A breath of fresh air, a feel of freedom, a state of clearness; this is what experts associate with the winter-inspired shade.

LRV 73

Snowfall SW 6000 is a crispy white shade of paint from Sherwin-Williams that will change your perspective regarding the white color. A breath of fresh air, a feel of freedom, a state of clearness; this is what experts associate with the winter-inspired shade. It is a fact that this hue belongs to cool neutrals – the beloved impartial shades that impress with their versatility. Just imagine waking up on a crisp winter morning and witnessing the elegant dance of snow crystals; this invigorating yet calming scene is a perfect interpretation of what it feels like to be in a room painted in Snowfall. 

Snowfall paint color features

Refreshing, stimulating, inspiring, all these features belong to the cool shade from Sherwin-Williams. Quite different perspectives to consider for a single shade, but this is the magic the latter is playing on us. If you look at it one way, you can feel the freedom to the fullest, as in the free fall of snowflakes. On the other hand, the cold underlayer will bring in the fresh mountain air and the crispy sound you hear when strolling through snowy streets. That’s right! This fabulous color can make your stay in a particular room a real dream. 

It may seem that Snowfall is quite a cold color and will rather freeze the environment. We hasten to convince you of the contrary. This light shade of white surely feels like a snowy day, by which we mean the happy feeling we all experienced in childhood when the first snowflakes were arriving. It looks like this color is more about feelings, which influences our perception of a particular shade. 

Snowfall: is it warm or cold?

This crispy white shade is indeed light, brightening, and inviting, although it would be inappropriate to deny its belonging to cool shades since the name itself leads us to such a conclusion. The gray undertones and slight notes of blue contained by this shade are reliable explanations in this respect. Nevertheless, it would not be fair to call this color cold since it can offer a softening effect as well if playing with lighting, which will be tackled as follows.

How does lighting affect Snowfall?

Despite its clear features, Snowfall is still a mystery that we shall discover. Brightening and without limits by day, when being bathed by the sunrays, and impressively calming by night under the influence of artificial light. One should note that insufficient sources of light may lead to a fading effect that brings the gray undertones to the surface, while bright lighting sources make it bloom in a new way, revealing its entire beauty. 

Snowfall LRV

As you have probably noted, Sherwin-Williams has come this time with quite a light color and you should not be surprised to find out that the light reflectance value for this shade is 73, which means that you can expect visual expansion and a fabulous brightening effect. Its pronounced properties in this sense will breathe fresh air into any space. Luckily, the colder undertones will keep the situation under control, inducing the feeling of depth and serenity and avoiding an eventual overwhelming effect. What can benefit an interior more than a perfect color that brings light accompanied by notes of calmness, harmony, and tranquillity? 

Snowfall undertones

The surprisingly appealing undertones of Snowfall are blue and gray. One cannot fail but notice that both cases involve soothing shades. At the full influence of daylight, they both reveal their finesse in an impressively subtle way, being responsible for the entire range of feelings rendered by this color. The airy blue undertones are ready to take you on an adventurous journey through your own snowy memories, while gray is here to ensure the integrity and cohesive link among everything that is part of the room. 

Similar colors

The impressive undertones, which inspired the creation of Snowfall, reveal to us a sea of similar shades that, to your surprise or not, are also covered by the same paint manufacturer. This proves one more time that cool shades should not be overlooked in any sense. They are more than capable of reaching unexpected levels and impressing you at their finest. Let’s discover some of these shades!

  • Ghosted SW 9545 – a light shade of gray with a surprising crisp white resemblance;
  • Lunar Lite SW 9546 – airy gray with a note darker than the previous one;
  • Eider White SW 7014 – soft white with slightly visible blue-greyish undertones;
  • Original White SW 7077 – a mix of light gray, creamy gray, and a subtle note of soothing purple;
  • First Star SW 7646 – a perfect pairing of the lightest shades of gray and blue;
  • Nebulous White SW 7063 – a play with light, creamy and bluish shades of gray.

Coordinating colors

As you have probably noted, this shade is not that easy to work with, although it promises an irreplaceable effect. Therefore, experts from Sherwin Williams suggest only two colors that will serve as perfect companions for Snowfall. Although it deserves more options, you better don’t play with this shade on your own. Furthermore, it points out the originality of this color, and believe us, it is not such a common feature for neutrals. Let’s find out what these intriguing shades are!

  • Sensuous Gray SW 7081 – a dark shade of gray with slight splashes of light undertones;
  • Pussywillow SW 7643 – a muted gray with a subtle creamy note.

