A charismatic grayed blue with an ocean-deep feature that inspires calmness and serenity. Underline your favorite design style with a confident navy blue.

LRV 18

Blue is one of the most loved colors on the planet. In nature, people associate blue with the deep ocean and clear sky. Pairing the universal need for balance in life, the sought-after connection with nature, and the unmatched popularity of blue, this color became one of the trendiest hues at color brands. 

Get ready to meet Starfish from Dulux, a magnifying grayed-blue with a deep ocean personality that will restore peace in your home and underline your unique approach to design.

Starfish Paint Color Features

Dulux’s noble, reserved, and persistent blue shade is a collected and moody paint color, easily mistaken for the beloved navy blue. It is obviously traced to the marine world, and the name follows suit. The pretty common Blue Starfish is found in shallow waters exploring the reef areas of the Pacific and Indian oceans. They instantly draw the eye, the same way the Starfish blue paint color does. 

Starfish is a go-to solution for interesting personalities who like to contemplate deep topics when spending time by themselves, enjoy their own company yet value close relationships, thrive in well-organized spaces, and want to share their strong sense of confidence. Deciding on Starfish for interior or exterior design will ensure a tranquil and safe space for you to relax. Additionally, this marine blue bears the sparkle of precious stones, feeling exceptionally luxurious, and interestingly combines conservative and modern values.

Starfish: Is It Warm or Cold?

Let’s analyze the RGB value of Starfish. With 82 for Red, 106 for Green, and 129 for Blue, we can see that blue prevails. Even green outruns red. Consequently, this deep blue paint color is cool. Calling it cold would be too harsh.

How Does Lighting Affect Starfish?

First, ensure appropriate natural or artificial lighting conditions since Starfish is thirsty for light. In contrast with southern exposure, where this color seems lighter and saturated gray-blue, Starfish gets more profound and neutral in a room with north-facing windows, where the gray shadow feels stronger. You won’t tolerate a small room painted blue with poor artificial lighting conditions at night when Starfish may seem firmly muted, yet you can make the most of it with enough light fixtures.

Starfish LRV

For years, colorists have used Light Reflectance Value to show how light or dark a color is through reflecting light. Starfish has an LRV of 18 out of 100, close to dark shades of color. It absorbs high amounts of light and bounces back the tiniest particles you can think of. Now you know why this beautiful, gorgeously pretentious blue needs plenty of natural light.

Starfish Undertones

The marine world-inspired paint color from the trusted color brand is a deep blue shade played down by a light gray undertone. You can also notice an easily played-down green trace. Therefore, this is no longer a simple dark blue tone. It acquires the individuality of a pearl color among thousands of blue shades, similar to the Blue Starfish in the ocean. 

Similar Colors

Every renowned paint manufacturer ensured it had dark navy blues in its collection. You shouldn’t be surprised by how many good alternatives we have found for Starfish. Scrolling a bit through Dulux’s archives and reaching other brands, these are our finds:

  • Columbus by Dulux Australia S39C5 – a tiny bit brighter gray-blue with a slightly higher LRV;
  • Niagara Blues 1 by Dulux – a fantastic shade of vivid dark blue that feels as majestic as Niagara Falls, more profound and vibrant than Starfish;
  • Oceanic S36B5 by Dulux Australia – an ocean-deep blue tone with a much more saturated base than Starfish;
  • Mozart Blue 1665 by Benjamin Moore – a vibrant blue shade slightly washed out by a subtle gray hint, a considerably lighter alternative to Starfish;
  • Durango Blue S510-6 by Behr – a luxurious naval blue with a stately gray-blue base, darker and less saturated than its counterpart from Dulux;
  • Denim SW 6523 by Sherwin-Williams – a stylish grayed blue right like on a new pair of jeans, slightly more vivid than the gray-blue at Dulux;
  • Blue Fjord PPG1163-6 by PPG Paints – the gray undertone slightly takes over the blue color base resembling the deep blue waters witnessed in Norwegian Fjords; more neutral than Starfish.

