, and personal design mark bloom in a fresh way on the stylish pink background. Feel free to bring in new design styles you like or simply repaint all walls or an accent all in SP, and the one room in the house where you can fully be your true self will entirely connect with your needs. 

Kitchen and Dining Room

The sunrise pink paint is pretty deep and will perfectly stand out all by itself if used on kitchen walls or cabinets. Designers recommend pastel green or blue combined with the dusty pink if you direct your design toward a modern eclectic look. Still, the classy pink and white have never disappointed in the cooking space. Does it seem too simple to you? Try pink and black, which are more dynamic and eye-catching. 

Experts use SP in dining rooms with an artistic twist. They simply paint the walls pink and allow homeowners to choose their decor. The bolder, the better. As for furniture, natural wood reveals pretty amazingly its richly grained texture on the “neutral” background.


You may ask why Smokey Pink when there are so many available pinks to opt for in the bathroom. Well, you are free to choose any shade you want. Yet, are you sure you want to give up on a trendy southern pink that will gently warm up the bathroom and pair with literally any design concept? 

Use of Smokey Pink for House Exterior

You can easily paint your traditional exterior house walls in this dusty pink shade. Still, its top choice is modern houses. Note that SP looks much lighter when applied to exterior design. It can also feel warmer if your home is located in a southern region with constant warm weather. 

What you can successfully do with Smokey Pink on a traditional house exterior is choose this paint color for the front door and opt mandatorily for gold hardware. The result will leave you without words. 

The Smokey Pink N150-2 paint color by Behr gathered the best from nature – sunrise serenity, summertime warmth, southern energy, morning optimism, and most importantly, natural authenticity. After the last few years of constant search for something to help you relax and connect again with your inner self, now it is high time you pay attention to your well-being. The peaceful gray-pink paint color is at your disposal.

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