Use of Snowfall in interior

On the one hand is the neutral feature, on the other the refreshing feeling that no other shade can interpret as this one does; this is enough to state that Snowfall is a win-win option when it comes to interior and exterior decoration. We dare say that you will surely fall in love with one of the following design solutions that experts came up with.

A new perspective on Neoclassical style

The snowy shade from Sherwin Williams is perfect for spaces that incorporate the grandeur of ancient times, adapting it to contemporary standards. An elegant and sophisticated interior like this lacks that particular feeling of refreshment and a stimulating environment that only Snowfall can provide. Consider this color for the rich neoclassical walls and accompany them with contrastive pieces of furniture, flamboyant chandeliers, and splashes of green here and there (it would be perfect if you opted for indoor plants) to ensure integrity.

Rustic interior at a new level

The warm undertones and rich textures of a rustic interior are the exact opposite of what the star of this show implies. Snowy-white painted walls will penetrate the undertones of the wood floor and furniture, balancing the contrasts. A real winter morning in the woods; this is what your room will look like. Furthermore, such an option will meet any standards of comfort since it interprets a balance between the cozy feeling rendered by the wood surfaces and the breath of fresh air that the walls painted in Snowfall are responsible for. 

Living room

This is when things get interesting. If you thought that a cool background painted in this shade would benefit from warm undertones for balance, Snowfall has other plans in this respect. Nothing will emphasize its deeply invigorating notes the way another cool shade can, although darker undertones are to be considered. A dark wood floor sounds like a perfect option, and it is indeed. Nevertheless, the range of choices is wider, and light wood for flooring is acceptable as well. Take into consideration that a black leather sofa would not spoil the overall design. A minimalist approach is the last thing a living room like that requires for a complete puzzle. 


Snowfall is a perfect shade to consider for a Farmhouse kitchen. The fantastic gray and blue undertones will be revealed in their best light under the influence of wood texture. Luckily, this shade can be used both for the walls and cabinets. If the former requires a contrast for the cabinets, the latter can work as well with similar shades. Once the entire arrangement is ready, you can notice how this stimulating white shade reveals its hidden properties of calming the environment. A few sparkles of brass here and there if the picture seems rather blurred, although it is not the case with Snowfall, and the look is complete. 

Dining room

Let’s start it this way: wood is a perfect partner for Snowfall, and a dining area with walls painted in this inviting shade and wooden furniture is like another successfully written page for this winter fairytale. A Farmhouse-style setting, a rustic design, a modern arrangement with wooden elements; these are perfect occasions to make the most of our already beloved snowy white. It is quite bold to assume that a cool backdrop like that will allow you to decorate the space with plants, but this is when the shade from Sherwin Williams is ready to impress us again. Its high reflectance ability will spread the natural echo all around the place. 


Here is what this cool white has to offer: walls painted in Snowfall, minimum decor and contrasts, minimalist arrangement, and white bedding without any additional undertones. Slick, contemporary, and surprisingly appealing since the simplest designs tend to attract the most creative minds. Nevertheless, the shade from Sherwin Williams allows a deviation from an all-white setting. A few vintage-inspired lamps are enough to produce the effect of a whole Vintage-style room. You probably can imagine what an impact a bunch of elements of this kind can make out of this space; exquisite taste and charm. Let’s get back to our color; Snowfall will make you fall asleep with a calm mind and wake up in a refreshing environment. Fulfilled dreams, this is what a shade like that promises. 


Unlike the classic white that contrasts with other shades, this one offers refreshment for colors, styles, and textures. Get ready to look at the popular shades of naval blue, muted green, and wooden surfaces from a whole new perspective. Not that Snowfall will emphasize them but adapt to their undertones and reflect new notes of vibrance within the space. The picture would not be complete without a few brass elements to make it sparkle in a new way. 

Use of Snowfall in exterior

As perfect as Snowfall is, it is not suitable for front doors since it risks looking faded on cloudy days, and we cannot allow such things. Instead, don’t hesitate to think about this amazing shade when painting the house exterior. A stately look and proof of exquisite taste; this is what the house owner will gain. Delicate window frames covered in brown or a colder shade of white with a front door in a similar color, and the recipe for a dream house is complete. 

The Snowfall color by Sherwin Williams is a cool shade worth being admired for its complex look. At times crispy and stimulating, at others calming and welcoming, depending on the light. This delightful neutral is one of the best colors of this kind. Don’t hesitate to give it a try the next time you plan a redecoration of your interior!

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