Coordinating Colors

The absolute musts in this respect are darker or lighter shades of blue and gray. Colorists also recommend bright whites, not warm, to soften the deep blue, yet crisp, to consolidate its aristocratic appearance. You can freely choose any shade of brown and other earthy tones, such as orange, red, or terracotta, if you want to balance and add comfort to the dramatic notes in Starfish.

  • White on White SW1E2 – a canvas-clean white with a fresh blue undertone that adds the ultimate touch of vitality to contemporary design;
  • Lexicon Half SW1G2 – a neutral shade of white without noticeable undertones that successfully works as a primary or feature color, pairing with all neutral or bold colors;
  • Blue Charcoal S39A8 – a dark and imposing blue-gray that behaves like a chameleon under different lighting, ready to adapt to your unique color palette.

Use of Starfish in Interior Design

The enchanting blue shade from Dulux shows that it is full of history and open to new adventures. It would effortlessly cheer up a modern interior with trendy vivid colors and maximalist taste. Simultaneously, this blue shade is a dream color for conservative and stately spaces that roar nobility. All in all, Starfish offers an ambiance to relax and boosts your self-esteem due to its remarkable resemblance to the ocean depth. Enjoy the following inspirational design ideas!

A New Blue, A New Classic

There is something appealingly gentle about this paint color as if Starfish has a history that goes into the past further than we could have imagined. No wonder why the aristocratic gray-blue works so unpretentiously with the Classic style. Just imagine a lounge area or a study with wall trim painted in this gorgeous blue, decorated with dark wood furniture, tufted leather accent chairs, bright colored textiles, and gold accents on the chandelier, wall sconces, or bookcases.

Modern Blue

Starfish can also resonate with the high-class contemporaneity of modern spaces, from a subtle Transitional by preserving the classic decorative trim to Modern. Starfish is the right choice for those who enjoy spending time with the dearest people. Therefore, gray-blue walls in the family room or dining room sound amazing for an engaging ambiance. 

Moody Bedroom

Designers often use blue in bedrooms since this color helps concentrate on the moment and reach a full state of a peaceful mind. Try repainting your bedroom walls this season with Starfish and enjoy the perfect ambiance for falling asleep. You can keep it all blue for style consistency or add wood texture. Try bright orange, burgundy, or yellow for textiles as a more vivid alternative.

Kitchen and Dining Room

Blue shades resonating with navy blue are always a no-fail choice in the cooking and dining areas. For a more contemporary look, you can try touch-to-open cabinets painted with Starfish paired with white, light wood, or pops of bold colors, even through modern art. Traditional kitchens in white and blue combined with gold hardware are a timeless solution and will never feel out of trend. As of late, the trendy blue and classic yellow mix has been replaced with blue and unique yellow shades, such as mustard or chartreuse. Give this design technique a try in the dining room.

Kids Room

Similar to the real-life Blue Starfish that explores the deep marine world all day and night, our new favorite shade of blue loves discovering new bursts of color. Inspired by the ocean wildlife, decorate the deep gray-blue with coral, orange, red, pink, and green. It is a perfect palette for a kid’s room. You should encourage your children to explore the beautiful outdoor colors from a young age.


A blue color with the watery name Starfish. Don’t you think it sounds like the perfect color choice for a bathroom? We bet you do. Its hidden luxury feature reveals itself in this room specifically. Pair it with expensive-looking authentic or quality-replicated marble. Add sparkling hardware. Underline the composition with white, and boost your mood with the gorgeous palette.

Use of Starfish for House Exterior

Homeowners have always favored blue for the exterior walls, making it one of the top color solutions. In this respect, Starfish is a real find since its slightly dark yet bright base won’t fade out in natural light. Complete the design approach with white trim. Note that Starfish may look more vibrant in southern locations and slightly washed out yet still vivid when not bathed in sun rays.

If you haven’t decided yet on the front door color, choose yellow. It is a renowned duo that designers don’t get tired of. By the way, a grayed-blue front door on white walls looks similarly enchanting.

Dulux’s Starfish gray-blue knows no boundaries in terms of serenity and calmness. If you lack those features in your home, don’t hesitate to try the new navy blue paint. Additionally, it will underline your taste and help your designer voice sound more confident.

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